Create your own e-mail address with domain name free of charge

Emails have become an indispensable part of our digital everyday life. Accordingly, this individual digital asset should be optimally used and protected.

If you are interested in a free email address (professional or personal) and at the same time want to use services that take the protection of your privacy seriously, you should read this article.

At Infomaniak you get a free email address with any domain name, managed by us. You can take advantage of this offer if you reserve or transfer a domain name at Infomaniak at the super low rate. Likewise, you can create a completely free email address of the type [email protected] create.

The best independent webmail on the market with your domain name – free and unlimited

Reliability, unlimited storage and control over your own data: Discover the leading webmail in Switzerland. This professional collaboration suite includes an email inbox with unlimited storage and allows you to manage all of your Emails, Contacts and Appointment calendar secure on all devices (computers, mobile devices with Android and iOS). With your free email address from Infomaniak, you will benefit from the power and advantages of the leading Swiss hosting provider:

  • unlimited storage capacity
  • Synchronization of appointments and contacts on your devices
  • Spam and virus filters
  • Filter for messages from social networks
  • Send and receive large attachments (200 MB via IMAP and up to 3 GB via webmail)
  • Privacy protection without ifs and buts
  • no advertising
  • storage of data in Switzerland by independent and non-listed company
  • climate neutral hosting
  • complete control over your data

Infomaniak’s webmail is constantly evolving and is becoming a real alternative to Gmail. Of course, you can check your email at any time – via any client or device, but also via webmail through your internet browser.

An e-mail address that acts as your personal business card and takes the protection of your data seriously.

Creating an e-mail address with your own domain name has numerous advantages.

When you manage your domain and mail hosting yourself, you are no longer dependent on free email services that you pay for with your data (such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.).). You keep complete control over your data. Your e-mail correspondence will not be read by anyone, let alone a marketing company. Moreover, you will not be subject to any unwanted interruptions or restrictions.

Your email address is free to choose. This can be a great advantage in your professional but also in your private life. For example, your e-mail address can have the following format:

  • first
  • first
  • ..
  • and over 500 other domain extensions

There are almost unlimited possibilities for your perfect email address. We offer more than 500 other top-level domains at extremely competitive prices. Among other things, Infomaniak offers you the most important domains (.com, .fr, .be, .ch, .net etc.) at the lowest rates on the market.

You need help choosing your domain name?

This decision is important. Find out how to choose the right domain name in our guide. It contains all the information you need to find the ideal name for sure.

How to create your free email address?

you want to create a single e-mail address

If you only need an email address, a simple domain name purchased or managed at Infomaniak is sufficient. You only pay the annual fee for renting your domain name, d. h. € 5.40 / year for .fr or. CHF 8.90 / year for .ch, if you want to use a free email address.

Reserve domain name and get free email address.

Choose when you order the starter hosting at the bottom of the list with 10 MB of disk space and a free email address. Then, in your Infomaniak account (manager), go to the field Email hosting and select the domain you want to link your email address to.

To do this, enter the required information and click on Attach to my WorkSpace . Your email address is now activated and can be immediately accessed via your WorkSpace at the address can be used.

If you want to create multiple email addresses

If you have several or. If you want to create 5 or more email addresses, we recommend the complete email hosting package, which is one of the best deals on the market. You will use all the services of WorkSpace for one or more users from CHF 2.24/month (tariff for 5 unlimited email addresses).

Email hosting for 5 addresses is the perfect solution for self-employed people who want to grow their business, as well as for micro-businesses and families.

You want to create multiple email addresses with one or more websites

The web/email hosting offer is ideal for over 80% of all websites and is Infomaniak’s flagship product. It is among the most attractive and powerful offers on the market and includes, among other things:

  • 5 email addresses with unlimited storage
  • WorkSpace by Infomaniak with synchronization of diaries and contacts
  • 100 GB of SSD space for your website (20 websites included)
  • More than 80 WordPress professional themes (Elegant Themes)
  • Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt
  • Transition to cloud server by mouse click

… And many more exclusive benefits that you can discover here.

How to recover emails and existing contacts?

Restore emails and folders from an old email address

Switching from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. is extremely simple. You can transfer your old e-mails to your new e-mail address via an automated wizard. This free service will copy your folders to your new email inbox. Gmail labels are also transferred as folders.

To do so, go to this page and follow the instructions to transfer the entire content of your previous email address to your new email account. Infomaniak also allows you to batch copy the entire content of multiple email addresses.

Import contacts and calendars

The contacts of your old email address can be easily imported into your WorkSpace through a special wizard:

Other import procedures explained in the video are outlined in this guide.

With WorkSpace you can also import your appointment calendars. To do this, export your diary to a *.ics file and import it directly into WorkSpace following the instructions in this guide.

Synchronize contacts and calendar on all devices

Workspace synchronizes your emails, contacts and diaries between all your devices, using the two technologies CardDAV and CalDAV. To activate synchronization, you can use the wizard for Windows, macOS and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), as well as the free Infomaniak Sync app on Android systems.

A new digital life awaits you

We want to offer you the best customer experience! Therefore, all Infomaniak products have been under constant development for over 25 years in order to optimize their usability.

With an email address at Infomaniak, you enter a digital universe where you keep control of your data. Likewise, you can be sure to use constantly improved tools and benefit accordingly from the latest technological advances.

Moreover, each product ordered from Infomaniak allows you to unlock free credits and use the tools of our ecosystem of services, including:

    , to receive invitations for your events (inaugurations, company outings, conferences, etc.).) to organize and manage. , with which you can easily carry out professional e-mail campaigns

You can also discover state-of-the-art solutions like Swiss Backup to secure your computer, server and mobile device data in an encrypted way.

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