Earn money on the internet and not get rich

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In times of Corona, the Internet is revered as the savior. Fantastic growth rates, many are said to store online only. In short: The online business is booming. Again and again it drives people into the net to dubious offerers, who promise five-figure monthly conversions. In addition one must book "only" the now-rich-become-course. In brisk videos the rented noble car is driven forward, and it is promised the blue from the sky. High additional earnings are promised, especially for commission work (affiliate), drop shipments (dropshipping), structural sales (MLM products), info products and coaching training. But solely the money is made by windy businessmen, their "great" knowledge in a course "instead of for 2.900 € – for a short time – only for 99 €" offer. Thus, even the bargain hunters and scarcity fearful are still convinced to attack.

Earn money online and get rich

"Earn money online and get rich." Yes, it can be done if you have a good business idea, offer an excellent service, have little competition, have a passion for sales, have the funds available for online advertising and have not sought advice from a coach or booked the appropriate "success course". But even on the side, you can build a veritable side income on the Internet. Again, diligence, perseverance and business acumen apply. In the following I have compiled the Top 10 of the best side earnings in the Internet.

The top 10 of the best Internet side earnings – earn money on the Internet

1. Become an influencer
From a certain number of fans you are interesting as an influencer for the advertising industry. Free hotel stays, clothes or payment of advertising fees. For good video content, YouTube puts promotional trailers or ads before or in the video. TikTok pays from a certain number of calls money.

2. Become an affiliate
Commission business is as old as commerce. If someone sells a product of the manufacturer, he receives a commission. In affiliate marketing, however, it is enough to set a link from the specially built advertising page or social media post with the appropriate affiliate ID number. The sales made will eventually be credited to the affiliate.

3. Become an online lecturer
You have a certain expertise? Whether a business or personal: design your digital info product in the form of an online course z. B. in 10 units and offer this course online bookable. Create it can be distributed via edudip and via digistore24.

4. Writing texts
With textbroker portals like content.de are looking for copywriters of any quality level. There are fast times 100 € earned. Or you can write your own book at Amazon Publishing and BoD (Book-on-Demand).

5. Sell your own craft
Here, too, there are no limits. Special shopping portals like etsy offer the opportunity to peddle products made in-house.

6. Source of income App (Appworker)
Here you earn your income exclusively through an app. The best-known jobs as an appworker are cab driver at uber and landlord of private apartments at airbnb.

7. Part-time earnings as a ghostworker (ghostworker)
Ghostworkers carry their name because you are not seen. The job description is largely unknown to the general public. One activity is training artificial intelligence systems. We are all already unpaid ghostworkers when we use the so called Google Captcha query to prove that we are a human and not a robot or spammer and mark traffic lights, buses and crosswalks on photos.

8. Become a clickworker (Clickworker)
As the name suggests, you get paid for clicking. Like (Likes), page or video views, surveys etc. For every click there is money. A well-known provider in Germany is the clickworker portal of the same name.en.

9. Do dropshipping
Dropshipping is on everyone’s lips. You carry the product in your store as if you had it in stock yourself. But the shipping is done by a dropshipping partner. One of the big providers is Oberlo. Here dropshipping products can be imported into your online store very quickly and easily. The shipping is done by Oberlo in your name.

10. Sell photos
Analogous to the text broker portals, so-called stock portals for licensable photos enjoy great popularity. Here you also focus on the motives and the art of photography. The portal operator takes care of sales and payment.


The Internet offers a lot of opportunities to earn money seriously and with fun on the side or full-time. As equipment a Smartphone of newer date is sufficient today thereby. It contains all the apps you need to digitally create content and manage your store activities. For all earning possibilities applies: Inform yourself in forums about possible solution providers. Be convinced of what you offer. Nothing works without advertising: Promote your product to friends, relatives and with advertising in social media. Bring seat meat of at least half a year … because no master has yet fallen from the sky. In this sense good luck!

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