G.a.s.: there is a study about it. Are you also affected?

Gear acquisition syndrome

Since I’ve been in the music scene, I know G.A.S. as Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Sometimes meant as a joke, sometimes as a warning to be taken seriously. Apparently, however, it has never been properly studied by science. Now, researchers Jan-Peter Herbst and Jonas Menze have taken a look at this and conducted the first, larger-scale study on it. And it is open to the public.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome – what is it??

We all know the feeling, new equipment to need. After all, we could use it to make great new songs write. And new sounds eventually come out. One more effect pedal, one more guitar, one more synthesizer, one more custom snare, one more amp, one more plug-in… that much Creativity will be released. For this song/project it just needs the others Pickup and a second box. And this drum machine sounds so much better "for it.

Have you ever thought something like that? Or regularly buy new equipment?

Maybe you have G.A.S. – the pathological addiction to (new) equipment?

G.A.S. or world record attempt by Rob Scallon?

Are you also G.A.S.-concerned?

One may hardly believe it: There is to it now a Study. Yes, there never was. But it is quite a serious problem for some people. And a start for a knowledge based discussion and help for sufferers.

However, only the fewest are supposedly G.A.S.-Affected really ill. It is probably mostly only one more excessively lived out hobby. And not Guitarists or Synthesizer-people are affected, but arguably Trumpeter. There is also no difference between interest in modern technology (synth) and traditional technology (guitar). And Bass players are affected to about the same extent as guitarists.

Decisive is also the stage of life. Teenagers have less money, but a lot of interest. Young Adult with Family less time and money for the hobby, then later direction Retirement age more time and money for it. And it probably also plays Expertise on the instrument plays a role. Maybe I am over-skilled? ;)

Is there a G.A.S.-person concerned or professional behind it? (Studio by Marcus)

illness or not?

The study comes to the conclusion that most probably have no disease. There are also so far no ICD code and neither local nor international efforts to do so. So a lot of equipment does not automatically mean "pathological", you probably only have the Buying behavior not in the handle or can be easily from Marketing or other musicians influence. Often it actually enriches. And if you’re a professional doing it for a living, it has another level too – certainly it doesn’t protect you from it, but depending on bands and studio assignments, you actually have to own different things.

If you think that you have an unhealthy buying behavior in terms of instruments after all, look for yourself in any case Help – maybe the family doctor is a good start for it.

By the way, probably somewhat more men than women affected. But: Fewer women were surveyed, and men probably peddle the disease more aggressively and more often.

Your opinion!

What do you think about G.A.S.? Do you think you are affected? Or do you find the first, quite useful study completely pointless?

Let us definitely Comment da!

We ourselves are not all sure whether our "hobby room" is still "healthy" filled. In any case, the plug-in collection is not it.

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