Finding yourself: how to uncover your innermost core – only for the profoundly..

Finding yourself: is it not one of our most important tasks in life? Maybe you have already noticed: Almost every hero’s journey in the books& Stories revolve around Self-discovery& self-knowledge.

This article follows. We set off together on a journey inward – in search of traces of your personality higher self..

  • Who am I?
  • What is this ‘self’ anyway?
  • What makes my personality?
  • How to find myself?

These are exactly the questions we are exploring together now…

One thing in advance: This article will lead you to a higher level of consciousness. So it’s not about personality development in the classical sense (strengths&.. Identifying your weaknesses, finding out what you really want in life, ego-strengthening, etc). Are you more concerned with personality development? Under "Tip no. 2 (Finding yourself)" I have linked you several articles about it)

Finding yourself – What does finding yourself mean at all??

You can understand self-discovery in different ways. From psychological point of view it means:

You recognize& define your personal traits& goals – and that above all in dissociation from society and its influences

This is what this article is about among other things. ButThis purely psychological view of the subject does not go far enough. Let me show you why..

Finding yourself – Why psychological approaches don’t help you here

(Western) psychology is almost only concerned with the ‘ego’ or ‘persona’ level – We call this below Personality.

What belongs to this personality? Here are a few examples..

  • your name
  • your profession
  • your beliefs, opinions& Ideal
  • Your cultural imprint
  • Your self-image (i.e. the "concept" you have created and stored of yourself in your mind)

All this takes place on the level of personality. It is your Society-garb – not to say: your facade. This already shows the word meaning of "personality" alone. It means Mask..


Personality = Persona (lat.) Actor mask

What we therefore need is a holistic, open& In-depth look at the subject of…

That’s why I’ll show you below not only several techniques to untie "knots" on the ‘ego-level’ (ego-strengthening), but: You discover& experience your deeper lying real ‘self (Consciousness Training)..

Finding yourself – How to get to your innermost core

So here is the MentalChamp version: Finding yourself& live yourself requires 3 things:

  • You acknowledge the fact: Your personality is like an outer shell. All the influences that have come at you over the years (family, culture, environment, mentors, media& Advertising) have formed this shell. It is part of you, but your deeper self is "hidden underneath"
  • You learn yourself to be raised above your (personal) shell. You let yourself think& So do less of your (conditioned) mind directing you (from the past, your fears, your desires& desires), but: You think, feel and act from your intuitive ‘self’
  • You discover this higher level of consciousness not only on a logical level (e.g., by reading this text and being able to comprehend what is being said) but you experience& experience the Presence of your higher self (I will show you below how this works exactly)

Promise& We’ll dive into the practice in a moment. Before you realize your ‘self’ though& can experience: Let’s first take a closer look at what not belongs to your ‘self. This will help you with "self-awareness" later…

Finding yourself – What doesn’t belong to your self

On the way to yourself, you recognize one thing above all else over time: Hardly anything of what most people think of as ‘themselves’ they are in reality…

Ask yourself about this mentally now: "Who am I..?". What comes directly to your mind? With most people it looks like this..

Let’s stay with your name for a moment. For many, one’s own name is the first logical answer to the question "Who am I?". With your name you are identified to the highest degree. But find out: What has this Word actually have to do with you?

In addition the following lines..

In truth, our name has nothing to do with us…

What does a deer have to do with the word "deer"?. Or with the word "brown. Or with the word "fragile"? The deer ‘is’ simple. Everything else we just put over the deer…

We are not names& words, just as animals and plants have no names& Words are. And yet we are mentally fused with labels, numbers, names& concepts.

That in itself would not even be so bad. The only bad thing is: We confuse our own artificial superimpositions with reality. Is there a greater illusion? Bijan Amini

This is an example of the "programming" of the mind. It’s the same with your profession, your cultural identity and your beliefs. All that is just Part of your outer shell (part of your persona / personality) ..

Our personality is not our ‘self’.

You are not your opinions, not your thoughts, not your past. You are not your origin or language. You are not what you attract and not what you do for a living. You are not even your own name..

All these things own we. We have a thought. We have a profession. we have an opinion. We have a personality..

…surely some are asking themselves now… you too? &

That’s what we explore next..

Finding oneself – answers to the question "Who am I"?

