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How can a smartphone be used to Create GIF – for WhatsApp? You’re probably familiar with animated GIFs, a mixture of image and video, which are not only appearing everywhere on the Internet, but are also being used more and more frequently in Messenger – for example, to send New Year’s greetings or Advent greetings.

In addition to the extensive GIF database you can further personalize your messages – and make them even more special create your own GIFs. We show how it works.

So you can create GIFs in WhatsApp

We want to show you how to create GIFs in WhatsApp.

GIFs, short for Graphics Interchange Format, are animated image sequences that function as something between a photo and a video. GIFs can actually be used to have entire conversations, or to get to the heart of a mood in a short and concise way.

At the latest since Facebook has also jumped on the GIF trend and WhatsApp supports GIF animations, the moving images are unstoppable. Even those who use WhatsApp and social media only occasionally, can no longer get around the GIF.

Instead of data-hungry video, you can also create GIFS for WhatsApp - but how does it actually work?

Instead of data-hungry video, you can also plan for Create WhatsApp GIFS – but how does it actually?

iOS and Android: Use these apps to create GIFs

Your messages will be especially personal if you create your own GIFs with the help of apps.

Assembling GIFs yourself sounds complicated. But it is not. Because a GIF is basically only a sequence of individual images. Try the following apps if you want to create GIFs on iOS or Android.

  • Giphy Cam: Giphy is actually a GIF database. With Giphy Cam (Google Play, iTunes) you can create your own GIFs. Stickers, effects and various filters spice up the animations.
  • Gif Maker: With the GIF Maker (Google Play, iTunes) you can create animations from pictures and videos. You can set the length between 5 and 25 seconds yourself.

By the way, this is only a small selection: Enter the keyword GIF in the search on iTunes or Google Play. In addition to classic GIF programs, there are also special collections, such as for Christmas motifs, animated emojis or text animations. Be creative or just browse: With the right app, it’s child’s play.

iPhone: WhatsApp GIF with Live Photo

On the iPhone you can also create GIF animations for WhatsApp directly with Live Photos. This works from the update to iOS version 11. Open the Live Photo in the photo app of your iPhone. Swipe up to get to the GIF menu, where you can select individual options (play in infinite loop, forward and backward).

Ready! Now you can send your Live Photo as a GIF via WhatsApp or another service.

Create GIFs directly in WhatsApp

Via a small detour, GIFs can also be created and sent directly in WhatsApp. If you record a video and send it via WhatsApp, the video will first be displayed in the editor. There you can select a section, so shorten the video. If you choose a clip of 6 seconds or shorter, you can also send the video as a GIF.

By the way, this works with Android smartphones and with iPhone.

Already done: Search and send animated GIF in WhatsApp

It’s a bit easier if you use the ready-made animated GIFs in WhatsApp. You can search for them in the database and send them directly. To do this, call up the emoji menu. At the bottom you will find the GIF database.

The selection is huge – and covers numerous scenes. Very practical: Tap the magnifying glass and enter a search term. Christmas or birthday for example. Sometimes it works even better if you use the corresponding English terms or search for a mood.

Watch out: Browsing through the GIF database can waste a lot of data. The animations simply consume more memory than simple images. If you only have a small amount of data available, you should rather connect directly to the WLAN.

Giphy helps with the search for GIFs

If you want to extend your search for GIFs, you can use Giphy as a help. The huge GIF database provides animations for a wide variety of keywords. You can even browse through different categories. You can search in the browser or, even easier, in the Giphy app. These are available for the iPhone (iTunes) and for Android smartphones (Google Play).

Use GIF as WhatsApp status or profile picture

Can I use a GIF as a WhatsApp status or profile picture?? As a status this is actually possible . A status message can consist of a text, a picture, a video or a GIF. The status remains active for 24 hours.

More information about status messages can be found in the WhatsApp FAQ.

However, GIFs cannot be set as profile picture.

Respect the copyright of GIFs!

Caution, copyright also applies to GIFs. Before public postings, for example on Facebook or Twitter, you should therefore refrain if it is foreign content (such as film clips) is involved. Read the interview with the lawyer Christian Solmecke at the Netzpiloten.


Oh yes, there was something: Steve Wilhite is considered the inventor of the GIF. And the let it be known in 2013 that GIF should be pronounced with a J at the beginning: Jif (u.a. However, this has never really caught on. Or do you send JIFs instead of GIFs via WhatsApp ;-)?

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