Does she love me? – 13 signs that she likes you!

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Does she only like me as a friend or does she fancy me?? Not infrequently, a man is concerned with the question of whether a woman with whom he spends time, only wants to be his good friend or is also interested in him as a man. The following 13 points will help you to see if she merely appreciates your attention or feels more for you. The more of these signs that apply, the higher the chances are that you are well on your way to winning her heart.

A woman who has fallen in love with you and wants more from you reveals this in her body language as well as in her behavior. Here are the top 13 signals you can use to tell she’s into you.

Is she into me? Is she in love – or is she not??

1. She returns the contact

The first and most important signal: if a woman is interested in you, she will seek contact with you. Even though women traditionally remain passive when getting to know each other, a woman who is in love will answer your call or respond to your text message and will find time to communicate with you. No matter how busy she may be.

A woman who makes herself scarce by backing off a bit wants to test whether he’s trying and interested. If, on the other hand, she postpones agreed meetings or shows herself to be completely scheduled, she doesn’t want to encourage his hunting instinct, but simply her peace of mind.

ATTENTION! Even beautiful and desirable women often feel insecure and desperately want a partner. If she gets involved with you all too quickly and is permanently available, take another look! A woman who desperately needs a man will restrict you in the long run and is often especially jealous.

2. She sticks to agreements

A woman who is interested in you will keep agreements and meetings. Of course something can come up, but then she will suggest alternatives instead of postponing indefinitely.

ATTENTION! A woman who is unpunctual and you can’t rely on even at the beginning of a relationship is not scatterbrained or forgetful, but simply not interested enough in you. Signal her clearly: your time is valuable, therefore you are choosy with whom you spend it.

3. She takes time for you

A woman who is in love will move mountains to be with you, just like a man. If she’s really into you, she’ll take the time to meet you.

ATTENTION! According to surveys, women like to use excuses to avoid an uncomfortable topic (She thinks you’re very nice as a friend, but that’s it)!). She knows you’re into her and may not want to hurt you. She hopes that you will figure it out by yourself if she keeps her distance and says that she does not have time.

4. It provides a balance between give and take

This point is particularly sensitive. Since many men tend to give gifts and attentions to a woman right from the start, many women are used to being invited all the time. A self-respecting woman will want to pay for your drinks or bring you something.

ATTENTION! A woman who constantly rejects everything you give her, doesn’t accept any gifts and avoids your attentions, doesn’t want to incur "debts" and doesn’t want any entanglements with you that could later become unpleasant for her. It is very likely that she just wants friendship.

5. Her look betrays her

Eye contact is usually the first approach between man and woman. If she fixes her eyes on you for more than 2 seconds, you have a very good chance. While men focus their gaze mainly on a woman’s eyes and lips (and not on her cleavage, as is usually assumed), women look at a man from top to bottom. The mouth, the hands, the forearms. everything is scanned by her.

ATTENTION! If you look a woman in the eye and notice that her gaze then falls to the floor (possibly with a hint of shyness on her face), make your way to her, otherwise she will think you are afraid of her and lose interest.

6. What her body language reveals

Legs: If she crosses her legs while talking to you, bobs her top leg or rocks her shoes on her toes, that’s a good sign that she likes you or. that she is interested.

Arms: If she plays around with her necklace, frequently runs through her hair and plays with her fingers in her hair, you can take this as a positive sign. If she touches herself on the wrist or neck, it’s called autoerotic touching. These show great interest.

ATTENTION! Not every woman who rocks her feet wants something from you! Sometimes she actually just itches your arm! Her body language is more subtle than a man’s; learn to read female body language.

7. She enjoys touching you

A woman who likes you is turned towards you in her body language and touches you now and then as if by accident. If she takes an accessory from you, eg. wants to touch a necklace or pendant, it’s a good sign. Flirting consists of many sharp angles, a woman likes to turn and show her best side. The closer her touches go to the inside of your body, the more intensely she wants your physical closeness.

ATTENTION! A woman who seeks physical contact and intense closeness after only a short time, a woman who wants to make out on the first date, is possibly very insecure or has little stamina for a lasting relationship.

8. She smiles a lot

A smile is always good! Whether she’s laughing at your jokes or just smiling at you, one thing’s for sure: she’s comfortable around you and wants to please you!

ATTENTION! Just because you make her laugh doesn’t mean anything is fixed. It is a good start, nothing more. Many men tend to fall from one joke to the next. Do not become a clown!

9. She wants to show you off

If she’s into you, she wants you to meet her friends too. She wants to show you off to her circle of acquaintances and friends and see how you get along with her friends. When her friends greet you with, "Heard a lot about you!"If she is testing you, this is an indication that she has been talking about you and possibly raving about you even in your absence.

ATTENTION! You should never, I repeat never, antagonize or mistreat a woman’s best friend. Her friends are especially important to her, have your eyes and ears open for the people she trusts and who are close to her. She talks to her friend about you, guaranteed!

10. SHE makes plans together

It refers to the future. You talk about a great new restaurant, a movie in the theater or an upcoming concert. She gives you the opportunity to go there with her. "Yes, I would like to see that movie too". She thinks beyond the current situation and wants to continue dating you. A good sign that she has genuine interest in you.

ATTENTION! There is a difference between "We could go to the movies" and "We could go to the movies"!" and a: "Why don’t we move in together?!". If she makes plans for the future too hastily, she wants to push you and pin you down. Talking about sharing an apartment, getting married or having children during the first few meetings has nothing to do with great love, but with fear of loss.

11. She is testing you

A woman always looks for his masculine presence and strength in a man. What may sound a little pompous at first glance, is in principle quite simple. Women have a broader emotional spectrum than men, are often insecure and want a guy who knows what he wants and stands for. Every woman will make a strong emotional demand on you at some point. She wants to feel that you will deliver what you promise and weather an emotional storm (argument). Stay the course, especially when the storm is brewing! Show her that you like her, with all the trimmings, that you are not afraid of a little drama.

ATTENTION! The essence of love is not suffering! Constant quarreling, continuous discussions and never-ending arguments do not make a happy relationship. Face your problems and work on improving the relationship. But also recognize when the price is too high.

12. She thinks about you

If you have an important job interview, she sends you a text message just before it and wishes you well. She is interested in your everyday life, your friends, your hobbies and your family. Your likes and dislikes she has noted and takes into consideration. She is generally concerned to know you well and to see you happy.

ATTENTION! There is a difference between attention and control. If she wants to know about your every move and also wants to be always informed about your plans, she certainly thinks about you, but in an oppressive way. So it must be in a natural and loving relationship, otherwise she wants to control you primarily and acts not out of love but out of fear of losing you.

13. She accepts interests from you

Some men, but mainly women, often assume their partner’s interests, preferences and hobbies in order to better identify with them. They want to feel what he feels, understand what he understands, to be closer to the man they have fallen in love with. When she starts to get interested in your favorite band and bought a CD; when she starts reading a magazine so she can talk to you about it; when she’s willing to try your favorite food, no matter how fancy it may be; when she wants to learn your sport. Then it’s a good sign that she wants to follow your lifestyle and create common ground!

ATTENTION! You do not want a Mini-Me! There is a difference between accepting interests and lack of independence. Despite all the "similarities", the woman should also remain authentic and stay true to her own lifestyle. If she tries to copy everything you do in order to completely live your life, it’s a sign of unprepossessiveness and craving for favor. She wants to play it safe and not do anything wrong. Such a woman may still be very inexperienced or needs to work on her own identity and personality urgently. To a man, this can seem flattering at first, but then very quickly becomes boring or even stifling.

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