Earn money on the internet on the side – this is how it works

Earn money on the Internet on the side - this is how it works

Times are tough for many of us. Less money, for example because of short-time work. And the expenses simply can not be lowered. Remains only to develop new sources of income. And because of Corona also some classical side jobs are omitted, often only the way helps to the Internet. We give you tips on how to make money online from your desk or sofa at home. And it is only at the end about online side jobs. But for these, we’ll tell you where to be careful.

Clean out – and sell

Finally part with things you can well do without.

  • Clothing: Take the 1-year test. Anything you haven’t worn in the past twelve months can go (with nostalgic exceptions, of course). Sell the old clothes. That goes free of charge for example with Ebay, Ebay classifieds or Vinted (formerly Kleiderkreisel), where it is only about clothes.
  • Books, CDs, DVDs, games: Here are now not immediately riches to expect, but the famous small livestock also makes crap. There are a variety of sellers who buy such items at a fixed price. You only have to scan the barcodes of the articles with your smartphone – and you will immediately find out how much you can get for it. For some time now, there are even cell phone apps and programs on the computer that automatically compare the many providers and thus automatically find out the best one for you. Read more in this blog post .
  • other products: You know best what’s just gathering dust in your home or lying around unused in drawers. Clean out and put these things on Ebay (classifieds) or other portals for sale.

Do your tax return – with smartsteuer

Yes, you have read correctly. For many, the tax return and the resulting tax assessment is a warm windfall. On average our customers get 1.069 € back from the state. And therefore our appeal – and we are not saying this because we are mighty proud of our online tax return smartsteuer: Get to work on your tax return. This call is directed in particular at those, which would not have to make actually a tax return. Do it anyway! Because often there is really something in it for you. Why?

  • The state doesn’t force you to file a tax return because it knows that it can’t get anything more out of you in taxes – and many people are too comfortable to do the taxes. Therefore, according to estimates, 500 million € remain in the treasury year after year, which actually belong to the taxpayers.
  • If you do the tax with smartsteuer, you will see live at every step how much your tax refund will be. In the rare event that you should pay extra, don’t send the statement in the first place. This will not cost you any money, because with smartsteuer you only have to pay when you submit your tax return to the tax office.
  • If you do the tax voluntarily, you have much longer deadlines. So now you can make the declaration for the last four years (2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017) with smartsteuer in one fell swoop. And for the longer past years there is also still 6 % interest per yearon your tax refund on top!

Looking for a part-time job on the Internet – this is what you have to bear in mind

Now finally to the real jobs, i.e. activities on the computer with which you can earn money. But first a warning: If you get e-mails or on Internet sites full-bodied announcements about bombastic sources of income and money, for which you also hardly have to do anything – you will hardly earn anything and in the worst case pay on it. So before you get started, check the offer thoroughly. If any of the following is already the case, be sure to find something else:

  • Before you can earn money, you should first pay something. Materials, products and much more. Finger away!
  • A lot of self-promotion by the provider with supposed certificates and happy employees – but no real description of what you can earn money with yourself. Hands off!
  • The imprint of the website is sparse. You won’t find a German postal address, nor an e-mail address or a contact form. Instead, just a mobile number, gladly even from abroad. Finger away!
  • If you google the provider and "experience" – and you get a lot of negative feedback. Finger away!

And I’m not even writing about windy scammers who promise you a million-dollar inheritance..

Earn extra money online with a side job – examples

The following points should be understood as a suggestion. Not everything is suitable for everyone. And maybe you will think of something else after you have read this. That would be great.

  • Surveys and testing: There are toohauf surveys on the net, where there is actually money to be earned. Mostly it is about products. As a rule, you will be assigned surveys that match the information you have provided. Testing is a similar matter: On the one hand, it’s about websites where the operators want to know how the site works. On the other hand, game testers are always being sought, who are primarily supposed to discover bugs.
  • Assistance: A brand new professional field for a few years now. You virtually run the office of a mostly smaller company. You make phone calls, take care of the e-mails, make appointments – exactly what it looks like, you have to discuss beforehand. This also applies to the time involved.
  • Texting: You can write fast or you know a foreign language? Then you could earn money online. There are some platforms that commission texts and translations – and pay either by word count or per text.
  • Creativity: Present yourself on the various platforms on the Internet – and profit from advertising that runs there. This ranges from your own website to a blog to a YouTube or Instagram channel. Or you may have a craft or artistic streak and make your own products. Then you could think about your own online store, through which you sell your stuff.

What does that mean for me in concrete terms?
If money is tight at the moment – but also otherwise – you can earn money legally on the Internet in many different ways. This ranges from selling used things, offering services as a side job to filing your own tax return.

Mandy Pank Mandy works in marketing and is always eager to present fiscal topics as simply as possible. Of course, her background as a tax clerk also helps her here. It likes to put itself in the shoes of customers to find out where the shoe pinches. But also for her colleagues she always has an open ear and is available to them with advice and support.

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