Get well soon sayings in business: free text and design templates

To whom it is bad, one wishes good recovery. This is also common in business life. But which sayings are suitable and which are not?? Here are a few tips for those who want to avoid putting their foot in their mouth and convey appropriate get-well wishes to colleagues, business partners or customers.

Get well soon sayings in business: free text and design templates

Get-well sayings are meant to cheer up the sick and comfort them in case of need. Not all of them are truly original, but they do serve their purpose. Some sayings are a bit out of the ordinary, but may not go down well or may even offend. What you need to keep in mind when sending get-well wishes in general and business cards in particular, you will find in our overview.

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"Get well soon" put to the test

Of course, this phrase is hackneyed and all too often degenerates into a mere empty phrase. And what does this actually mean? There is probably no such thing as a "bad" recovery. Correct, this word combination is in principle quite nonsensical. We will probably never find out who first used and circulated them. Basically, however, it does not matter, because everyone knows what is meant by it.

Write get well soon sayings

This quickly expressed wish may therefore be used. Of course, the recovery wishes should not be exhausted with it. Some personal lines should accompany the "get well soon", but as an imprint on the card front it fits perfectly in many, rather lighter cases of disease. In the case of serious illnesses, however, you should do without them.

Writing a card to a terminally ill person with a terse "get well soon" is very cynical. A similar effect unfolds other flippantly thrown encouragement sayings.

How original can good-better sayings be??

Be extremely careful when using "original" in the sense of "witty. This only fits in the case of demonstrably mild illnesses and a familiar relationship with the person affected. In all other cases you should not even try to be funny in any way. This is in the best case out of place and in the worst an unforgivable tactlessness.

For mentally, seriously or even incurably ill people, injured people who have lost relatives in their accident, or mobbing victims, some formulations are prohibited. What is suitable in the case of minor illnesses is taboo in these cases.

Avoid at all costs"Get well soon", "Cheer up", "You’ll be fine" and similar phrases that aim at a quick recovery or give the impression that you just have to pull yourself together.

If you equate "original" with "imaginative", the question arises: Does it have to be something really unusual?? If you are full of ideas and know the convalescent and his or her state of health very well, you can pull something out of the hat. But it must correspond to the personality and the situation one hundred percent. Otherwise, there is no need to reinvent the wheel in this respect. It’s better not to be very original, but to be empathetic.

Find the right saying

No one expects particularly witty words at this point. So for harmless illnesses, a "get well soon" is indeed enough to show the occasion of the card. If the case is severe or if you are not sure how badly the person is ill, you should choose something innocuous.

In this article, we present get-well sayings that are suitable for the front or as a supplement to get-well wishes. Formulation aids and Templates For longer texts for mild to very serious cases of illness among colleagues, employees, bosses, business partners and customers, see Get well wishes colleagues: Templates and tips.

In principle, "all the best" is always possible. This is exactly what you want to wish the sick person: everything that is possible under the given circumstances and that is good for him or her. But there may be cases when even that does not sound right.

It is also possible without get-well-sayings

image motif for get well cards

If there is no suitable saying, there does not have to be a text on the front of the card. Especially in case of very serious illnesses all sayings can seem like hollow phrases. The better choice is often a pure picture motif. The most neutral are nature images.

If you know the preferences of the sick person, you will choose something that is perfectly suited to them. The card is especially personal if it is accompanied by a photo or – in the case of artistically talented authors – a small painting or drawing. Regarding the motive you should be very sure or consult with your colleagues.

Personal touch with get-well-sayings

While the actual text of the get-well card must be personal, this does not necessarily apply to the accompanying saying. If there are twenty lovingly handwritten lines on the inside of the card, they cancel out any phrase from the front. Of course, it is still more beautiful if this saying also refers unmistakably to the addressee.

This assumes that you know the patient well and know exactly about his condition. The personal touch is created by a reference to the patient himself or, in the case of minor illnesses, to the situation. Examples can be found in the following section.

Each saying also becomes more personal if the sender and the recipient are the same person even include. "We wish you a speedy recovery" already sounds much more heartfelt than "get well soon" alone.

Text templates for suitable get-well sayings

To help you find the right one quickly, here are some common and not so common recovery sayings at a glance.

Sayings for minor illnesses

For everything that will pass in the foreseeable future, the saying does not require a pronounced sensitivity. However, a little tact is not amiss here either, of course.

