Cycle path causes discussion

The new radio mast planned by Telekom was, contrary to expectations, not an exciting topic at the citizens’ meeting. About 60 citizens could welcome the first mayor Gotthard Schlereth (CSU(G) and the third mayor and Hassenbacher local representative Mario Gotz (G Hassenbach) in the sports home. These were very interested in the planned bike and pedestrian path between Hassenbach and Schlimpfhof and did not spare with arguments for and against both variants.

A long-cherished wish in local part Hassenbach is the building of a cycle track at the KG 18 to Schlimpfhof. It should run first north of the county road, but the last 200 to 300 meters to the northwest over the already existing farm road on a road in the residential area to swing off. A few weeks ago, the district administration office proposed an alternative route to the market community, which envisages that the footpath and cycle path run completely along the district road. The market town council discussed this, but did not make a decision yet, as variants obviously have advantages and disadvantages.

Costs of 40000 Euro

Mayor Schlereth explained that the original variant (branching off onto the farm road) would cost the community around 40,000 euros, as the road would then remain a farm road. In response to a question from a citizen, he also stated that in this case the market community would continue to be responsible for maintenance. "We have to weigh whether to build the trail below or above, because it has to be used as well", stressed the third mayor. A citizen complained that if the bike path was built eight meters from the road, trees would have to be cut down and the municipality would incur costs of 40,000 euros, as mentioned above. "If the bike path is built alongside the road, tax money will also be needed, which also comes from the tax pot", said the mayor and advised to wait first for the planning of the district.

One participant criticized "people just don’t ride on bike paths that are farther away. "They say ‘save the bees’ and then we close everything up again with cycle paths" , criticized a citizen. Another had noticed the land consumption, because three routes (road, bike path and service road) would run in parallel. With the remark of mayor Schlereth "I can live with the one or the other solution", ended this discussion.

"Dewy", so the mayor, were the information about the planned cycle path from Hassenbach to Oberthulba. On the same day, talks were held with property owners. Plans would be submitted by September, so that then in 2020 something could be done from the authority side.

Two locations in sight

For a long time there have been complaints about poor mobile phone reception. The existing, 30 meter high and 44 year old mast of the Telekom is technically usable "but it stands in the middle of the residential area and at a children’s playground. Telekom was accommodating", Mario Gotz explained. Now two high points are in sight, which are sufficiently far away from the residential area. Decisions are made on the basis of laws and ordinances "we do not need any more emotional discussions on this subject." In response to a question from a citizen, he said that this mast should be equipped for all modern radio standards, for telephony as well as for fast data transmission.

On the keyword "we have once won a second place at ‘our village should become more beautiful’", a citizen criticized of mayor Gotthard Schlereth, Mario Gotz informed that the market community the two houses Bergstrabe 10 and 12 in Hassenbach "which are no longer among the most beautiful places in the village" , have bought. It had been difficult at first to determine the owners at all. He imagines that the left house will be demolished and the right one will be used by the local associations, which would also need storage rooms. It should be usable, but not a show-off building. The outdoor area is to be prepared. Also the mayor welcomed this project, because the sport home was too far away from the place.

The condition of a house in the village was also criticized. The mayor only noted that "as long as public safety and order is not threatened, you can not sue for beauty." A citizen does not agree at all with the conditions at a water treading pool "the water stinks so much of dog." The mayor promised that the pool would be cleaned in the spring and that the existing "no dogs" sign would be replaced by a better one.

Occasional conflicts at the bathing area were also a topic, as were the curbs on Schulstrabe and the mountain bike trails in the district.

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