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We encounter GIFs all the time on the Internet or in social media, and you too can create your own with your Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet create a GIF quickly and easily.

In this FAQ you will learn what a GIF is – additionally we will show you two different ways to create GIFs yourself.

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What is a GIF?

A GIF ("Graphics Interchange Format") is a special graphics format. In this format, several individual images can be saved as an animated image series in a graphic file. GIFs can be used to express messages and reactions in an entertaining way.

Create a GIF from the camera

You have the possibility to create GIFs with the camera of your Galaxy phone. For example, you can capture funny moments and share them with your friends.

We show exactly how this works here:

1. Type in the Camera app to the Settings-Icon.

2. Tap Hold trigger.

3. Tip Create GIF.

4. Tap the Back-Icon.

Create Galaxy Smartphone GIF via camera

Now the function is active and the GIF can be captured. To capture the GIF, hold down the Trigger pressed and drag your finger down. While recording, you’ll see how many individual frames are taken.

Recording stops as soon as the finger is removed from the record button. The created GIF will be available in the gallery afterwards.

Create Galaxy smartphone GIF via camera

NoteThis function is not available in all capture and camera modes.

Create GIF via gallery

You can also create GIFs from your photos in the Gallery app really quickly and easily. This is how you give old memories a new shine and simply let your creativity run wild.

And this is how it works:

1. Tap in the Gallery App on the More options-Icon.

2. Tap Create.

3. Tap GIF.

4. Select the images you want to create as a GIF and then tap the GIF-Icon.

Create Galaxy smartphone GIF via camera

The GIF is created and the result is displayed in the preview screen. You now have several options.

5. Tap Send or on Save.

If you still want to edit the GIF, you will find several options for editing on the bottom bar.

Create Galaxy smartphone GIF via camera

Reference: This function is not compatible with video files.

Create GIF with the Galaxy Note9

The Galaxy Note9 offers many great and unique ways to edit images through the S Pen.

In this help video, we’ll show you different options on how to create and edit a GIF on your Galaxy Note9.

In this video we will show you different ways to create and edit a GIF on your Galaxy Note9.

Take a continuous shot – Open the camera and set the shooting mode to AUTOMATIC. Then tap and hold the shutter button to capture the entire image area in continuous shooting mode.

Close the camera and open the gallery.

Tap on the Continuous pictures-icon in the middle of the screen to see the full set of images. Continue by clicking More options tap. Now select Create GIF.

Now you can edit your GIF by…

…adjust the size of the GIF..

…change the speed..

…Change the direction of playback..

…and add stickers and text.

Finally, tap SAVE.

Alternatively, use your S Pen to create a GIF.

Remove the S Pen from the Galaxy Note9. Open the S Pen Commands/Air Command, By tapping the S Pen icon on the Note9 screen with the S Pen.

Select Smart Select And then tap Animation In the top bar.

A rectangle will open indicating the section of the image to be captured. Tap and hold the white dot at the top edge of the rectangle with the tip of the S Pen and drag the image crop to the desired position.

You can also adjust the size of the image section by enlarging or reducing the rectangle at one corner. Then tap RECORD. To stop the recording, tap on STOP.

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