Gratzelspaziergang round 4: wieden

WE ARE LOCALS. Yay it’s that time again – it’s Gratzelspaziergang time. We have collected the most beautiful corners, places and stores for you. This time we were in the fourth district and it was really not easy to limit ourselves to just 5 tips. Therefore there is today also a small bonus tip to it. At every corner a nice cafe, a beautiful palace or a cute store. But now we have put you on the rack enough..

Wieden is the fourth district of Vienna and is located within the Gurtel and is a typical inner district, a densely populated area with rather few green spaces. The name of the district is used with an article, so you don’t live "in Wieden" but "auf der Wieden. Neighboring districts are 1 (Innere Stadt), 3 (Landstrabe), 5 (Margarethen), 6 (Mariahilf), and 10 (Favoriten).

Our 5 tips in the fourth district

& feinedinge*

"Handmade in Vienna with love" – is the mission statement of Sandra Haischberger and her feinedinge* team. The Austrian label produces beautiful, delicate porcelain ware that is characterized by finely textured surfaces and structures. Each article is 100% handmade and gets through slight irregularities in shape, color and decoration this an unmistakable individual character.

The store is lovingly designed and the pastel-colored tableware, home accessories and light objects are enchantingly staged. As you pass by, you are magically drawn in by the beautifully decorated shop windows.

…from Guesthouse Vienna in 20 Min!

The beautiful store – here you would like to move in immediately! (c) Robert Marksteiner

& Third Man Museum

The lovingly assembled private collection of film lover Gerhard Strassgschwandtner is a veritable pilgrimage site for fans of the classic film starring Orson Welles, shot in Vienna in 1948. In total, there are around 2 in 13 rooms.500 original exhibits – including Anton Karas’ famous film zither on display. A working cinema projector from 1936, which plays a short film sequence, is one of the absolute highlights. On such projectors "The Third Man" was filmed in 1950 shown for the first time. – A film that shows like no other the war-torn city and Allied-occupied Vienna.

By the way, there are some interesting events around the topic at the Dritte Mann Museum:

Zither concerts at the Dritte Mann Museum, Guided bike tours on the theme of post-war Vienna with original Steyr weapon wheels, On the trail of Harry Lime: The Dritte Mann Tour

…from the Guesthouse Vienna in 15 Min!

If you haven’t been to the Dritte Mann Museum yet, you should definitely make up for your visit soon! (c) Third Man Museum

&& Freihausviertel

The Naschmarkt with its Genussmeile is already a fixed point for evening strolls. So why not turn off for a change into the adjacent Freihausviertel and get to know the numerous cafes, bars, modern galleries and design stores. The best place to start is Schleifmuhlgasse, which can be reached directly from the Naschmarkt. After a short time we already reach our next tip:

& Full board

Where to find the best Mehlspeis`? Right, in the Guesthouse Vienna of course – trick question&! No, the best cake is served by the grandma! This is undisputed and an unwritten law – grannies bake the best cakes and usually have a lot of time to do so. Exactly this was the basic idea of the "full board. A generation coffee house in the middle of Vienna with grannies Speis`und Trank. They are really behind the counter here and also the furnishings are reminiscent of the living room of grandparents. Cozy, cozy with a good dose of powdered sugar&&.

In the full board there’s cake from grandma (c) Mark Glassner

& Flower power

If you visit us often in the Brasserie& Bakery is a guest or has read this blogpost here, he already knows about it. That with flower power and us is really the very big love. Every week we eagerly await the new, fragrant and artful creations that green our restaurant. Flowers are always great – you can’t really go wrong – but Blumenkraft just gets it insanely right! Imaginative, unusual and yet quietly beautiful.

If you can’t get enough like us and need the extra portion of flower power, you should visit the store in Schleifmuhlgasse. There you can find the concentrated load of flower power and it can make even the dullest rainy day better. The most beautiful flowers of Vienna can be reached.

. from the Guesthouse in 15 min!

For us the most beautiful flower store in town – Blumenkraft! (c) simone andress

&& Ice, Ice Baby.

Today we cheat a small extra tip for the summer in addition. So quasi the secret number 6 under the Gratzelspaziergang tips in 1040: exceptional ice cream varieties from organic ingredients you get at Schelato in Schleifmuhlgasse 11. The ice cream at Veganista in Margarethenstrabe 51 is completely free of animal products (although it’s already in 1050, it’s still just around the corner).

Ice cream is always good in summer.

& Karlskirche church

The baroque star architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach won an architectural competition at that time and thus the famous Vienna Karlskirche with the impressive dome is his work.

Inside there is an elevator that was originally built for renovation work on the 1250m² frescoes in the dome. The baroque concerts that are regularly played here are also worth a visit. In the oval pond directly in front of it – which, by the way, was designed by the Swedish garden architect Sven Ingvar Anderson and was heavily criticized in 1976 – the facade of the church is reflected and makes a dreamlike photo motif.

Tip: the Wien Museum is right next to it! Here you can see u.a the original living room furnishing by Adolf Loos!

…from the Guesthouse Vienna in 10 min!

The Karlskirche in the evening sun (c) Thomas Ledl

on 26. July continues – the 5. Margarethen district is next! We look forward and collect already many good tips for you!

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