Earning money as a pupil and student | 23 ideas for a part-time job

Earn money as a pupil and student

Want to hear my top tips and job recommendations for earning money as a teenager (i.e. high school or college student)??

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There are many different ways to make money, I have divided them into 6 categories:

1. Temporary jobs

Temporary jobs are in most cases on 450€ basis, just look around in your place of residence. There are enough companies that still need support.

If you have found a suitable company, you get here a very regular income, in the long term, this is in my eyes one of the best opportunities.

The disadvantage of this is that most jobs are only from 14 or even 16 years.



A job I did myself for a while. In the catering industry is always looking for staff, so you will quickly find here.

It doesn’t matter if you work in a restaurant, cafe or ice cream parlor, the job is always the same.

If you don’t like to work with people or you don’t want to be in a good mood all the time, maybe the next job is for you

Kitchen help

Also in catering, but a bit behind the scenes. Here you must z.B washing the dishes, putting them away or taking them to the kitchen. Simply all activities that make the cook’s life easier. You simply assist in stressful situations and help to get the food and or drinks to the customer faster.

Shelf stocker

Some discounters are always looking for students to put delivered goods on the shelves. The job is great to earn some quick money during the vacations. Depending on the boss, you may even be allowed to listen to music&

Help in a bakery


Handing out buns and other pasta and treating people friendly. There are clearly worse jobs.

I would prefer this job to that of a waiter, usually you have to walk less and do not have so much time pressure.

Often you get an employee discount and can buy up to 50% cheaper at the bakery.

charge e-scooter (juicer)


Thanks to the e-scooter trend, there are more and more companies offering scooters in the cities. If you live in the big city, this is a perfect way to earn money with super little effort.

With most providers it is in such a way that you collect in the evening from a certain time the E-Scooter, charge dise over night with you at home and put then early in the morning again on the road.

There are even people who do this job full-time, but they have vans and load dozens of scooters per night.

For all those who live in the village, this job will probably not offer itself.

2. Services

The advantage of services is that you can usually choose your own time. But you have to have certain skills in this area.

Most of the time you can get such jobs by just asking around in the neighborhood. There are many people here who are willing to pay you for your work.



I have done it myself, I find it a very good way to earn money. The work is not really hard, usual prices are 10€ per 60 or 45 minutes, which is even above minimum wage, and you deepen your knowledge.

Because when you explain something to someone else, you really learn (Feynman method)

I can only recommend tutoring to anyone who is good at school.



For those who have a good hand for small children this is a great job. You can organize your time freely and maybe even do something else on the side.

So you can z.B study for school, read, watch videos, etc.

Dog sitting

Dog sitting

No desire for people? Then this is the alternative to babysitting! There are some dog owners who are away for a longer period of time and are not allowed or not able to take their dog with them. Some people just don’t have the time to take care of their dog.

That’s where you jump in, everything about walking, taking care of, feeding and playing with the dog is then part of your responsibilities.

City guide

For this you should be a bit older, but if you are interested in telling something about history and have the gift to inspire people, you can take a look at this job.

There are z.B the possibility to offer your tours on AirBNB.

Sell your skills

You will have a certain skill in some area. You can use these to help other people, z.B if you are a good photographer, take cool photos.

Alternatively, you can train other people to learn the skill as well.

3. Short term promotion jobs

These are usually very popular. This also for a good reason, because they are usually well paid. The other advantage is that you can make a lot of money in a short period of time.

Distribute fyler

Distribute flyers

Even if flyers are not as effective as online marketing in my eyes there are enough companies that still invest super much money in them.

So you can either go from house to house and put the flyers in mailboxes, or in the pedestrian zone you can give the flyers directly to the people.


One possible job is to do z.B at a booth informing people about the company, doing raffles or selling them something.

Depending on the orientation of the company this can be more or less fun.

Therefore you should inform yourself well about your tasks in advance.

Surveys in the pedestrian zone

Surveys in the pedestrian zone

In the course of market research you have to create surveys for companies. Of course, the aim is to find out information about the target group and to collect data.

Since companies value this data and information a lot, you will be well compensated here.



If you like to spread good vibes, this is a good way to earn money.

There are different types, of mascots, some are needed to cheer up the fans in a stadium, but most are needed to make children happy.

So you can "playfully earn money". Your tasks can include

  • take care of children
  • distribute gifts
  • Set up and dismantle the event

4. Courier jobs

This of course does not mean anything criminal, but the delivery of goods.

