Gntm 2015: heidi klum crowns vanessa germany’s next topmodel

GNTM 2015: Heidi Klum crowns Vanessa Germany’s Next Top Model

Food. This time everything went smoothly. almost too smooth. After the bomb threat at the Germany’s Next Topmodel finale two weeks ago, the makers of the ProSieben show didn’t want to take any more risks and shot the second attempt already a few days ago in New York. "It’s very special that we can now choose our top model here in New York City," enthused juror Wolfgang Joop. The problem: Apart from a few pictures of the city, which is after all one of the most exciting fashion capitals in the world, there was nothing to see of New York.

The viewer would not have noticed if the show had been recorded in Siberia. For the most part, the finale consisted anyway of endlessly long repeats of the canceled show two weeks ago. After two short walks, 19-year-old student Vanessa Fuchs from Bergisch Gladbach won the tenth season of the casting show.

Heidi Klum welcomes her GNTM – "Meeeeedels" effusively

Only at the very beginning the viewers got a glimpse into the studio, where this time not a few thousand people were cheering, but a small circle of family and friends of the contestants held up their posters. Heidi Klum in a black fringe dress, Wolfgang Joop with purple flower on his shoulder and Thomas Hayo, who lives in New York, greeted their "meeeeedels" effusively and then began the big recap of the dramatic evening. Anuthida, Vanessa and Asja were allowed to tell in detail how they experienced the situation and in what state of mind they were in. "I knew it was something dangerous," reported 18-year-old Asja from Tubingen, Germany. Anuthida also thought of the worst.

"I had figuratively in my head how everything goes up in the air."Vanessa, who like model-mom Heidi Klum comes from Bergisch Gladbach, also pressed the tear gland properly. "It was the worst day of my life," the 19-year-old repeated over and over again. Meanwhile, the police are still searching for the woman who caused the cancellation of the finale with her phone call and panicked the jury and contestants in Mannheim’s SAP Arena. The viewers had not learned of the real reason for the eviction until they had already been escorted out of the arena.

Germany’s Next Topmodel was crowned after all

For ProSieben this was the occasion to point out once again how well the evacuation of the arena had gone. Heidi also chatted for minutes about how the evening had been a big shock for her. "I took my daughter on a gut feeling, but I didn’t run out screaming," she clarified. "I yelled at my mother, though, because she was still going to get her purse."Fashion designer Joop, on the other hand, was convinced that someone was out to get him. Last year’s winner Stefanie Giesinger filmed herself going out and told, grinning broadly, how great her fear was. "I have now grabbed only the most necessary, it had to go very quickly," said Giesinger. Conveniently, however, there was still time to film with the cell phone camera.

After everyone involved, however remotely, had described their version of the evening and all of last year’s winners had been interviewed, the highlight of the repeat marathon awaited: it was shown in minute detail who prepared for the original final and how, which socks Joop would choose and that Heidi is afraid of heights. Making more quota with the bomb threat was not possible. At the end of the more than hour-and-a-half-long review and many commercial breaks, the feeling remained that the bomb threat was roughly equivalent in significance to the moon landing. By the way: Germany’s Next Topmodel was finally chosen after all.

Vanessa prevailed against Anuthida in the last walk at GNTM

At the walk to "Bang Bang By Nikki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Jessie J. with simultaneous photo shoot Asya, Anuthida and Vanessa in skimpy hotpants and bras showed what they have learned on the catwalk in recent weeks. Nevertheless, the first of them had to say goodbye. Not surprisingly, Asja had to leave, but Joop, Hayo and Klum complimented her out so nicely that one had to wonder why all three couldn’t just become Germany’s Next Topmodel.

After the final walk, which Anuthida and Vanessa completed in angelic light-colored dresses, Joop was so moved that tears came to his eyes. "The words are stuck in my throat," he sniffed. "You guys just have it all." And the dark-haired Vanessa has now a little more. She finally prevailed over her competitor from Lubeck and now once again graces the cover of the German Cosmopolitan, receives 100.000 euros, a modeling contract and a new car.

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