Finding a partner made easy: find a partner with these 4 tips

You want to find a partner and are now looking for ways to make that happen. Possibly you come straight from a relationship and have after the time as single again desire on togetherness. Maybe you have not been in a relationship before and imagine it especially nice to cuddle with someone in the evening, to spend time together and to give yourself physically as well.

We tell you what you should consider when looking for a partner and which questions are important to find your dream partner.

The search for a partner can begin

The time is (not yet) ripe: finding a partner at the right time

Maybe you know that gut feeling that tells you when it’s time to do something. Some people are single for several months or even years before they start looking for a partner again. Others, on the other hand, love love to the fullest and are very quickly after a relationship end on fire again when it comes to wanting to find a new partner.

How can you tell that you’re ready to take an active approach to dating again?? What are signs that tell you "I still take time for myself"?

Old relationship over – a new one can come(?)

Going from one relationship to the next can take some time or go very quickly. The question is: Which position do you take?? Would you rather quickly find a new partner or are you more interested in taking some time out just for you?? Maybe you don’t want to search consciously, but let it come to you.

In order for you to jump back into love life with full confidence, the time you take is of great importance. Pay attention to your needs and ask yourself, "What do I need? – Plenty of time for me or do I long for new closeness?"

Scenario 1: "I have been hurt, but being alone is not an option"

You may have just come out of an unhappy relationship. Perhaps you have also had to experience what it is like when your partner loses respect and you as a partner have been repeatedly offended. Although the relationship has come to an end and you are allowed to heal, you do not want to be alone.

For this it is important: Some say staying single for a while is good after a relationship ends. But that is not true.

Scenario 2: "The breakup is still deep and I need time"

Long-term relationships in particular leave a very strong mark on us. Maybe you lived with your ex-boyfriend, you shared common interests and vacations, maybe even joint purchases. Or you even have a family.

A breakup always means to finish something before something new can begin. Take the time you need. Friends will in the phase of upheaval can support.

If you need time before you start looking for a partner again, please pay attention to the little things that are especially good for you: a bubble bath on the weekend, a bouquet of flowers that you give yourself or a cozy evening alone with a movie.

Scenario 3: "It’s been years since my last relationship, but I can’t find anyone to be with"

People who are single for a long time continue their own lives and acquire freedom-conscious behaviors over the years. Therefore hobbies, friends, phases of rest and job are often in the center of attention.

If you are one of those who have been single for more than two years, then in the meantime you have probably also met one or two other men with whom it did not want to work out.

It’s not uncommon for relationship attempts to fail because partners are unclear about what – and who – they would like. Although many say "All I really want is a partner who likes to cuddle and listen" the true needs and demands remain unspoken.

So the secret is to be honest with yourself: "What do I want and how do I feel about myself??"

Are you ready to meet the right man

For dating, one person is especially important: you

There is one person with whom you will always have a relationship: yourself. The question is, what is this connection to (and with) you?. We would like to ask you a few questions, which we would like you to answer honestly:

  • What part of your body do you find most beautiful? (Possibly your eyes, your lips, your arms or your belly)? Perhaps it is also this "special look" or your smile?)
  • Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that gives you special, positive energy??
  • Which character trait do you like most about yourself??
  • What do your friends, colleagues and family like about you? (Feel free to ask them once – they will surely tell you great aspects.)

We are sure you were able to get something positive out of these questions. These qualities are something fundamentally likeable that not only others appreciate about you or. be able to love.

It’s also about being aware of what is special about yourself.

It is important: Attractiveness starts with you. Stand in front of your mirror, look at yourself and focus on your outer and inner beauty. Smile at you. The person you see is the (still) single one, with whom someone would like to fall in love soon.

Dress to impress – clothes make the man

Once you know what things you love about yourself, it’s important to turn them inside out. In the search for a partner, appearance plays a role no less important than a person’s character.

You have probably heard the saying "It’s the character that counts!"I have heard this several times. However, we can not see it in the first moment. Most people orient themselves at the beginning on the outside of your counterpart.

Therefore, it counts to dress in a way that your dating doesn’t stop at the first impression, but goes beyond the first impression.

You’ve already answered the question about a favorite piece of clothing. If you have one, which one is it?

The secret to the right dating outfit lies in two points:

  1. It underlines your charisma.
  2. You feel comfortable in it.

The outfit is not only about the clothes that fit you (if you don’t like dresses, you shouldn’t wear any; a well-fitting pair of jeans can be just as magical). Also make-up, a nice hairstyle and accessories join the ranks of dating outfits.

Find your perfect partner

Find the right partner: Here’s how! – "On the runway, ready: Go!"

