Exit restrictions: am i allowed to get my driver’s license at the moment?

As far as the normal schools in bavaria are concerned, since Monday (27. april) students who are about to graduate will be able to take part in the presence classes again (update from 28.04.2020, 14.52 hrs). However, fewer students are allowed in the classes, so the minimum distance can be maintained.

But what about driving schools? After all, many students want to take their theory and practical exams here, too. We tell you what’s going on with driving lessons and driver’s license tests in the corona crisis.

Driving schools have already prepared hygiene concepts

Driving schools are still closed in almost all federal states, and driving tests are currently not possible.According to a press release from the federal association of driving instructors e. V. (BVF) driving schools all over germany prepared for the reopening. "The hygiene concepts are in place. Implementation in the driving schools has already begun", says dieter quentin, chairman of the BVF.

Quentin also emphasizes the importance of the driver’s license in many system-relevant professions. This includes, for example, employees of the technical relief organization, the fire department and professional drivers. Financially, too, things are critical at the moment for many driving schools. "According to a survey by the MOVING industry association, 30 percent of driving schools are not receiving enough state aid to survive the crisis. According to this there are about 3.000 of the total of around 10.000 driving schools in germany on the brink of extinction if the lockdown continues", writes the BVF.

The federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure has responded to the corona pandemic restrictions by extending the following deadlines, for example:

  • Professional driver qualifications are currently still valid, even if further training certificates are missing.
  • Holders of a foreign driver’s license may continue to use it in germany for another 12 months after establishing a normal place of residence.
  • Anyone who has already passed the theory exam now has 18 months from this point to take the practical exam, instead of just 12.

opening up driving schools: north rhine-westphalia goes its own way

There is still no fixed time when the driving schools will be allowed to teach again. North Rhine-Westphalia alone is the exception. Driving schools are now allowed to hold both theoretical and practical lessons here. But certain hygiene and documentation regulations must be observed.

the ministry of labor, health and social affairs of north rhine-Westphalia justifies this decision as follows: "the implementation of theoretical and practical driving instruction as a mandatory prerequisite for passing the various driver’s license examinations must also be possible during the current covid-19 epidemic. This is all the more true because, despite a current decline in the incidence of infection, it must be assumed that the risk of infection cannot be ruled out for months to come." MOT, garage, car wash – what motorists need to know in the corona crisis.

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