For deep self-knowledge, we need to illuminate the workings of our mind. How does the mind work? What are the inner images in your head? And how can you find your higher self among all the thoughts??

Let me explain it to you with the following Metaphor in front of your eyes..

And you’ve already seen above: You are not your thoughts, you have some. You are not your mind, you possess a. You are not the inner movies in your head. So you are neither the screen in the cinema hall, nor the reflector that projects the films (i.e. your thoughts)..

So what is left in the cinema?

The spectator in the last row..


We are the spectator in the mental cinema hall. We are the observer of our thoughts. We are the watching pure consciousness. That is your higher self..

Different people have used different names for it. Ken Wilber e.g. called it "Consciousness of All-Unity". Heidegger or C.G Jung wrote in some writings about the "ego-less consciousness.

You can also call it the "transpersonal self" or "pure awareness".

All of this is just trying to point out one thing: ..

Your higher self is alive, intuitive& creatively. The mind on the other hand is comparable to a computer. Is a computer alive& intuitively? No. Is it powerful and can help you solve problems? Without question

What I want to explain with the last sentence: It is not about discarding your personality or turning against your mind. The mind is a highly effective& useful tool. We just need to use this in the right way…

So what is this about: it’s about clarity. Develop clarity for what has been brought to us from the outside (conditioning of the mind) and what is your ‘pure self’ (pure awareness).

Only with this clarity you rise above the mind. So you are evolving from being a slave to your own mind to being its master…

And you don’t need to become a monk for that. As promised, I will now show you how you can experience your higher self you can visit. You will also get Step by step guide for transformation on a personal level..

Finding yourself – How to strengthen your self-awareness

Let’s dive into the practice now, so you can experience your higher self for real..

How you can proceed: Sit as often as possible in your mental cinema hall. So watch your inner movies& All other thought impulses as spectators at…


Here is an example inner movie: You hear a song. the sounds remind you of an evening last summer. All the images suddenly come to your mind: the conversations, the faces of your friends with whom you have been out deep into the night. This is now the ‘inner video sequence’ in your head…

In the normal state you are mentally in the middle of this movie. So you are mentally in the "first-person-perspective" – as if you would live through the whole thing again.

But if you experience self-awareness& train you want to watch the same inner film sequence "from outside" – and not afterwards, but while it is happening in your head. So you change into the "observer perspective".

Some people questions at this point…

This is not what is meant. You don’t change your point of view or the ‘camera angle’…

But: You step out of the movie completely. You observe your thoughts as an external spectator.

Your mind is the mobile phone& the video. But you ‘Self’ are the living human being who holds the mobile in his hands (i.e. the mind in his hands).

Be the living viewer of this video. Be the living spectator in the cinema hall. Be the "external" observer of your thoughts. And be this, as often as possible in your everyday life…

In such a way you become master of your mental processes. And much more important: You experience& experience your real higher self. This is the essence of self-mastery.

If you don’t have any experience with this yet and want to go deeper into it: Learn here how to control your thoughts. There I also show you several exercises. They help you to strengthen the "spectator in the mental cinema hall".

Finding yourself – How to transform yourself on a personal level

You can picture your personality like a finished puzzle piece. So it is composed of different building blocks or puzzle pieces, which in the end result in a finished (self)image. These puzzle pieces are your beliefs.

Do you know the term? Beliefs are your "inner truths". From these you form your self-image& your world view.

I have a detailed tutorial for you on this topic: Here you will learn how to change beliefs in 5 steps.

But the best part is: you can also use the guide for self-discovery. I show you there a series of rare ones Mental techniques, through which you can explore and find yourself.

And next you will get 3 practical tips on the way. They will help you to unleash and live your ‘self’ in everyday life..

Finding yourself – 3 practical tips for your self-discovery journey

Tip no. 1: Find activities where you forget about time (finding yourself)

Do you know this: You dedicate yourself to a task that you really enjoy. You Totally immerse yourself in it a. So deep that you forget everything around you.

After a long time you look at the clock and are completely surprised: 3 hours have passed – it felt like 10 minutes.

This complete absorption in an activity is what psychologists call "flow". Here is the Wikipedia article.

When you experience such a rush of activity, you are automatically in deepest connection with your higher self.

