Devastating accident on the b303

The 64-year-old driver of a tractor-trailer left the autobahn at the ebersdorf near coburg junction at 3 p.m. on thursday and wanted to turn right onto bundesstrasse303 in the direction of kronach. Due to inappropriate speed in a curve, the truck loaded with earth tipped onto its left side and the load emptied onto the carriageway of the federal highway.

driver rescued by fire department

the driver was trapped in the truck and had to be rescued by the fire department. 37 firefighters from the Zeickhorn, Ahorn, Ebersdorf and Sonnefeld fire departments were on site with several vehicles, as well as the THW (technical rescue organization). Two ambulances, an emergency doctor, an incident commander and the ebersdorf emergency response team were deployed from the emergency services.

B303 partially closed

Due to the overturned truck, there were massive traffic obstructions on the federal highway in both directions for several hours on Thursday afternoon, as the road had to be completely closed in some places. The overturned semitrailer was set up again using a recovery crane and then towed away. The road maintenance department took over the salvage of the debris.

Investigations against the driver

Around 8 p.m., the highway was finally reopened in both directions. Coburg police are investigating the person who caused the accident for a violation of the road traffic regulations.

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