Getting to know men: mr. Meet right offline or online

You’re tired of being single and finally want to meet a new man. But where is your Mr hiding. Right? We’ve compiled the best get-to-know-you situations and locations for you – online and offline!

All good men are taken, gay or weird? Not true. You can find suitable candidates everywhere. It does not matter whether you are 20, 30, 40 0r 50Plus on the search goes.

Regardless of age, it is possible, great men to meet and dating. Even beyond the Internet.

Finally, you can meet your perfect match in everyday life in every imaginable place: while shopping, at the hardware store, in front of the veterinarian’s office, in the park, in the bookstore, during sports, at language courses, readings and concerts or in the museum.

The wonderful man, The one you’re waiting for leads a normal life. Accordingly, he can run into you in all kinds of everyday situations.

Where do women meet their man?

Don’t worry: online dating is not the only way to meet someone.

The result of an American survey conducted by ReportLinker in 2017 shows:

  • 39 percent of the study participants are their partner through mutual friends meet.
  • After all, 15 percent of the respondents mentioned the Workplace as a meeting place.
  • After that come more typical dating locations: 12 percent met their partners in bars and public places.
  • Eight percent of respondents owed their relationship to the Internet.

How to meet new men offline?

The most important prerequisite for your prince charming can meet you in real life: Get out of the house! The important thing is that you get to be around people as much as possible. Look around. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.

This is how you signal openness.

Take advantage of every opportunity Opportunity for a little conversation. This will help you to become more relaxed and self-confident in dealing with the opposite sex.

you lose your shyness when you get used to it, more often short conversations with strangers to lead. A few minutes of small talk is all it takes.

If you’ve been single for a while, you may be a little out of practice with flirting. Consider these moments as "Training phases", until you meet your dream man.

If he or she doesn’t approach you, it’s up to you to take the initiative.

The "right"get to know men

Most likely, you are not interested in finding any To meet men. You’re looking for the "Right".

But where to find a suitable candidate?

In short: Where you like to be. And at what you love to do the most.

Connect common hobbies. They create a basis and offer immediate conversation and connection opportunities:

  • In Soccer club you will meet other football-mad fans of your favorite team.
  • Like classical music? In appropriate concerts you will find like-minded Music lover.
  • Do you live vegan out of conviction? At the organic grocery store you will surely meet men who share your attitude.
  • As Reader look out for one in your favorite bookstore nice man.
  • At Street parties the mood is usually relaxed and boisterous. In this free atmosphere it is easy to approach someone.

Don’t forget: the prince charming you are looking for leads an ordinary life. Doing similar things to you. Finally you have everywhere the chance, to meet him.

In your circle of friends

Let your friends know that you are currently looking for a partner. Advantage: These are people who know and love you. They can judge who fits to you.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find Your perfect match.

Blind dates can develop into serious love relationships. Besides, your friends are probably in contact with people who tick similarly to them.

That makes it likely you’ll get along well with them too.

Get to know a man among friends

At sports

Let’s assume, you are a sports fanatic. Then you might go jogging in the morning. Or you are a member of the gym. Maybe you go to the swimming pool early in the morning or you play a sport in the club.

Everywhere there could be your mr. Right Stop by. Ideally, you share the same hobbies and interests.

Pay attention to who comes to meet you in the early morning when you run. Who else works out at the gym of your choice? Is the swimming pool really deserted when you go there for a swim??

Or swim there also still other? Is there possibly a nice club colleague with whom you could imagine more?

In the park

Are you a dog owner? If you have a dog, you probably go regularly go for a walk with your four-legged friend. Outside most people are relaxed. You enjoy the air and the probably nice weather. A radiant smile makes the first contact and flirting a lot easier.

Meet a man with a dog, you are probably quickly immersed in a stimulating conversation about your fur noses. This makes it easier for you to make the first step.

You don’t need to worry that you might run out of things to talk about. Passionate pet owners always find a level. Exchange with him for example about the feeding, the training or everyday situations.

In front of the vet’s office

At some point, most four-legged friends go to the vet. The next vaccination is due. Your four-legged companion has caught a cold. Or he’s suffering from gingivitis. Maybe you just have a senior check-up or a change of food to do.

Not all vets give out appointments. Especially with popular veterinarians you have to wait. Conversations between pet owners The right thing to do is almost self-explanatory: "But he/she is cute!", "What is his/her name?", "Is it a male or a female?"

These simple phrases provide the perfect way to strike up a conversation with male animal lovers! Is not a exciting man among those waiting, use the situation to perfect your small talk skills.

While shopping

Everyone needs food. Your dream man pushes possibly his shopping cart past you, while you do your weekly shopping.

So keep your eyes open in stores too.

And who’s to say that someone on the sales staff isn’t the right one? Maybe it’s the cute student who finances his studies with a part-time job, the attentive store manager, or the attractive new cashier.

What places can you meet men?

At work

Are you in a large company? Then there’s guaranteed to be a number of employees you haven’t met yet.

look around at lunch in the canteen.

See someone you like? Then take your chance to get to know him. "May I join you?" or: "Is the place still free?", is enough as a conversation starter.

Because you meet in a professional field, it is easy to talk to him about work.

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