And as soon as you know this: Try to dedicate yourself to these tasks several times a week. Writing or reading for example often gives me this flow. But also photography, graphics& Design. Sometimes sports..

What is it with you? &

Tip no. 2: Turn to yourself more often (Find yourself)

The vast majority of people spend 98% of their free time on pleasure& Entertainment. Why is that so? Most people lack a deeper sense of meaning in their lives. It keeps us busy& gives us temporary joy.

Basically, constant pleasure is Escape from ourselves.

Have you ever met someone who watches all the Netflix series& Playstation games by heart – but at the same time radiating wisdom?

Finding yourself is a Journey within. It requires silence, stillness, relaxation – and sometimes some seclusion…

No one needs to go into complete isolation to do this. On the contrary: interact with people, explore yourself within your relationships with the outside world..

But don’t take refuge in dull conversation. Your time is much too precious for that..

We don’t need something like this all the time in our life. When you have a "real" life purpose, you derive all joy, all entertainment, and all your meaning, from that activity. That’s why a lot of MentalChamp revolves around just such topics…

You want to find fulfilling life goals that really suit you? Then click on the linked article
You want answers to the question "What do I want in life??" Here you get clarity about it

Tip no. 3: Make written notes about yourself (Finding yourself)

From Seneca& Marcus Aurelius about Da Vinci, Nietzsche, Freud& Einstein – every great personality in the history of the world led Notebooks. But none with to-do lists…

This is about writing down your thoughts, your wishes, your worries. To explore the mental patterns you’ve always noticed about yourself.

About your past. To your goals, desires and dreams. And also about the dreams that come to you at night when you are asleep. So this is about writing self-discovery journeys.

The great thing about today is: We don’t need to walk around the world with a notebook and pen like Da Vinci did. We all have a smartphone. Into this device we type no less than 500 words a day. Whatsapp messages, emails..

But very few write even 1 word about themselves…

I do write articles for you here… but most of my writing has little to do with these articles…

I owe the deepest insights of my life to my self-centered notes…

And I think it will be the same for you..

And to get right into writing: Write me a comment now& How are your experiences with "Finding yourself"& Self-awareness? Do you have a question? Or maybe an article request, meaning a topic to write about next?

Let me know..

See you soon, MentalChamp! And an insightful journey of self-discovery&

  • Here is the link to my Youtube channel


when I read your article I was listening to music..
My inner "movie.. Do not show me a past event that I can do if I want to.. connect with the song.. rather I feel something..

It slides through my body..a feeling indescribable.. maybe a touch of longing.. I would have to describe it.. it flows through me and touches my soul..

A bright light..
When I close my eyes I see myself on a meadow in the forest with sparkling particles in the air..
It is a very beautiful picture..

What does that mean?

Aurelia Ochmann says

Dear Bijan,
we don’t know each other personally, but i came across you through instagram.
Your posts, your website and what you say is just great.
The world needs many more such people, like you.

I myself was convinced in my childhood and youth that I was absolutely worthless and meaningless.
7 years ago I decided that I don’t want to live like this anymore, that I want to be happy, because I had enough of self-hatred etc.
In the middle of 2016, the book "Conversations with God" fell into my hands (I don’t know if you know it), and everything in my life started to change.
I realized that we are not victims, that everything has a meaning and that we can transform and heal everything.
This truth is so liberating and fulfilling to me that I just can’t keep it to myself and it pushes me to share all of this.
Actually, I was always convinced that I have nothing to say, that I am weird and different. And communication is not my strong point, rather the opposite.
I have no idea how to do this, and yet it feels like my calling is to share this truth with the world. Because our world needs nothing more than that. My desire is to help people live a full and happy life. For only in this way can we pass on love when it is within us. And only this way we have a chance to make our world a better one.

I think the first step for me is a coaching education in the direction of personal / life coach, psychological counselor and maybe also Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy. There are many providers and I am overwhelmed with that. Since you are going this way and are a coach, maybe you can give me some tips on what to look for when choosing providers.
Although I am currently in the process of creating my own solution concepts, which have also helped me to move forward,
but I am still at the beginning with it, and a good, sound education is important to me.
I would be very happy to get an answer.

I wish you all the best with your work for 2019.
Best regards from Aurelia.

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