  • Get well soon
    the standard
  • The best get-well wishes
    formal, for people you do not know so well
  • All the best
    universally applicable
  • May you get better soon/May you get better soon
    suitable if the card is accompanied by a gift that contributes to recovery
  • Now it goes only upward
    After an operation, on discharge from the hospital, when starting rehabilitation, etc.
  • Come back soon/again
    for colleagues, trusted superiors
  • Cheer up
    only with trusted persons
  • Get back on your feet quickly
    only with familiar persons
  • Do not let it get you down
    only for familiar persons
  • We press you
    only with trusted persons
  • We miss you
    only for familiar persons

Get-well sayings for serious illnesses

Here, as mentioned, none of the usual sayings fit. There is very little to choose from – and even that must be carefully considered. If in doubt, do not use any text at all. Possibly texts can be used in this way:

  • All the best
    suitable for serious illnesses, not for incurable ones
  • In thoughts with you
    appropriate when no further contact is possible
  • We hug you tightly
    only with familiar persons
  • We think of you
    only with familiar persons

Personal get-well-sayings

If you want to get personal already with the saying on the front of the card, you need some creativity and empathy. This can also be funny in the case of minor illnesses – provided it does not seem forced. First and foremost, it is important to relate to the person who is ill.

  • Forced break soon over
    for colleagues who can hardly wait to go back to work
  • Better poor than arm down
    In the case of an uncomplicated arm fracture that could have turned out worse – only with familiar people
  • For our chick
    affectionate nicknames used in the office can also fit in severe cases
  • To our slacker
    common calques and terms at work are funny in light cases, especially if the patient himself is considered quite mischievous

To make the whole text a rounded thing, it is best to take up the saying from the front again thematically in the inner part. In our first example, it might look like this:

compulsory break soon over … on 28. fortunately you come back to us again. We look forward to seeing you!

Quotes and poems as get-well sayings

Fortunately, at all times there were wise people who have left us beautiful contemplative or even cheerful sayings. There is nothing against using one of them for a get-well card. Like all other texts it must fit addressee and occasion. The card looks especially elegant if you continue the main idea of the poem or quote in the personal text.

Quotations for minor illnesses

There are certainly many other quotes that are more suitable for the specific case. We have compiled here a small selection of bon mots that relate to health. That does not necessarily have to be so. Other topics are sometimes better suited.

  • Since it is very beneficial to health, I have decided to be happy.
    – Voltaire
  • The greatest of all follies is to sacrifice one’s health, for whatever it may be.
    – Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.
    – Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Health is the first duty in life.
    – Oscar Wilde
  • Three weeks the frog was so sick! Now he smokes again, thank God!
    – Wilhelm Busch

The saying of Wilhelm Busch fits a smoker like the proverbial fist on the eye. The "father" of Max and Mortiz has bequeathed us many other cheerful words of wisdom. If you send a good drop to an old, very familiar business partner with the get-well wishes, you can also fall back on this one:

Red wine is one of the best gifts for old boys.

Quotations for serious illnesses

These are naturally much more difficult to find. Sayings about health are to be avoided. Depending on how well you know the addressee, quotes on friendship or universal themes might be appropriate. In case of doubt, it is better to refrain here as well, before a misconceived or out-of-place saying makes the good intention fade away.

In the search for the right saying is some sensitivity needed – and also perseverance. Here are a few examples of possible quotes.

  • Really good friends are people who know us very well and still stand by us.
    – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
  • Beauty, true happiness and true heroism walk on silent soles. Unnoticed comes everything that will last.
    – Wilhelm Raabe
  • Moons and years pass and have always passed, but a beautiful moment shines throughout life.
    – Franz Grillparzer

Poems for convalescence cards

Short poems can be on the front of the card, longer ones are better on the inside. Finding the right one is even more difficult here than with the quotations. For mild illnesses there are some apt poems such as:

Comfort yourself, the hours hurry by Theodor Fontane

Take comfort, the hours are hurrying,
and what all you may press,
Even the worst can not stay,
And another day comes.

In the eternal coming, dwindling,
like pain lies also happiness,
And also find cheerful pictures
their way back to you.

Harre, hope. Not in vain
count the hours beat:
Change is the lot of life,
and there comes another day.

You can find more rhymes by famous poets, for example, at Poetry Mile.

Poetry itself

A poem of one’s own is of course a sign of great esteem. It is more suitable for uncomplicated illnesses and can be created in groups of colleagues. Once you get involved in rhyming, you often get the funniest ideas. In order not to overstrain the own creativity, a quatrain is sufficient.

Religious sayings

Religion is a very private thing. Religious sayings should therefore only appear in a get-well card if either the employer is a church institution or the sick person is known to be religiously inclined. Suitable quotations on the Christian faith can be found directly in the Bible or in collections of Bible quotations such as under Quotes and Proverbs.

Design of the convalescence card

Cards that are not only personally written but also self-designed are very popular. It’s easy with our templates. Simply download the desired motif and get started.


You can download our templates in two formats: Folding card DIN A5, portrait format and DIN A6, portrait format.

Get-well-sayings on convalescence card

Motif: Unsplash // Font: Amatic SC

Get-well-sayings on convalescence card

Motif: Unsplash // Font: Amatic SC

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