Earn money with shares and get rich

Shares are fascinating. Making money with stocks is the dream of many investors. The magic of promising profits and opportunities that come with trading the stock market is appealing. But how much should one invest in shares? And what can investors about the short-term and long-term variant earning money with shares learn? How easy is it to increase the invested capital sustainably and in the long term?? How can private investors profitably profit from professional investors? We give you the answers. Before investing, investors should be aware of the instruments they are trading in. Read again ourOberblick to shares in full length under the slogan: Crashkurs- Understanding stocks in 10 minutes.

Get rich with shares

Getting rich with shares

The term"Getting rich with shares“ is certainly relative. Half-silly advertisements on numerous Internet portals, which promise the fast money and a carefree life by earning money with shares, are not respectable. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without yield and can build up with some simple tips a profitable share portfolio as a side income and cushion for the age. Getting rich with stocks is not necessarily a myth. There are numerous examples of how z.B. To pick Warren Buffett out as one of the prominent examples.

In order to fulfill the wishful thinking on the financial market to become rich with shares has each investor the agony of the choice. An almost endless number of different investment options available to make money with stocks. A brief comparison: Imagine that in 1996- past 24 years- an investor invests 1.000€ in gold, in the Dax, in the Dow Jones and in the U.S. tech index Nasdaq 100 (state of the example calculation 20.04.2020). Gold would have a portfolio value of 4.440€ both the Dax (3.649€) as well as the Dow Jones (3.647€) beaten. This value is to be enjoyed against the background of the current Corona crisis however with caution, since many investors flee into the safe haven gold. By far, an investment in the Nasdaq 100 would have paid off best, a full 14.141€ would be worth it today. What lessons can be learned? Is become rich with shares for each investor feasible? It can be stated with shares earn money is possible, they are lucrative. Üover a longer period of time impressive returns can be achieved. But if you invest your money in individual stocks instead of indices, you have the chance to outperform the broad market beat the market and can make even more money with shares. This is exactly what professional stock market letters do with sample portfolios that are easy to replicate. PLATOW Borse, which follows a very established stock picking strategy on the German market, has with its model portfolio since 1996 a return of 3.356.8% achieved. From the 1.000€ in 1996 would be 33.568€ become. The conclusion should be obvious: Professional and sound investment tips have the long-term potential to beat indices. There is money to be made with stocks. To be realistic, becoming really rich with shares is probably only reserved for some personalities, but it is not impossible.

How much should one invest in shares?

So we have found out that it is possible to make money with shares. What does this mean for you personally in terms of how much to invest in stocks?? Investors who are at the beginning of their stock market career, or who want to give a new impetus to their stock portfolio, are well advised to trust in professional investment tips. But how to make money with shares? The easiest way, which our small example calculation has shown, is certainly to invest passively in so-called ETFs, which has become easier than ever nowadays. An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a fund that tracks a certain index z.B. the MSCI World or DAX. The performance of an ETF therefore always runs parallel to the index. An ETF is therefore very transparent and comprehensible for the investor. An ETF combines the advantages of a stock, with the advantages of a fund that distributes assets. Another big advantage of ETFs is the low cost, so beginners can get started quickly and easily. In addition, ETFs can be sold quickly and liquidity can be created if needed. However, the disadvantage of ETFs is that an ETF follows every movement of the broad market, which can be painful for one’s portfolio especially in crash phases.

Targeted Stock Picking makes it possible, compared to an ETF or fund, to react flexibly and agilely to market movements and to lift real treasures away from the major indices into your portfolio. Buy a share only if you are sustainably convinced of the company’s business model. In this way, even more money can be made with shares.

How much money you invest in shares depends on your personal investment strategy. In general, a broadly diversified portfolio of investment properties is suitable to minimize the risk. In times of low interest rates, shares and real estate are particularly interesting, as they are values with substance. Making money with stocks is very attractive in these times, so it should make up a high percentage of your investments.

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The short term and long term way to make money with stocks

If you want to get rich, you don’t want to wait long. How can private investors make money with shares at all?? By trading as fast and agile as possible (z.B. certificates, CFDs), which requires a large investment of time, or through a considered, strategic investment for a longer period of time? We give you the answers.

Scenes like those from movies like Wolf of Wall Street or from the character Gordan Gecko from the movie Wall Street, where millions are made in the shortest time with unmanageable trading, everyone knows. But is it really possible to earn money with shares? Hollywood as a dream factory was not really close to reality, as several studies from the field of financial market research show. Hardly any other form of investment has such a high risk as day trading. This is mainly due to the high value fluctuations. Mostly traded with leverage products, which can multiply the profit, but also the loss in the short term. If borrowed money is used for this, it can end badly.

A fundamental problem of many investors is an overconfidence in their own abilities to read the market. A problem that leads to fatal overestimation of oneself. One two successful trades and you can make money with stocks. Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple. Intuitively, it is obvious that many investors assign too high a probability to favorable developments, while negative expectations are quantified with too low a probability. This involves a great risk. Empirical studies show in particular against the background of the rapid development of our communication possibilities, which make a ever faster trade possible of a share, that incorrect Selbstuberschatzung often becomes visible in excessive acting when earning money with shares. The strategy of buying and selling a stock in quick succession rarely leads to the desired success and involves a high risk. The only winner is usually the bank, which can collect multiple fees. These must first be recouped through the profits from trading. Back and forth makes pockets empty, as experienced stock market professionals know. The net return of this strategy is significantly lower compared to less erratic investors. Make money in the short term with stocksleave smart investors to the gamblers on Wall Street. You should not take this risk.

Both research and empiricism, on the other hand, prove how investors should do it right: Long-term earn money with shares. Our example from the beginning shows this very nicely. While there are too many volatile jumps in the short-term view, the long-term development of strategic stock investments points in only one direction: namely upwards. Continuous investing based on a competent guide like PLATOW Borse, which has been active on the German market for a very long time, pays off. The performance of our successful sample portfolio proves this impressively. With sound knowledge of a share and a long-term investment in a successful and promising business model of a company, you minimize the risk. With the stock market letter PLATOW Borse, subscribers receive recommendations for buying stocks for their portfolio three times a week. The experts of the PLATOW stock exchange give you answers to your personal questions in the editorial office consultation (no investment consultation). You save yourself unnecessary nerve-racking moments and can enjoy in peace how your invested capital increases and you earn money with the best shares.

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