Gaming smartphone – what should i look out for??

Gaming smartphone - What should I pay attention to?

Gaming for smartphones is no longer just a small sideline, but is gaining more and more importance. There are now streamers who showcase their performances in online videos, and large communities of people who play together on the Internet. But what does a smartphone actually need so that you can play all games without any problems?

We show the factors you should pay attention to when buying a gaming smartphone. Which features are particularly relevant depends on the gamer’s preferences. Almost all gaming phones offer a great all-around package, and you have to pay attention to what is particularly important to you when it comes to the differences. The interplay of these factors is crucial and you should precisely weigh that you don’t give in to tempting single features at the expense of a good overall performance.

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The processor

The most important requirement you should have for a gaming smartphone is a stable and modern processor. You shouldn’t make any concessions and rely on best quality set.

Currently, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (Plus) and the Apple Bionic A13 chip are among the best in their field and deliver excellent and fast performance. The processor should have no less than eight cores, each of which should have as much power as possible high clock frequency (GHz) have.

The graphics unit

In recent years, the graphics unit has become more and more relevant for smartphones. The graphics unit is also built into the processor. A good graphics chip is especially relevant for Animations, 3D graphics and gaming, as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality. In addition, a strong graphics chip with a good processor also forms a special Energy efficiency and increased performance. The resolution of the display is also related to the graphics unit.

A lot of performance with a modern chip

The display

A high-resolution display is essential for gaming at a good level. Of course, this includes the resolution first and foremost, which should ideally be set at Quad-HD or even 4K is. In addition, good brightness and contrast values as well as a high high frame rate. There are already some smartphones that support a refresh rate of 120 hertz, which ensures a smooth gameplay without jerking.

A high-resolution, bright and fast display, but unfortunately always at the expense of the battery. Therefore, this is also an important aspect to consider.

The battery

For long runtimes even in performance-intensive games, a strong battery is the be-all and end-all. However, you should look for a high capacity Pay attention to the battery life, which is specified in milliampere hours (mAh). A high capacity in combination with an efficiently working processor ensures a long runtime of the smartphone. Some smartphones, such as the ASUS ROG Phone 2 also rely on an unusual placement of the USB port on the side, so that it doesn’t get in the way when playing and charging at the same time.

A good feature here is also a Fast charging function. To ensure that the smartphone is quickly ready for use again, the special charger and charging function will give it particularly fast.

The feel

One of the most decisive factors is, of course, the feel of the smartphone. If it doesn’t feel good in the hand, you quickly lose the desire to play games. The cell phone should have a large display have, but also not get too big. It also depends on the size of the user’s hands. Smartphones that are specifically designed for gaming are ergonomic Shaped in such a way that you can hold it in your hand for several hours without pain or disturbing elements. However, you should also pay attention to the Weight pay attention, since a high weight quickly becomes annoying during gaming in contrast to normal use.

The working memory

A high capacity of working memory is essential for fast execution of tasks on the smartphone. Games in particular need a lot of power during execution a lot of memory, to respond nimbly, so you definitely should not skimp on this corner. The RAM of a gaming phone should not fall below six gigabytes. Anything less than this could affect the speed of the game.

blazing fast with enough working memory

The internal memory

In addition to the RAM, internal memory is of course an important component when choosing the device. So that you don’t have to limit yourself to just a few games and also don’t have to deal with bottlenecks there permanently, you should rely on a large internal memory put. A further relief is also a Slot for a more memory card. This means that you can expand the internal memory almost without restriction and play all the games that the App and Play stores have to offer.

The gaming mode

Many smartphones, which are also called gaming phones, feature a gaming mode. In this mode, various settings can be made that influence and improve the gaming experience. Depending on the operating system and provider, you can, for example, block push notifications and incoming calls during a game. In addition, the switch between WLAN and mobile data can be interrupted, which can also often cause short delays. Every gaming smartphone has different features here, which can usually be put together individually.

The cooling unit

Unfortunately, normal smartphones that are not specifically designed for intensive gaming tend to overheat quickly. Especially when the phone is charged in parallel, so much heat is generated here that you can barely touch it. For this reason, gaming smartphones are often equipped with a special cooling unit that keeps the smartphone cool down faster and, if necessary, no heat at all. Some of the gaming phones also have a charging technology where the heat is already anticipated by the charger and thus does not reach the smartphone.

Unlimited entertainment with a good gaming smartphone

The sound

For a convincing gaming experience, the sound is of course also relevant. Therefore, one should make sure that the cell phone is equipped with good speakers. The best ones here are front-facing dual or quad speakers, that can produce a surround sound. Those who like to play on the go should rely on a jack socket pay attention or to a connection option via USB-C or Bluetooth.

The camera

For most games, the camera does not necessarily have a high relevance. However, should one choose games in the Augmented reality area A high-quality camera is important for those who are interested in integrating virtual objects into real sceneries. This includes, for example, popular games like Pokemon Go or Wizards Unite, in which opponents are shown on the display, but are placed in the real world by a shot of the camera. However, you don’t have to pay attention to dual or triple cameras, but only a main camera with a good resolution.

In conclusion, a gaming smartphone is interesting for every person who likes to play a lot on a cell phone and therefore also demands decent performance from this device. Especially the processor’s performance and a good screen are of course essential. However, you should always keep your personal preferences in mind. However, the same applies to gaming smartphones as to most devices: A high-quality device has its price.

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