For those who do not know: instructions on how to build a hookah!

how to build a hookah

Have you recently purchased this unique device? And would you like to learn how to build a Shisha? This article is for you. It will help to understand such issues: how to properly collect a hookah and fill it with tobacco. But before it’s good to know where it comes from, what size it is, what parts it’s made of and what purpose it serves.

History of the emergence of hookahs

There are many versions, but most of themSources indicate that they originally appeared in India. They made hookahs from improvised means, namely from coconuts. This product served as a light bulb and a hose – reed. For several centuries, the form of manufacture has not changed. Then hookahs have come to Turkey. And from there the traders already brought it to the Arab countries. In Turkey the device was modified. And thanks to the masters of this country hookahs took the present forms. To make them began from gold, crystal, silver.


The choice of size depends mainly onwhat you will use this item for? First, if you buy a hookah for decorative purposes, you can buy a large (from a meter) with two or three tubes and shiny gilding, or a small (up to thirty centimeters in height).

How to assemble a large hookah

Secondly, if you want to buy a hookah forsmoke alone and do not arrange evenings with friends, then buy a small, which is thirty to seventy high. You can take this device anywhere. These small hookahs are very portable and are usually sold in a case that is easy to throw in the car.

Third, if you want to smoke in the companyShisha, it is worth buying a large device (from seventy centimeters) with a cup of medium size and small ornaments that create the right atmosphere for you. Exporting is undesirable, because it can be broken.

Small hookahs are usually bought by those people who want to try to understand the process for the first time. And if you wish, then one person receives a large analogy. Before you learn to build a hookah, you need to buy a tobacco mixture.

How to choose tobacco

A good product should not contain solidspieces, but to be homogeneous. How to cook hookah tobacco? First dried leaves of different varieties. Then they are cut and mixed with additives. For example, with lemon balm, flavors, spices or herbs. The resulting mixture is soaked in wine or fruit juices. Tobacco mass is black, unflavored or light and flavored. There are also differences in thickness and humidity. It is better to ask a specialist in a tobacco store.

There is a large number of recipescooking tobacco. Each version has its own flavor and leaves an unforgettable aftertaste. Many prefer to smoke without tobacco. Take an apple for this purpose. Cut and clean from the core, leaving only the skin with a thin layer of the mass. Strain it in several places and put it in a bowl and on the charcoal. To strengthen the taste, pour apple juice into the flask.

How to assemble a shisha scheme

Description of the smoking device

It consists of the following main details:

  • the upper part (mine);
  • The lower part (a vessel filled with a liquid);
  • Ceramic cup (chilima);
  • Tube (mouthpiece or pipe);
  • Saucers.

Many hookahs are made with tongs forcoal, protective saucer, hood and ball valve. The latter is used to remove excess smoke. On small hookahs lack this valve. Together with the smoking device you can buy plastic nozzles for the mouthpiece.

Now it’s time to understand this subtle nuance -how to assemble a hookah. The instructions are attached in detail. If you read it carefully, you will surely master this skill and assemble the device in a few minutes in the future.

How to assemble a large hookah

We begin to prepare a device for smoking. This is the primary process. The main rule of the assembly is not to rush. If you do something wrong and leak, then you will not like smoking. Therefore, carefully read the following recommendations on how to build a hookah. The measure scheme is presented here.

  1. Pour the water into the flask. You can use milk, cream, juice or wine. Pour so that the filter tube is lowered into the liquid by two centimeters, but no more.
  2. Insert the upper metal part into the flask. Close tightly.
  3. Then connect the hose to the socket at the top.
  4. The main requirement for this device isTightness (it is best to check it immediately when you buy it). Close the cup with the hand in which the tobacco is placed, and pull the air through the tube. It should not go below normal tightness.

Everything is ready! Now you know how to assemble a hookah and you can safely go to the gas station.

How to "hammer" tobacco

how to assemble a hookah properly

Shisha assembled. It remains to fill. To do this, you need collected shisha, tobacco, coal. Stacking the latter is one of the important moments. It is best to use charcoal.

how to assemble a hookah

Perform all actions extremely carefully. With tongs take the tobacco and put it in the cup. It is not necessary to impose much. It is better to take small portions. Do not try to compress tobacco. When it is tight, the hookah will be poorly lit. Stir into the cup with the bar mass of the iron rod and make holes for air to pass through. Cover the cup with foil and tighten it down. Then pierce it with a knitting needle and make small holes all along the surface of the foil. Light the coal. Wait until it is heated. Cover the cup with a special lid (if available) and start smoking. After five puffs, the flask must be filled with smoke. This is an indication that the hookah is ready for use.


This is not a less important process. And you should not neglect it. To clean the device, you will need baking soda, water and a brush. Note! Do not use any detergents. This is categorically not allowed. So we continue.

how to assemble a small hookah

Remove the foil from the cup and remove all remainingtobacco. Next, disassemble the hookah and pour out all the liquid. Then assemble the product again. Yes, yes, do not be surprised! How to assemble a hookah, look above. Attach the mouthpiece to the tap and turn on the water. It must flow in the opposite direction to smoke when smoking. Continue this process for ten minutes. Then completely disassemble the hookah and clean the individual elements.

Start with a hose. Use a brush to do this. If not, then do the following: Take fishing line (longer than the tube), tie the rag in the middle. Then insert the pipe into the tube and start to clean it.

Wash the cup with soda. Dissolve it with water until the consistency of porridge. After all these manipulations dry the hookah.

If you are interested in the question of how to assemble a small hookah, the answer is very simple – like a great analogue.


Use the following guidelines.

  1. Smoke where you will not be disturbed, otherwise you will get neurosis.
  2. Set calm and melodic music for relaxation.
  3. It is best to smoke after the meal.
  4. Do not pour strong spirits into the bottle. Otherwise get intoxicated. It is also not recommended to smoke after taking alcohol.
  5. Shisha placed on the ground. According to eastern tradition, if you put the device on the table to smoke, then you show disrespect to your guests. Exceptions can be if the shisha is small.
  6. When you are done smoking, clean the device. Otherwise, the next use of harmful substances left in the cup may cause negative sensations.

All the points you need to know are considered. We hope that the advice on how to assemble a hookah and fill it with tobacco will be useful, and you will get maximum enjoyment from the process. Invite your friends to a shisha party. Have fun.

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