You are a self-confident woman who knows what she wants in life. For perfect happiness you are still missing the right partner.

Now it’s up to you: Ask the right questions.

Where to look for your new partner? What does the supply of men look like? How should he actually be – loving protector, daredevil macho, romantic flower lover or yet completely different?

1. find the perfect partner

"The basic requirement for someone to fall in love is for people to meet each other", according to one study. Only where do you find a partner?

According to this research, most partners get to know each other in a circle of friends or acquaintances know. Parties, hookups through mutual friends or "random" Encounters make a lot of difference. About 25% of all partnerships are formed this way. Want to find a partner, look around in your circle of acquaintances.

Which single man do you like and who knows him?? Your friends may be able to help you by introducing you to a (still) stranger?

The advantage is: the question whether your new friend gets along with your friends is already answered here.

Ca. 16% of all study participants between the ages of 16 and 60 said they had seen their partner in the evening on met on a night out to have. Consider if there are any events in your city or nearby for you as well, where it is almost impossible not to get into conversation with new people.

Halloween as well as Christmas or Motto and u30 parties are great opportunities to see where you can meet your dream guy. And if you do not know exactly who you like, see it as an opportunity to look around and find the "Market" to check.

You probably know the stories of couples who have met each other at work at the copier saw each other for the first time, happened to be in the same elevator and at some point told each other that they are now together. This happens to 12% of all couples.

The workplace is a place where many new contacts are made. Have you looked at how many cute guys work in the neighboring department? If not: let’s go. Looking is always permitted.

2. Search for a partner via online dating

Singles exchanges, flirt chats, dating agencies: It’s hard to imagine the digital age without them. Although according to statistics only 2% of all respondents find a partner through this, it is a pleasant way to make new acquaintances. Many online dating platforms offer the possibility to create an individual profile about you.

To make your online dating a complete success, we have prepared a few tips for you that will immediately add a few clicks to your profile:

  • Use a profile picture as possible professional, current photo, on which your face comes to the validity. photos taken on vacation in 2008 are less suitable for a profile photo. Even selfies in bad light hardly bring out your natural beauty. (Additional tip: Avoid pulling a Duck Face. Smile pleasantly and the letters will fly in only in such a way.)
  • Your pseudonym contains at best your first name. Examples like "Asterisk" or "Flower Fairy" look affectionate, but impersonal. A clearly recognizable first name lets also your writing partners call their own faster. This immediately makes your online flirting more personal.
  • Enter a few hobbies in the profile and add two to three photos that make you interesting: For example, from a party or vacation. Your profile visitors would like to get an impression of you, before they write to you. After all, some of them are a little shy.
  • Avoid on the profile Statements like: "I have been hurt many times." or "I am looking for serious letters only." Even if this is true, it scares some people away. You will quickly realize who is serious about you by what they want to know about you. The more interested your Writing partner Is, the more likely he has an honest interest in you.

Find a partner

3. Speed dating – casual chatting, relaxed flirting

Online most singles are found in the age group between 30 and 45 years. If, on the other hand, you want to decide right away whether the chemistry between you and your date is right, we recommend trying out professional speed dating. Up to 20 men and 20 women (depending on the size of the event) sit across from each other in an afternoon or even an evening.

How does speed dating work?

Often, speed dating is identical everywhere: the women sit at one table, while the men are allowed to move from table to table in turn. After a "Gong"Each person has between two and three minutes to introduce himself or herself to the other person. Asking questions of the other person.

At the end of the event, each participant is allowed to indicate to the organizer whom he or she would like to see again. Accordingly, given e-mail addresses or phone numbers are then passed on.

How you can find a partner at speed dating

The secret to a really good flirt is not to sell yourself. It lies in making the other person feel that you are interested in them.

And the best way to do this is to the right questions. Think about what is especially important to you in a potential partner.

Is it the level of education, a certain hobby or the topic of pets? (Or all three topics?) Prepare appropriate questions to ask your interlocutors to the partner. This way you avoid the problem of not knowing what to say and you always have something to talk about on the date.

4. Singles events: From cooking classes to hiking

Especially in larger cities, events that are more than dating are booming throughout the year. People with the same interests come together to live their hobbies. Cooking classes, for example, are not just a pleasant way to tantalize the palate: All participants get to talk to each other, can talk about the food and enjoy it together.

Love, as we all know, goes through the stomach – maybe he’ll help you with that too to find the right partner.

Another advantage: You get to know not only interesting men but also other women who are enthusiastic about the same topics. This way you automatically expand your circle of acquaintances – and you probably know how important the environment is for finding a partner.

We hope that these tips will help you to be successful in your search for a partner. Have fun finding a partner!

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