Cold in kiel: how to help the homeless in kiel

Cold days and even colder nights lie ahead for Schleswig-Holstein. For people without a permanent residence this can become life-threatening. How you can help them.

Homeless people have it particularly hard in winter. Due to the corona crisis, they now lack places to warm up

Important: If a person is in apparent health danger, i.e. is unresponsive, the emergency number should be dialed immediately. The paramedics then decide how to help the person along.

Even if it turns out afterwards that a medical intervention is not necessary, costs do not have to be covered under any circumstances. Failure to act in an obvious emergency is punishable by failure to render aid.

If you don’t dare to approach homeless people or don’t know what to do, you can ask other passers-by for help. If a person refuses the offered help, however, this should be accepted.

Which facilities are there for homeless people in Kiel??

About 30 to 40 people are homeless in Kiel, estimates the head of the housing office, Martin Reinhart.

Up to 16 people can get shelter and warmth at least overnight in the living containers at the Ministry of Social Affairs. You will start at 17.30 o’clock, at 9.30 a.m. the next morning, they have to be left again. In addition, the persons concerned must have registered in the morning at the Central Counseling Service for Men (ZBS) or the Women’s Counseling Service (FBS), respectively.

In addition to the containers, the Bodelschwingh House at Johann-Meyer-Strasse 13 also offers emergency shelter, but only for destitute single men. There are 56 beds. There is also a women’s shelter.

Is there also a cold bus in Kiel?

Yes, since February 2021. The volunteers are on the road from 5 to 10 p.m. on Fridays to Sundays to distribute hot food. Anyone who knows where homeless people are staying can contact the Malteser Kiel cold bus at Tel. 0170 14 09 210 report. Interested new volunteers or companies wishing to donate should contact the project manager Henriette Hirnstein: [email protected] Those who want to help as an individual with monetary donations can do so through this donation account: Pax-Bank eG Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. Kiel, IBAN DE94370601201201224108.

On Friday, 10. December can provide sleeping bags, sleeping mats, blankets (not comforters), and other items!), canned food and thermo cups can be handed in between 3 and 8 p.m. at Jagersberg 7-9 (Malteser Dienststelle).

How can I help homeless people in Kiel in their daily lives??

But it does not always have to be an emergency. Whoever wants to help homeless people in everyday life can respectfully approach them and ask how you can be helped.

If you have discarded sleeping bags, blankets or hygiene products, you can donate them directly, or give them to an institution.

I want to support homeless people in Kiel: Who accepts donations besides the cold bus?

In addition to monetary donations for the emergency aid programs, clothing donations and donations in kind also help, depending on the facility.

In many cities there are donation acceptance points for people on the street. In Kiel, for example, donations can be made to Hempels or Diakonie. The Stadtmission also accepts donations.

What assistance can homeless people take advantage of?

In principle, homeless people have the same entitlement to benefits as all citizens. You can receive benefits under the Social Code. Benefits include personal assistance, counseling, help in obtaining and maintaining housing, support in entering the workforce or in finding a training position.

Homeless people are therefore basically entitled to accommodation. The municipalities are usually obligated to provide all-day accommodation.

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