“Google play services has been terminated (rh 01)” – fix the error

Google Play services have been stopped

On the question and answer portal fragprofis.Every day I receive several technical inquiries from customers who need help with their smartphones. Gladly I help as one of the fragprofis.de-Profis. I have noticed that one problem occurs particularly frequently. The error message "Google Play services have been terminated", in some cases with the addition RH 01, is a common problem. but most of the time it can be easily solved. Today in this post I explain how to do that.

The solution for "Google Play services has been terminated"

Clear Google Play cache

  1. Go to the settings of your Android smartphone and call the item "Apps" or "Application Manager" there.
  2. Now go to the "All Apps" section.
  3. Look for the entry "Google Play Services" there.
  4. After selecting the entry you have to click on "clear cache" and/or "clear data".
  5. In addition, you can still "force quit/stop" service.


Here the Play Store is not cleared properly. Just try to delete all entries in the app manager that have something to do with the Play Store by name. If you open the Play Store again afterwards, it should update itself

Other possibilities

There are of course also other possibilities resp. General tricks that work for many errors.

  • Reboot the phone
  • Update your smartphone to the latest Android version
  • Delete your Google account from your phone and sign in again

If nothing else helps, you need to back up your data from the smartphone and factory reset it to factory settings. However, this should remain the last resort because of the great effort involved.

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Where does this error come from?

For most users, such an error message will be detected when they try to open the app. "Google Play services stopped (RH 01)" usually indicates an error in the system file of the app or the buffer memory of the device. This memory is also called cache and ensures that certain graphics and information are displayed faster on the screen. Areas that are often played on the smartphone are then swapped out in the buffer memory and can be loaded from there within a few milliseconds for an application. This saves data volume, for example, because the content does not have to be reloaded every time.

The error is very annoying as it prevents you from launching the play store. As a result, no new apps and updates can be downloaded to the cell phone. In some cases, other apps can no longer be started because they communicate with the Play Store beforehand, for example to check whether licenses are up to date. The good news is that it is very easy to solve in most cases.

Also other problems with the smartphone – be it other error messages or difficulties with the setup of the new device, we and our trade colleagues from aetka are happy to help you.

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since the last update of the game "Marvel Storm of Superheroes" (game producer: Kabam) from 01.02.18 which I was still able to download but can’t install, keeps getting the error message related to Googleplaystore -506.

All attempts to fix the problem (clearing the cache, uninstalling Googleplaystore, restarting the smartphone) that I could find on the Internet were unsuccessful.

Please help me as soon as possible from your side, as I have not been able to start my phone since 06.01.18 no longer me online ins o. g. Game can log in.

Good day,

the error code 506 is an installation error in the Play Store. Google advises you to try the same steps as described on this page. After that, you should be able to install the game again.

Kind regards
Toni Steiner

Hello. I also can not use Google Playstore for some time, it was terminated. I could not be helped in a branch office. Would be very nice if I get help from you. Mfg

Good day,
it should be basically the same error as described in the article. Have you already implemented advice from this? Changed a bit after that?

Kind regards
Toni Steiner

had the problem that the message "Google services have been terminated" was displayed on my Motorola g5 with Android. However, not occasionally or when I just used this app but every 2-4sec! I was just pressing OK. Alternative would have been "Report.
Have tried everything with possible. First deactivated app components, then uninstalled all newly installed apps and so on. Finally I decided to reset the phone completely back to factory settings. So I backed up my data as best I could. (Mainly photos, so not that bad)
Then I reset to factory settings.
But here it comes: I boot the phone again. The start screen appears, I log in to the WLAN and lo and behold: Bugs not dead! Again comes the message that the Google services have been terminated. I first clicked away again with OK and wanted to continue with the reinstallation. I accepted the user guidelines and then the program first went to software updates.
Well and there it hangs now for 4h.
Help! What can I do?

Hello, I own a Samsung S5 mini. Since a few weeks the phone turns off again and again just like that. After a restart it runs for a while, then off again. On the internet I read about "safe mode" and tried it out. The phone works flawlessly in this mode. So I tried to find out which app is causing the problem. All apps were deactivated and gradually reactivated. It’s because of Google Play Services. As soon as this app is reinstalled and updated, the problems occur again. But now it is so that some other apps are not usable without Google Play services. All tips, like z. B. Clear cache etc. I have already tried.
What can I do?

Good day Mrs. Mertens,

in your case I recommend resetting your smartphone to factory settings.

Friendly greetings
Toni Steiner

With me comes google- services -framework is repeatedly terminated.
Can not do anything.
How can i fix there without losing my photos and videos?
Thanks a lot

Good day Elda,

in principle this error should be solvable without losing your data.
First of all, please make sure that you have done all the solution attempts given in the link.

If the error persists, a reinstallation of the apps will not stay away. Before that you should backup your photos and videos on the PC via a data cable. After that you can reset the smartphone to factory state and your files will be preserved.

Friendly greetings
Toni Steiner

On my phone Archos AC 50 c I get when turning on always the message GMS has been terminated. After that no longer works.
If you could help me further I would be very grateful to you.

Good day,

did you just buy the smartphone new or did it work fine before?

The phone worked fine until two weeks ago and had no problems until then. Also the key combination Home-Laut-An key press brings nothing because again and again GMS is displayed was terminated.
With kind regards
Jupp Kopalla!!

after a system update it says my SD card is corrupted, I already tried to format it but it hangs at 20%. My real problem is that I can’t reinstall the apps that were previously stored on the SD card. I have the SD card also already taken out but it brings nothing.
Otherwise I can install any app, just not the ones that were previously on the SD card. The apps I try to install, also install up to 100% but then still comes the error message 506.

I have cleared cache, deleted data, restarted phone all to no avail.
Do you still have suggestions? Thanks a lot.

Good day Mina,

so that one of our dealers can help you accordingly, I ask you at https://fragprofis.en/ submit your question. One of our dealers will then personally take care of your problem.

Kind regards
Toni Steiner

I don’t know what to do anymore it just won’t go away

have you cleared the app store cache yet? If that doesn’t help, restart the device and see that the latest system software is on the device. Furthermore, you can try logging out of the Play Store and then logging back in again. A last possible solution would be to backup the data and reset the device to factory settings. If all this doesn’t work, you are also welcome to ask a question at fragprofis.

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