Frequently asked: bathing a baby with a cold and fever?

Bathing a baby with a fever?

Your beloved bath day is coming up and your baby with a cold has a fever. What now? Is it allowed to give a baby with a cold and fever a bath at all??

To answer the question, it is important to know what a cold in a baby is all about, and from which temperature a baby has a fever. Depending on how severe the cold is, parents can then decide, in consultation with the pediatrician, whether the baby may bathe. As a general rule, the pediatrician should always be consulted for any uncertainties about the baby’s health. It is better to call once too much than once too little.

Why do babies catch colds?

From the 3. Babies start catching colds around the first month of life. This is not surprising, because from this point on the nest protection wears off. Colds usually only occur in autumn, winter and spring. In summer, children are usually spared sniffles and coughs.

Even if the name "cold" assumes that it is caused by hypothermia, this is not true. Instead Virus. Therefore, this is usually transmitted in baby through toys or contact with parents or siblings.

Do not be alarmed, even if a cold occurs repeatedly. Your baby’s immune system is not yet developed and so many waves of colds can catch your child. Infection within the family is also not atypical. So try to minimize the risk of infection.

– editors

Although no one likes to be sick and even less like to have a sick child at home, always remember: Every cold trains the immune system. This is the only way your baby’s body learns to fight off future illnesses.

What are signs of a cold in a baby?

As with us adults, the common cold in a baby usually starts quite harmlessly with an itchy nose and a scratchy throat. We adults know these symptoms and can often intervene directly.

Since your baby cannot talk yet, you will hardly notice these initial symptoms; at most, your baby will be a little more cranky than normal. If the sore throat is accompanied by difficulty swallowing, the baby becomes restless during feeding and may even cry. If the illness then progresses, the usual cold symptoms, such as headache and aching limbs, come on top.

The Signs of a cold at the baby summarized:

  • Crankier than usual
  • Loss of appetite (due to difficulty swallowing)
  • sneezing
  • Blocked nose
  • cough

When does a baby have a fever?

Babies often have a slightly higher body temperature than adults and are very sensitive to infections with an increase in temperature. One speaks of fever from a temperature of 38.5* C. Fever is often accompanied by Tiredness and loss of appetite or even chills and sweating. The latter can cause your child to lose a lot of fluids, so be sure to make sure that your child drinks enough.

How to avoid a cold in a baby?

A baby cold is a nuisance, both for the child and for the parents. You can prevent a cold with a few tricks.

The most important thing is: avoid infection. This is best done by washing hands thoroughly and regularly. In addition, you should always use a handkerchief only once for blowing the nose, so the use of paper handkerchiefs is useful for a snotty nose.

– editorial office

Besides, everything that strengthens your baby’s immune system prevents a cold. This includes above all a lot of fresh air and a healthy diet. Make sure your meals are rich in vitamins and minerals and offer your baby fruit as often as possible. How to best equip your baby’s immune system against a cold.

Can I bathe my baby with a cold if he has a fever?

If a baby suffers from a cold or flu, the evening bath does not necessarily have to be cancelled because of it. With certain additives it can even have a very beneficial effect. However, it is important that you ask the pediatrician for advice beforehand.

Make sure that the water temperature is not too warm and is best between 35* C and 38* C. The duration of the bath should never be longer than 20 min and at best only 10 min. are. Also, it should not be cold or drafty in the bathroom.

– mommy-first.en editorship

Important: As soon as fever appears in the baby (temperature above 38.5* C), it should not be bathed according to the recommendation of most pediatricians!

When should I see a doctor?

A cold is not dangerous for a baby, just annoying. However, if fever is added to the mix, you should take your baby to the pediatrician to be on the safe side. He will give you sensible tips so that you can get better quickly. In addition, the pediatrician checks whether it is only a cold or. It may be a flu-like infection or a more serious childhood illness that needs to be treated with medication.

In addition, you should not drag out a cold, because otherwise the virus can spread and with bad luck develops from the simple cold a tonsillitis, otitis media, sinusitis, pharyngitis or it hits the bronchial tubes of your baby.

If you have any of the following symptoms, you should even take your baby to Definitely to the pediatrician:

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