Gal: action should now follow

The grun-alternative-liste bamberg (GAL) is pleased with the recent push by CSU and FDP for the future design of the lange strabe (FT of 30. October). "We are very pleased that the two parties now finally support green ideas on the long road", the GAL-board members christian hader and jonas glusenkamp are quoted in a press release. The GAL has been calling for years for the conversion of the long street into a so-called shared space (traffic-calmed area), in which all road users share the road space on an equal footing. "More and more local business people also want such a solution", comments jonas glusenkamp.

With regard to the goal of more quality of stay, the solution is obvious, according to fellow board member Christian Hader: "The CSU and FDP are now pursuing a green traffic policy, but they don’t dare say what every city and traffic planner knows: more quality of stay is only possible with less car traffic." the area around the kettenbrucke bridge and hauptwachstrabe shows that the idea of shared space works excellently in this context. Since the conversion into a traffic-calmed area, motor vehicle traffic has been reduced by 75 percent, while pedestrian and bicycle traffic has conquered the area.

Consideration is called for

A bicycle lane, as demanded by the FDP, would then no longer be needed, in the opinion of those responsible for the GAL, since the existing road space could be used by all traffic participants equally and in its entire width, in analogy to the main guard road/ chain bridge, whereby motorized traffic would have to show special consideration for non-motorized traffic.

"We need a city for people, not for cars", glusenkamp emphasizes and, together with hader, demands that words are now followed by deeds: "we would be pleased if the groko were to provide planning funds for shared space in the lange strabe as early as the next budget."

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