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Flea markets in munich – my favorites

When the dew is still on the leaves, the sun is only just beginning to rise and the whole city is once again pulling the covers over its head – that’s when the real treasure hunters are already on the move flea markets on the way.

Flea markets – a family thing.

The enthusiasm for Flea markets I have most likely inherited from my grandmother. I know absolutely no one who with such joy and verve on the flea markets one, – and sells. From designer bags about furniture – my grandma has already bought countless great things at flea markets and many of these treasures have found a place in my apartment or my closet. Thanks to digitalization, she can now also always search directly in the great nirvana of the Internet for more information about her purchased treasures and make herself smart.

Bargaining and haggling is in her blood – quite the opposite of me. I usually feel totally uncomfortable when I have to push someone’s price and in the end I prefer to pay too much than to feel like a "penny pincher". Of course just this exchange, sometimes even heated and very loud, between people around commodity and money, also a certain charm of the flea market from.

If you look at the differences between the now common online shopping and the purchase at a flea market, the differences could hardly be greater. flea markets feel almost a bit "back-to-oldschool". & You actually still have to communicate with each other. To be able to read people and to be emphatic.

Busy trading, lots of junk, interesting items – it’s all part of the experience.

Even if I don’t plan to buy anything, I love to stroll through the flea markets, myself drift and inspire to let people observe, to take loud bizarre stuff in the hands and to ask me at some stands: how many items does a person need?

If you want to make yourselves this year a picture of the flea markets in, – and around Munich, I have listed a few of my favorites here:

1. BRK giant flea market on the Theresienwiese

At the feet of the beautiful Bavaria, the huge BRK flea market takes place.

At this flea market there is really nothing that is not there. You can easily spend a few hours at this flea market without having walked through the entire area and still discover something new all the time. As long as the weather plays along, this flea market is also rapturously full and for those of you who are looking for something specific, getting up early should not be a big hurdle. Already from 07:00 o’clock in the morning the first stands are set up and the trading starts. But the flea market is worth a visit in any case.

Next date is on 21.04.2018 from 07:00, Theresienwiese Munich

2. Yard flea markets in Munich

One of my absolute Favorite activities on a nice summer day at the weekend: a visit to the yard flea markets in Munich. The courtyard flea markets always take place in the respective residential areas and are designed by the residents on site. In the morning a coffee-to-go in hand and on into the beautiful scenarie.

On this way I have already discovered such beautiful backyards and apartments in Munich – many flea markets take place in the entrance of houses or hidden backyards. Places that you would otherwise never get to see.

It’s also funny that the respective neighborhoods already often live up to their stereotype of residents and you can also narrow down your search pretty well to the residential areas: for kids’ stuff go to Glockenbach, vintage designer bags are guaranteed to be found in Lehel and in Maxvorstadt you can find all kinds of clothes and books from students :). Definitely check out!

The dates for 2018 and the division of the neighborhoods can be found here. The start is made by the Viehhof / Schlachthof / Dreimuhlenviertel on 28.04.2018.

3. Night flea markets

Normally flea markets are reserved for early risers – not so with the flea markets "Nachtkonsum" and "Midnightbazar". The flea markets start only in the early evening and last until midnight. From antique lamps to young designers – there is a huge selection here. Who has enough of all the junk, buys a drink and enjoys the live music on site. These flea markets are from experience relatively full, but in bad weather you are also in good hands because they usually take place in a hall. A great alternative for night owls :).

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