Corona: my child has to be quarantined – can i continue to work??

Do parents also have to work in quarantine if quarantine is ordered for the child?

If quarantine has been ordered for one’s child because he or she is considered"close contact person" of a Corona-positive person has been identified, this only applies to the respective child. The parents and all others Family members of the respective household do not have to be quarantined and are still allowed to go to work, daycare or school.

However, to prevent the unnoticed spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, it is recommended that the parents and siblings of the affected child also be Isolate voluntarily. Say: You should go outside as little as possible, shop less often and not meet friends and relatives outside your household. If possible, parents should also work in a home office so as not to unknowingly infect their colleagues or other people on public transport.

Your child has to be quarantined because he or she tested positive for Corona itself? Then different quarantine rules apply.

Mother takes fever on toddler. If the child has to be quarantined because of a Corona outbreak, parents are still allowed to continue working

Can I work when my child is in quarantine??

Since the quarantine order only applies to the affected child, the parents are allowed to move freely. Therefore obligated to work despite the quarantine of their child, be it in the home office or at the workplace. However, external care by childminders or grandparents is of course out of the question in this case. Parents must share care among themselves. Alternatively, they can claim children’s sick days from their employer (see below).

What if workers are sent into quarantine themselves? Do I have to work in quarantine – or am I exempt from work?

Do I get paid if I have to take care of my child and I can’t work??

If the child is under twelve years of age and is under quarantine, parents can Children’s sick days to take advantage of it if they can’t provide care in any other way. That is, employees are allowed to take time off from work in exchange for compensation for lost earnings, the Children’s sick leave. This applies even if parents could work in a home office. The continued payment of wages thus secured.

If children’s sick days are not sufficient to care for the child, parents should try to find a joint solution with the employer, such as home office, taking paid or unpaid leave, or distributing working hours to ensure that the child can be cared for in quarantine. (as) * is an offer of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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