Child benefit& own apartment: what parents and children need to know

You might think that the children are entitled to the child benefit – but that’s not true. The legal right to child benefit lies with the parents, who should use it as a support to provide for their offspring. This legal entitlement does not change even if the child moves out of home and now has his or her own apartment. As a rule, it is still the parents who receive the child benefit from the state – and still have to use it for their children.

In addition, most of the parents are responsible for child support, d. h. they have to support the children who have moved out – either in cash (money) or in kind (board and lodging). The child benefit is offset against this maintenance claim.

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Own apartment during studies or training: Who gets the child benefit?

At the latest when your child comes of age and moves away for a place at university, the question arises: who actually gets the child benefit? After all, the offspring must now provide for themselves and z. B. paying the rent for your own apartment – often impossible without parental support. If the child is studying for the first time and is under 25, the state pays you further the full child benefit from.

If the child runs his or her own household and does not receive any support from his or her parents, the child benefit can also be paid directly to the offspring. For this, however, the offspring must file a so-called diversion request with the family fund.

How much child support will my child get during studies?

Which parent gets the child benefit is determined by who pays the child the highest cash maintenance. Of course, this is no problem for parents living together, but it is more of a problem for parents living apart.

So that no disputes arise here, you should always communicate the departure from the parental dwelling immediately to the responsible family cash office. The calculates who has to pay how much child support based on the parents’ incomes. The child allowance is then paid to the person accordingly, who puts more into the education of the offspring. This does not necessarily happen automatically; if necessary. you have to file an application if the other parent has received the child benefit so far.

Second education and additional income: when are child benefits no longer available?

The student pays for his academic education – but the apprentice earns his own money, even if usually not much. Is the child still entitled to child benefit when he or she has reached the age of majority, moves into his or her own apartment and receives an education salary?? Yes, the entitlement remains if it is the first time that the child is in vocational training.

In the past, there were still elaborate income checks when it came to child benefits for adult children. Today, this is no longer the case: It does not matter how much the children earn during their first training or how much they earn in a student job.

Even if your offspring has a secondary education or studies up to the age of 25. Birthday, you can still receive child support under certain conditions. As a rule, it must be recognizable that your child has not yet achieved his or her desired career goal. In addition, the offspring may be distributed over the year on average do not work more than 20 hours per week. As always, occasional exceptions prove the rule.

Own apartment and job: Do you still get child benefit??

If your child has reached the age of majority, has completed his or her professional or academic training and is moving into his or her own apartment, there are as a rule, there is no longer any entitlement to child benefit.

But there are still a few exceptions:

  • The child is unemployed or. Registered as a jobseeker. Then the entitlement continues until the age of 21. Birthday.
  • Your child can only have a marginal employment get hold of (up to 450 Euro). Child benefit is then available until the age of 21. Birthday.

In all other cases, the following applies: Your child can provide for himself or herself with a completed education and a job. The family fund therefore no longer provides financial support in the form of child benefits.

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Disabled child: Is child benefit still available for longer?

When moving out of the parental home, the child is entitled to child benefit until the age of 18. (or in case of education until the age of 25.) Birthday – but there are exceptions. If your child is disabled and cannot support himself, it is worth applying for an extension. Here, the child’s disability must be before his 25. have been diagnosed and medically certified on his or her 60th birthday. However, the decisive factor is also how much the child earns in the year. Child benefit is only paid if the offspring cannot finance their living costs on their own.

When in doubt: Keep consultation with your responsible family cash office. A disabled child may be entitled to further social benefits and financial assistance. How this affects the child benefit can best be explained to you by an advisor of the family insurance fund.

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