The advantage of this is that you are free to design your own ride, so you can listen to your own music or podcasts.

For this you must either be physically fit, so fast on foot or by bike, or even own a scooter or car.

Delivering newspapers

Deliver newspapers

Probably the most classic job among all minijobs. You get a very small amount of money for each newspaper you deliver and you have to put them in the mailboxes either on foot or by bike.

The job is unfortunately not as cool as it looks in the American movies, because you don’t just drive through the streets and throw the newspapers around.

I did this job myself, it’s good to get some money, but I find z.B tutoring a better minijob.

deliver food

Delivering food

Depending on where you live you can deliver food with a bicycle, but if you live in the village you will need a scooter or even a car. In Paris I have z.B seen how many bike messengers deliver food for McDonalds.

Just ask at small restaurants or snack bars that already offer deliveries.

Express courier in big cities

These jobs are super rare, but they pay really well.

Especially in cities where you can’t get through by car during rush hour, these express couriers are in demand. But then for that you need to know your way around the city and be really fast on a bike.

5. physically heavy jobs

To do these jobs you have to be at least 16 years old in most cases. There are also exceptions, where you are allowed to do these jobs from the age of 15 or even at the age of 18.

The advantage of this kind of job is that you get more money and these jobs are usually easier to get because of their unpopularity.

The downside is obvious, it’s exhausting and rather not that much fun.

Warehouse help

Warehouse help

Depending on the company, your job may be varied or monotonous.

In the best case you are responsible for all steps from incoming goods to outgoing goods and therefore have variety.

In the worst case you can carry heavy packages all the time


A special form of warehouse help, here you have to pack, stamp, tie or otherwise seal the goods and then transport them away.

Assembly line work

Assembly line

One of the most boring jobs, you have to do monotonous work here. So z.B Putting things from one belt to another, clearing out boxes, etc. With night surcharge is here but a lot of money in a short time to get.

In some exceptional cases, however, there are also jobs where you have to check the goods on the conveyor belt, which requires real concentration.

6. Earn money online

Insider tip: Flipping

Flipping - Garage Sale

To explain it briefly, flipping is when you buy goods somewhere cheap and then resell them.

I did it myself for a while, I bought used graphic cards cheap in forums and then sold them on eBay classifieds.

Alternatively, there is often the possibility to find real bargains at flea markets or garage sales. Here the potential is huge.


Dropshipping is the business model where you buy goods only after you receive the order, and then have the supplier ship them directly to the customer.

Since this method is clearly an entrepreneurial activity, you must register a business and clarify your liability.

There could be z.B products are damaged, or cause damage to the customer.

Become an Influencer


By far the hardest method to make money online. For this it also has the greatest potential.

But the principle is very simple, you build up reach and use it to either sell your own products and services, or sell this reach to companies and then present their products.

Selling services


I already mentioned this as a category above, but online there are even more possibilities.

On platforms like Fivver, Upwork and co. you can offer your skills. The advantage for you is that the platform already has a good range and you can therefore get customer orders.

The disadvantage is that the platforms always take a commission for each sale.

But it is a great opportunity to expand your portfolio, or even to get refenrences.

Possible and demanded services are here:

  • Design (of logos, flyers etc.)
  • Video editing
  • Image and sound editing
  • Photography
  • Copywriting


There are so many ways to make money. Be creative, ask around you and think about what you are most interested in beforehand.

Solve a problem (e.g.B the lack of time or skills) and for that you will be compensated.

So it is also possible to earn money on the Internet.

Frequently asked questions:

From the age of 13 you are allowed to work. However, only with the consent of parents and other restrictions

You are allowed to do light occupations. So delivering newspapers, tutoring, babysitting, etc.

Your parents have to sign a consent.
You may work a maximum of 2 hours per day and not between 18 and 8 o’clock.

You may work a maximum of 8 hours per day, but only between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. and a maximum of 5 days per week.

Most of the time you can just ask in your place of residence. Either go to all the stores and ask, or call. Alternatively, you can of course actively search the Internet for companies that have job postings. Otherwise, of course, it always works to ask friends, acquaintances or classmates.

Just ask around your neighborhood; maybe there’s someone there who will pay you to clear the driveway or mow the lawn in winter. Again, first ask your friends and acquaintances if they need any help.
If you don’t find anyone there, just browse through Ebay Classifieds and Quora.

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