Gntm: missed the show? Here you can see the episode of the klum show in the stream

GNTM 2019: Everything you need to know about "Germany’s next Topmodel"

Heidi Klum is looking for "Germany’s next Topmodel" again in 2019. Everything you need to know about the 14. GNTM season on ProSieben must know.

Gntm: missed the show? Here you can see the episode of the klum show in the stream

GNTM 2019: These tips give the guest judges to the models

GNTM 2019: What you need to know about the current season.

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Berlin. At "Germany’s next Topmodel" runs the 14. Season. Heidi Klum is again on the search for the most beautiful face of Germany. You have missed the show? We show where GNTM-viewers can watch the show on TV and in livestream, when the repeats will run and clarify all the other important questions.

"Germany’s next Topmodel" 2019 – that’s the broadcast date

"Germany’s next Topmodel" went on the 7. February into the next round. The 14. Season then runs again as usual every Thursday at 20.3 p.m on ProSieben.

It will 15 GNTM episodes which are broadcast weekly. So the show will be seen into May.

When and where will the GNTM finale take place??

Like last year, the grand finale of "Germany’s next Topmodel" will take place Again in Dusseldorf. Date for the final show in the ISS Dome is the 23. May.

Can I see GNTM also in the Livestream?

Yes. In addition to the broadcast on linear television, you can also watch the episodes on 7TV 7TV watch – even after the fact. You have to register for this, but the service is free of charge.

Gntm: missed the show? Here you can see the episode of the klum show in the stream

What happens in the fourth episode of GNTM?

Model Winnie Harlow gives the GNTM candidates Instagram help. Because now it is also important for models to be present in the social media. To learn how to do it right, Heidi Klum and Harlow send the up-and-coming models to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There they get 15 minutes to shoot an Instagram-worthy video.

What happened in the third episode of GNTM??

What happened in the second episode?

The GNTM models want to reach high sometime. Already in the second episode it is so far: Because the issue was shot at an altitude of 3000 meters. They had to endure a photo shoot in the Alps. Heidi sent the GNTM girls in haute couture in the snow for the occasion.

What happened in the first episode of GNTM?

Heidi Klum will Lena Gercke as guest judge to the side. The first GNTM-Winner should Klum’s top 50 Teach them how to do the perfect walk. The up-and-coming models are then to present what they have learned in the first episode of the new GNTM season in an old subway station in Berlin.

These are the Underpass of the central bus station (ZOB) at Messedamm. Red-orange tiles and large round lamps distinguish the underpass.

"Some girls are really scared and you can see it in their faces. Others are totally confident, like they’ve never done anything else," said Gercke before the first GNTM episode airs. The 30-year-old not only coaches, she should also help Klum with the decision.

GNTM – these are the most important facts about the new season:

  • Once again Heidi Klum is looking for Germany’s most beautiful model
  • It is already the 14. Season
  • There are 15 episodes in total
  • Heidi relies on changing jury guests

Who are the GNTM candidates?

The top 50 models already introduced themselves to the viewers in advance. In Video cover letters the candidates gave insights into their lives and explained, why they of all people could become "Germany’s next Topmodel".

For example, the 18-year-old Kim from Oberhausen know that she wants to help change the image of the skinny model. "I think it’s nice when a dress is filled out," the prospective business student said in the video on the ProSieben website.

The 23-year-old Bianca, on the other hand, already took part in the "Austria’s next Topmodel" part. "I’ve already conquered Austria," she said confidently. Whether she maintains this confidence in herself also at GNTM? Larissa Marolt showed how it’s done back then.

Who sits on the jury at GNTM?

Were the Topmodel contenders in recent years still between the jurors Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalsky divided, there will no longer be this team battle. Instead, Heidi Klum relies on 15 changing jury guests.

Every episode of the 14. Season will have a special theme. Which exactly will be, is not yet known. But one thing is for sure: It depends on the theme, which Guest judge coached the models in the respective episode and helped decide for whom Heidi Klum has a photo at the end – and for whom not.

Gntm: missed the show? Here you can see the episode of the klum show in the stream

Will there be another makeover?

Yes. The most popular episode each season is the one in which the contestants get a new look. Who has to let his hair? Who breaks down because a pony should be cut, the blond mane should be dyed dark or the curls should be smoothed out?

Gntm: missed the show? Here you can see the episode of the klum show in the stream

One week before the broadcast of the Makeover ProSieben lets this time besides the spectators ran. Online they can give the candidates new hairstyles – and then examine the results in the video.

Where can I watch all the episodes of "Germany’s Next Topmodel" on repeat??

Who became "Germany’s next Topmodel" 2018?

Toni Dreher-Adenuga won last year’s 13. GNTM season. The Stuttgart native lived up to her role as favorite and prevailed over Pia Riegel, Julianna Townshend and Christina Peno. The decision was made in the ISS Dome in Dusseldorf – and there not only everything went smoothly. What you didn’t see on TV at the GNTM finale.

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