Conquer woman: 9 tried tips

Conquering a woman-conquering a woman's heart

Although women are very independent nowadays, they love it when men take things into their own hands and take care of everything. "Being a gentleman" is not extinct yet. But you should be careful: If she feels that he is working for her because she can’t do it on her own, expect a bad response from him. So we share with you some skills that women love in their men.

Here we write some tips on how you can get your dream girl.

How to seduce a woman properly

If you have only known her for a short time then :

  • Be friendly and in a good mood
  • Talk to her and say something funnier
  • Be a gentleman and hold the door when you work together in an office or in a restaurant

If you have already been on several dates:

  • Be humorous
  • Bring her flowers
  • Apply a good perfume

Arouse interest

You should catch her eye so that she starts to like you.
You should be confident and show her that you value interesting women and not just good looks. Act irresistible with humorous radiance.

Become a team!
When you have gotten to know you a bit
you should intensify the contact with her.

  • Show her that you want to get to know her
  • Make an effort that your meetings are in unusual places

Women never fall in love with men who have no time for them. And one more thing, make her feel that she is very important to you.

Build a relationship of trust
In a relationship the most important thing is to build trust. You absolutely have to make your dream woman feel that she can trust you.

  • Don’t be late for a date
  • Do not tell her lies
  • Be honest
  • Be a good conversationalist
  • Be a good listener

The most important thing in a relationship is communication.

From the very beginning you should make your dream girl feel that you are listening to her, even if you have a different opinion on a subject.

Here we have to warn you! Never try to convince them of your opinion. This is not okay.
Let her be the way she is and accept her values.

Increase physical contact

The next important step is to get closer to the woman of your dreams. Don’t let your desires lead you and don’t drag you straight into bed.

  • You can hint that you want to touch her
  • Look at her lips
  • Hug her goodbye

Show her that you think you are great
Here you should pay attention. Show her that you like her a lot and that you love her, but don’t overdo it.

We’ll write some tips on how you do that:

  • Show her that you are happy to see her
  • Take interest in how she is doing
  • Keep eye contact

Conquering a woman-conquering a woman's heart

9 more important tips how to conquer a woman

1) Be mysterious

Keep some of your secrets to yourself and only gradually press out with all the details of your life. Because this way you are more interesting and you have enough to talk about.

On the other hand, if you tell her everything about you from the beginning, then after a very short time she will feel that she already knows you and then the whole attraction will fall away.

2) Look for common ground

If there are similarities between you, this is a good basis for a happy and successful relationship. So after a few dates you can nicely know if you both love the same music, order food, watch similar movies,….

3) Emphasize that you are thinking about her

Be spontaneous and give her a book that she has told you she wants to read. Or when you go shopping buy her favorite candy bar. This is about small attention. Or send her a sweet message.

4) Stand by yourself

Always be in harmony with yourself. Do not change your mind to please a woman. Be natural and honest as you really are.

5) Give compliments!

Every woman likes to hear a compliment. Notice her hairstyle or her well-kept hands.
Women love compliments – especially when they are sincere and make sense.

6) Focus on yourself and stay independent!

You are totally enthusiastic about this woman and of course you want to be with her 24 hours a day. But it is very important that you have enough time for yourself and for your hobbies. Women love men who are independent.

  1. Emphasize your personality
    Convince her of your qualities.
  2. Talk about your business successes
  3. Show your artwork
  4. Show your sporting success
  5. Brag about your culinary skills
  6. Show your positive attitude towards life
  7. Let her see your flaws too
  8. Stay authentic
  9. Have fun and make her laugh
    -Give her appreciation and be respectful

7) Show where your boundaries are

You are crazy about this woman and want to do everything for her. That we understand but you also have to slow down a bit !

All women want men who know what they want! And for sure you don’t want at 8.Cleaning the apartment with her at 00 o’clock on Sunday ! So you should set limits and know how far you want to go for her. If you feel that something doesn’t suit you, tell her that clearly.

Conquer a woman - conquer a woman - conquer a woman's heart

8) What the woman thinks, learn to understand

She must feel that she can let herself go with you and that you protect her. If your wavelength floats she will open up faster.

9) A little bit of fidgeting is always good

After you have gotten to know each other and become closer, now is the time for a little fidgeting.
Pull back and enjoy your time. Now she’ll give you a little gas and conquer you.


If you build your self-confidence and if you love and accept yourself, you can win any girl for yourself. With our tricks you can develop into a very great seducer.
So always remain yourself and do not pretend. Recognize clearly your limits and say no to her also sometimes.

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