Golf etiquette – the most important rules on the golf course

Golf etiquette - the most important rules on the golf course

Golf etiquette and the most important rules on the golf course are also important to me because I am an avid golfer myself. And from this sport a lot – a lot of humility. – LEARNED. I am very pleased that I could win Annette Wolfle to give us her appropriate tips on this golf etiquette and the corresponding rules.

The interest in golf has increased enormously in recent years. For a long time, golf was considered antiquated and frowned upon as an "old man’s sport" for the top ten thousand.
this image is now outdated, golf is changing and therefore trendy among young and old alike. Not only the beautiful nature around the golf course, but also the game with exercise in the fresh air, make many people curious. Old and young can play together, true to the motto "everyone as he can". It helps u.a. also the counting method with which the result is evaluated after the end of the 18 holes.

The etiquette

Golf is a sport where "etiquette" is important. However, this is not only about manners and clothing, but safety in connection with consideration for people and nature also play a role. Values and fairness are also a matter of course when playing together on the course!

For those who want to feel safe and comfortable around the golf course, here are a few excerpts of golf etiquette (rules of conduct on the golf course):

The Clothing on the golf course is now a little more "relaxed. Blue jeans are still frowned upon. Sleeveless tops without collars are not allowed, nor are tops with spaghetti straps for the ladies. Shorts should be a reasonable length, d.h. they should reach just above the knee. You should already be wearing golf shoes, but as a beginner you can wear well-groomed sneakers. For tournaments, however, you should ask beforehand!

Safety is u.a. the top priority. Never just walk around the golf course without first consulting with the secretary there. There are paths that visitors can follow next to the different holes. The staff will be glad to help you here.

If you participate in the tournament as a walker or spectator, always keep quiet. As soon as a player moves into hitting position, keep your distance and stay put. The warning call on the golf course is "Fore" (Foor=loud). If you hear this, you should take cover and put your arms protectively over your head. Then a ball has accidentally "got lost" in a direction that could be yours.

To make sure you know what a golfer is talking about, here are a few definitions of terms for a better understanding.

There is a practice area that usually has the following areas to offer:

Driving Range: long strokes are practiced here
Pitching and Chipping Area: for practicing approach shots in the short area
Bunker: so to say the big "sandbox" to practice the shots from the sand
putting green: short mown lawn on which the flag/hole is placed

General terms around golfing:

Golf bag: Golf bag
Trolley: Device to put your golf bag on (to pull or electric)
Golf Cart: Golf cart with which 2 people incl. Be able to drive bag around the course
Golf Pro: Golf instructor (abbreviation for golf professional)
Pro Shop: here you can buy everything for golf and also get information
Tee: Marked area where the golfer will take his first shot
Score Card: Card on which each hole is indicated and on which the results are written for evaluation
Birdy Book: small, detailed, illustrated book on which each hole is described in detail with indications and obstacles. It serves for orientation
Divot: also called "Schnitzel. A piece of turf that the player accidentally knocked out of the ground while executing the strike. It must be used again and runs under the heading of "protection and preservation of the course".

Of course, this is far from all there is to discover or know about.
To all golf rules there is a very extensive rulebook, which covers several hundred pages. If you want more information, you can always get it at the golf courses or pro stores. Or talk once with a golfer, then you can make yourselves a picture about it and inform immediately interpersonally.

It’s always good to know the rules – even on the golf course. I wish you a round pleasure with your first tee shots.

Your Annette Wolfle

Dear Mrs. Wolfle,
Dear Mrs. Potsch,

Thank you very much for this post! A possibly not uninteresting addition to the topic can be found here:

Greetings to you
L. Etiquette

Dear Mrs. Knigge,

I am very pleased that you have provided me with some more information for the valuable golf etiquette article.

With classy greetings
Janine Katharina Potsch

My husband wishes that we spend the next vacation in a hotel where you can play golf. But I have no idea about it. I really would not have thought that there is a very extensive set of rules for all golf rules, which covers several hundred pages!

Dear Mrs. Painter,

I am totally happy that my golf etiquette rules have inspired you for your next ⛳️ golf vacation.

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