Corona rules: many restaurant patrons need tutoring

According to the industry association Dehoga, many restaurant and cafe visitors still do not know enough about distance and hygiene rules.

Almost 41 percent of restaurateurs said in an industry survey that guests were less informed or not informed at all, according to the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga).

However, according to the report, customers are cooperative: more than 90 percent of restaurateurs reported that they meet with understanding from their customers with the rules. The necessary distance has approximately the consequence that there are only half as many seats as usual in the restaurants and cafes.

For the innkeepers it remains thus difficult to earn money. In the first few days after reopening, a good three-quarters of them each made at most half their usual turnover. On average, they expect sales to fall by at least 55 percent this year.

"The current figures prove the catastrophic exceptional situation in which the industry has now been for almost three months," said Dehoga President Guido Zollick. Tens of thousands of jobs threatened, he said. The association calls for a rescue fund from which restaurateurs can receive subsidies.

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