Creating a mindmap step by step – it’s that easy

You want to know how to create a mind map? Or have you already heard about mindmaps and thought: "That’s a lot of work – I can’t draw at all!". Learning with mindmaps is a great alternative to summaries or rigid learning from the textbook. You should not create an artistic masterpiece with a mindmap. With a mindmap you can easily create an overview of a topic with different contents. With the help of an example we will show you three simple steps to create a mindmap as easy as pie.

Mind Mapping – Everyone can be an artist!

As in the practical example with the index cards, let’s take a text from the subject of biology on the topic of bees. To be well prepared for the next query, you will now learn how to create a mindmap with ease.

1. Read text and mark important

Reading and highlighting is already half the battle, as you are already learning at this step.

Text excerpt about the topic bees. Click here for the full article.

2. Create a mindmap

Now take a sheet of paper and put it in landscape format in front of you on the table.

Write the central theme in the middle or on the edge of the page

find generic terms

Insert appropriate keywords

3. Learning

This is where the organizational strategy comes into play.

The following principles apply here:

  • There are numerous ways you can display a mind map. You are not obligated to adopt our design. You can change the following things:
  • Color of the "branches
  • Number of head terms
  • Write by hand or on the computer
  • Insert pictures and symbols
  • etc.


Basically, it’s important that you don’t write down whole sentences, but focus on keywords. Due to the numerous possibilities of designing a mindmap, no two look alike and are unique. If you prefer to learn with simple colors and few drawings, design your mindmap accordingly. Every person learns differently: some need additional information, some need a very colorful worksheet. Try out with which design you can learn best.

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