Getting money quickly

Get money fast

More and more people know this situation: The current account is already empty, in the purse is also yawning emptiness and still money is needed to pay bills or groceries to be able to buy.

Not a pleasant situation. But unfortunately also in Germany reality.

I’ve put some thought into this and figured out how you can get some quick cash in this situation.

Immediately come quickly to money

Borrow money
This is certainly the simplest solution and also the first one that came to my mind. If you are not known among your friends and relatives as a "permanent scrounger", this is the best way to cope with financial bottlenecks.

So it is relatively easy to get small amounts, but also larger sums (several hundred euros). Very important here: The lender has a lot of trust in you. Do not disappoint him in any case! If you are unable to pay back the full amount borrowed, arrange installment payments as early as possible.

Offer yourself as a day laborer
In larger cities like Hamburg, Munich or Berlin the job exchange of the employment agency offers day jobs for day laborers. Hundreds of companies sometimes only need a temp for one day and turn to the employment agency with this request. The latter then immediately places the worker. For this it is important to get up early and be present at the job exchange for day laborers. This is the only way to be placed immediately.

Take away deposit bottles
This possibility to get money quickly may sound a bit ridiculous at first glance. But often with cans and deposit bottles, which are in the household, amounts of 1 to 5 euros are in it. This is enough for many people to get something to eat for the day.

In almost every major city there is a pawn shop. There "valuables" can be exchanged for money. Here’s how it works:

  1. You go to the pawnshop with your valuables (or what you think they are).
  2. There your valuables are estimated in value and so an amount XY is determined.
  3. 50% of this amount you get from the pawn shop immediately as a loan.
  4. After (usually) 3 months you can "buy" your valuables again.

The pawnshop is definitely a very good way to get money quickly. The only disadvantage is that you always have to pay interest and handling fees. You can get money quickly, but you will always make a loss.

Second-hand or buy-and-sell stores
There is a second hand store or a buy and sell store in almost every (small) town. In these stores you can get rid of well preserved clothes, furniture but also not too obsolete electronics such as TVs, cell phones, computers and game consoles. Clothes and toys for children are always in great demand. Also a good way to get money quickly and easily.

Find hidden coins
This option may sound a bit ridiculous at first, but it is quite common to find small change in trouser or jacket pockets. So go on a "treasure hunt! Also in couch cracks coins hide very gladly. Or what about your car? There already looked? And if it’s only the coin for the shopping basket, sometimes that’s already enough.

help your neighbors& Favors
Babysit, clean windows, wash the car, go shopping, mow the lawn, walk the dog…all things that should fall on open ears of neighbors, friends or acquaintances. Who wants to bother with these annoying everyday chores?
What does the legislator say about it? As long as you perform these services "occasionally" and not with "the intention of making a sustainable profit", these activities are not a problem.

With talent on the road
Who (really!) talent and a portion of courage has, can stand in the pedestrian zone. Music, singing or magic should actually go down quite well and quickly fill the hat that has been set up. Only to the security: Before briefly with the local office for order call through and inquire whether that is also okay! Some offices have no problem with this at all, others do. Ask before, the officials are usually happy that one has thought of them at all.
In any case a very good way to get money quickly. Depending upon how strongly the pedestrian precinct is frequented, can be made here in one hour 10 – 50 euro. If you have talent..

Collecting and taking away old paper
Also a way to get money quickly. But unfortunately very troublesome. Cardboard or magazines have to be handed in neatly bundled at the collection points. The payment is about 6 – 7 cents per kilo.

Make a quick buck – with a little more time on your hands

If you are not in such a hurry and can wait a few days or two to three weeks for your money, you have a lot of possibilities.

3, 2, 1 …away with it!
The Internet auction house eBay is probably the classic, when it comes to make something money. From old magazines, over the ballpoint pen collection up to scrap cars you get rid of here really everything. Perfect to clear out the household and at the same time to get money quickly.

eBay Classifieds
Even better than is actually eBay Classifieds. By App on the Smartphone is an announcement within 3 – 5 minutes abfotografiert and with description text (which I always dictate into the cell phone) in Germany largest classified advertisement portal stopped. And please do not inhibit, I am surprised every time anew for what so all buyers can be found..

Flea market
The offline classic to eBay and eBay classifieds, is the flea market! Big advantage: you can negotiate the selling prices with the customers face to face. How much a flea market is worthwhile depends solely on the presentation of the goods and your negotiating skills. But this is also a disadvantage, because if you don’t know much about presentation and negotiation, you won’t be happy at the flea market. Possibly even costs for stand space come in addition. Then perhaps rather eBay..

Sell books, CDs, DVDs, cell phones..
…the best way is via Internet platforms such as Momox or reBuy. On their websites you can see immediately how much they will pay you for a CD, a book, a cell phone or a game console. You can then send in the item free of charge and get the money paid into your account a few days later. Works very well!

sell life insurance
If you can no longer pay your premiums for the life insurance, you can let it rest and continue it later or you can sell the insurance! There are some big providers on the market who specialize in exactly this. Advantage for you as a seller: The surrender value of the insurance is always very low. These providers pay you much higher amounts, because they continue the insurance and can thus collect a high payout at the end of the term. Good providers for this are e.g. or Cashlife.en

Join! Other ideas?

You came across this article and you have more ideas how to get money fast? You have had good or bad experiences with the possibilities mentioned here? Write it to me in the comments..

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