Child benefit amount 2022 – how much is the child benefit?

Child benefit amount

The amount of child benefit depends on the number of children living in the family. Thereby rises the Amount of child benefit from the third child. For the fourth child and each further child thereafter there is again a higher child benefit than for the third child. So there are four different levels of child support. If you want to know how much the child benefit is for the respective child, the child benefit table can help you. From the child benefit table the amount of the child benefit can be read off quite simply. Below we have provided the child benefit table for the year 2022 for you to view.

The child benefit table – amount of child benefit 2022

Number of childrenChildren’s allowance 2019
1. Child 194 Euro
2. Child 194 Euro
3. Child 200 Euro
4. Child 225 euros
Each additional child 225 Euro

So, according to the above table, for the first child and second child there is child benefit of 219 euros per month each. The amount of child benefit for the third child is currently 225 euros per month in 2021. For the fourth child, parents receive 250 euros per month. This Child benefit amount is also valid for all further children after the fourth child.

With the help of a calculation example, we would like to explain to you how much the child benefit is per month for a family with several children. Assumed in a family live five people. Mother, father and three children, all three of whom are under the age of 18 in 2021. In this case, the family would receive a total child benefit of 663 euros (219 euros + 219 euros + 225 euros) paid per month. If the parents have one more child, the family with four children would be entitled to 913 Euro (219 Euro + 219 Euro + 225 Euro + 250 Euro) per month.

Child benefit increase to 1. January 2021

At the beginning of the year 2021 there was a child benefit increase. At the 1. January 2021, the child benefit for each child was increased by exactly ten euros per month. For the first child and the second child, child benefit thus increased from 204 euros per month to 219 euros per month. The child benefit amount for the third child increased from 210 euros per month to 225 euros per month. For the fourth and all further children, the child benefit has been increased from 235 euros per month to 250 euros per month.

Amount of child allowance 2022

As an alternative to child benefit, parents in Germany also receive the child allowance according to § 32 Abs. 6 EStG. But while the amount of the child benefit depends on the number of children, the amount of the child allowance always remains the same regardless of the number of children. In 2022, the child tax-free allowance will be 8.388 euros per child. This amount is made up of:

  • 2.928 euros for the child’s care, education and training needs
  • 5.460 euros for the child’s material subsistence minimum

If the parents have separated, the child allowance is halved for both parents. The child allowance was last increased at the beginning of 2021. Previously, the child allowance in 2020 was still at a level of 7.812 euros per child. The child allowance is a tax allowance that is deducted from the taxable income, with the result that the parents then have to pay less tax. If the child allowance is claimed by the parents, however, it is no longer possible to receive child benefit at the same time, as one always excludes the other. The tax office automatically determines whether child benefit or the child allowance is the economically more sensible alternative for the respective taxpayer as part of a favorability test.

When do parents get child benefit?

The amount of child benefit can be seen in the table above. But when do parents actually get child benefit? Entitlement to child allowance begins with the birth of the child. As long as parents live with their children in Germany, they are entitled to a tax-free allowance of up to 18. On the child’s 60th birthday, the child is unconditionally entitled to child benefit. However, even after the age of 18. Parents can continue to receive child benefit on the child’s 60th birthday. The continued payment of child benefit over the 18. However, the increase beyond the child’s 60th birthday is subject to certain conditions.

Child benefit entitlement for children of full age

Parents can continue to receive child benefit if the child is unemployed and registered with the Federal Employment Agency as a job seeker. In this case, the upper limit for the receipt of child benefit is the 21. Birthday of the child. For an even longer period of time, parents can receive child benefits whose children are studying or in training. If their adult child is training or studying, parents even receive child benefit up to a maximum of the 25th birthday of the child. Child’s birthday Child benefit. However, one restriction must be observed: If the child starts further training or studies after successfully completing his or her training or studies, the parents no longer receive child benefit if the child works more than 20 hours per week in addition to training or studies. According to the new legal situation, the amount of income is no longer relevant. In the case of first-time students or. The weekly working hours of the child do not play a role in the initial training.

Children do not always find a training or study place directly. However, parents continue to receive child benefit from the family benefits office even while their adult children are looking for a training or study place. The prerequisite, however, is that the children are also seriously trying to find a training or study place, because otherwise the family fund may cancel the child benefit payment. Another possibility to get child benefit for an adult child also arises for parents if the child takes a voluntary social year. In this case, too, the upper limit for receiving child benefit is 25. Birthday of the child.

child benefit over the age of 25

As a rule, the child benefit ends at the latest when the child reaches 25 years of age. Birthday reached. But there is one exception. If the child has a serious disability, as a result of which he or she is not able to support himself or herself, child benefit may be paid beyond the age of 25. The table can be extended beyond the child’s first year of life. The prerequisite is, however, that the child’s disability has already been diagnosed before he or she reaches the age of 25. The child has been determined to be under the age of 25.

Submit a child benefit application to the family benefits office

If parents want to get child benefit, this must first be applied for. To do this, you need to apply for child benefit at the relevant family benefits office. The child benefit application must always be submitted in writing. The application form necessary for the child benefit application can be found on the website of the Federal Employment Agency. Although the application form can be filled out on the computer. Afterwards, however, the application form for child benefit must be printed out, signed and then sent by mail to the family benefits office. Online transmission is not possible. When applying for child benefit for the first time, a birth certificate of the child must also be submitted to the Family Benefits Office as evidence. Since the 1. January 2016 also applies that the family fund must be informed of the tax number of the claimant as well as the child for whom the child benefit was claimed when applying for child benefit.

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