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Goal of the game

The boss of the notorious smuggling gang Potato Charly is looking for new members. Quickly the first contenders are ready. But to become a member of the gang you have to face a smuggling competition. This consists of two parts. In the first part you have to get your smuggled goods through the fence in a potato sack as big as possible. In the second part you have to control your colleagues who have rolled a too small potato sack or even got stuck in the fence. As a reward there is then something trick or treat, or a stink bomb. Whoever is the first to collect enough candy and / or tricks wins the game.


Before the game you build the Scale together. This must be exactly on the scale so that the potato sacks can be weighed fairly.
Then the runway built. To do this, take the track itself and put the Fence in the middle of the track and puts the Smuggling aid to the beginning.
The Boss figure then puts it behind the middle square of the smuggler’s aid. Each player then takes a View screen , the Intelligent dough and each time Trick or treat and a stink bomb Smuggler’s goods . Each player puts these three crystals behind his screen. The Hourglass , the Dice and the Trick-or-Treat come next to the runway. Put the Game board places it at the front of the rolling track. Then each player takes one of these plates. The starting player gets a sweet (red) tile, the next player clockwise gets a sour (yellow) tile, etc. Each player places this tile in front of his screen. Then it starts.

Intelligent dough
Intelligent dough is a great thing. It does not smell unpleasant, rather not at all. It will never get hard and will not leave any residue on your fingers.
However, it can bounce away like a rubber ball. However, you should keep them away from textiles. If it comes in contact with cloth for a longer time, it is like chewing gum.
Also, you should not put them together with dough of another color, otherwise you have to separate them again with loss of material.
If you want to tear off a piece of the dough, you have to do it very quickly, otherwise the dough will drag like chewing gum.

1. The skill test
First comes always the skill test. Here the fence hole is determined first, through which the players must pass with their potato bag.
Take the cube and roll the dice. If you roll the black numbers 1 to 4, you move the boss figure that many steps in the direction of the arrow.
If you reach the end of the bar, you simply put the figure back on the other side at the beginning.

a) Kneading
As soon as the dice has been rolled and the figure has been moved, or not, the hourglass is turned over.
Now each player has approx. 40 seconds to grab a smuggler’s item from behind his viewing screen.

Attention, this must not be seen by the other players under any circumstances!
Then the smuggler’s goods are pressed into the dough and a ball is formed from the dough.
You must always keep in mind the size of the fence hole, through which the ball must pass after the time has elapsed.
Depending on the player, he has to remove or add dough from his ball.
It is not allowed to put the ball on the smuggling aid or to hold it in front of a fence hole.

b) The test
As soon as the hourglass has run out, the players are not allowed to add or take away any more dough to their ball.
But you may still roll the ball around.

Then the starting player begins and lets the ball roll down the slope on the track with the boss figure.
Now two things can happen:

– The ball rolls through the fence
Very well, the player puts his ball on a free stool in the bar.

– The ball does not fit through the fence
Then the player may roll his ball again to get it properly round and then let it roll down the slope again.
If it passes on the second try, he may also place it on a free bar stool.
If it still does not fit through the hole the second time, he must place the ball in the rumble chamber on a free barrel.

When all players have rolled their ball and are either in the bar or the rumple room, the skill test is over.

Red dice result
If you roll a red number, however, the boss figure stops for the time being. So the players don’t know what fence hole they have to go through.
Only when each player has rolled his potato sack, the dice are rolled again and the boss is drawn by this number of dice, even if it is a red one.

2. Placement
Now check which player has the biggest and second biggest ball in the bar. In the case of two players, of course, only the largest ball counts.
The players compare their balls. If it is not possible to visually determine which ball is the largest, use the scales.
Here you can weigh which ball is the biggest and which one is the second biggest.
The player with the largest ball places it on the chair with the 1 on it.
The player with the second largest ball places it on the chair with the 2 on it.
If there are more players who were in the bar, they must now go to the junk room.

Special case
If all players are stuck in the fence hole, phase 2 and 3 do not take place.
Instead, each player takes his ball, removes the smuggled good from it and a new round is played.

3. The control
Now the player on the first chair may choose a player from the rumple chamber whom he wants to control.
This is different depending on the number of players. In a two-player game, the player with the heaviest ball always controls the other player.
In a three-player game, either one player controls one of the other two players from the rumple room.
If two players sit on the chairs in the boss room, then only the first player can control the third one in the rumpus room.
The one on the second chair has no one left to control. In the game with four players, the game is similar in the bar and in the rumpus room, depending on the players.

To do this, the controller now simply states what he suspects is in that player’s ball. Trick or treat or the stink bomb.
Depending on whether he guessed correctly, the following then happens:

a) The controller has guessed correctly and has guessed the smuggler’s goods correctly.
Then the player takes a tile corresponding to the smuggler’s good from the supply and places it in front of his screen.
In this case the controlled player goes away empty-handed. He puts his smuggler’s goods and his plasticine ball back to himself.

If the controller has correctly tipped a stink bomb, the player gets this stink bomb and may put it behind his screen.
He can also use it from the next round.

b) The controller has guessed wrongly.
Then the controller gets nothing, but the controlled player does.
That player gets either a trick-or-treat token, depending on the goods they’ve smuggled.
If he has smuggled a stink bomb, he may steal a tile from the controller in front of his screen.
The stink bomb is then placed in front of the screen and may not be used again.

c) For all those who have not been controlled.
The players on the armchairs and the non-controlled players in the junk room now show their smuggler’s goods.
If a player has smuggled a trick-or-treating good, he takes a corresponding tile from the supply.

If the player has smuggled a stink bomb, he takes a tile from any player in front of his viewing screen.
The stink bomb is then removed from the game and placed in front of the screen.

End of game
The game ends as soon as one player has done the following:

– 7 Candy plate in front of the screen
– 7 Sour plate in front of the screen
– 5 candy and 5 sour tiles are placed in front of the screen

This player is immediately the winner, no round is finished.

Small conclusion
We really liked Smuggler. It’s a whole new game idea and the smart dough is really ingenious.
First you have to try to get as big a ball as possible through the fence and then hope that the ball is also bigger than those of the other players.
Already this phase is very exciting and really fun. After checking the biggest ball, it’s more like a guessing game.
But that’s fun, too, and so each player collects his or her tiles in front of his or her screen until a winner is determined.
However, we found that you can’t play the game several times in a row. For this, the whole thing runs too much the same from game to game.
There are no variants or other variety, which is a bit of a shame. But for a round you always like to get it out of the cupboard again.
A great game with a cool mechanic, successful illustrations and perfect game material.

Length: 17:50 minutes

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