Cell phone misplaced? With these functions you can locate it!

Sometimes it’s maddening, as long as you search and search, you can’t find your expensive smartphone. If you rule out the possibility of theft, and you assume that you simply misplaced the phone or forgot it at a friend’s house, here are some ways for you to locate your phone.

Locate iPhone via iCloud

iPhone 4

If you have set up iCloud on your PC and iPhone, you can locate your iPhone when it is online via a Wi-Fi network. The iPhone must have the "Find my iPhone" service set up. This is how the phone can be accessed through the iCloud website.com/find, simply log in with normal Apple ID and password.

Through this service, you can also have a message to the finder appear on the display or delete data. The backup is done easily via iTunes when the iPhone is found.

Samsung phones via Dive Locate

The service offered by Samsung for Android phones works similarly to location tracking via iCloud. The smartphone can be located and you can control it, lock it and delete data from the computer. For this, however, this option of location must also have been set up beforehand on the Samsung cell phone.

The very first thing you should do is to log in your Samsung phone to a Google account, which is used for synchronization. This is done via Settings – Accounts& Synchronization. Once this is done, you should set up an account with Samsung using the same method.

Now to make locating the phone possible, you still need to activate the "remote function" or remote access in the phone. This option is located under "Security". Then you should allow Google to track your location. This is done again via Settings-Location-My Location.

In the security menu, you should also secure the screen lock by password, so that a thief can not simply disable remote access again.

Now you can use the remote service on the Samsung website to locate your phone, lock it, delete its content or simply make it ring loudly if you think you’ve misplaced it in the house itself.

Tracking after the fact via AndroidLost

android plan b combo

A really useful app for cell phone tracking, which can also be installed afterwards, is AndroidLost. With this app you can control your phone remotely in the best way possible. And the best thing about this app is that you can install it later on your phone via Googlemarket, even if it is already untraceable.

So you can read your SMS, transfer your photos to your Google account, erase your memory card and locate your phone on a map. If you have merely misplaced the phone and it is on "silent", you can set an alarm to ring via your PC. This is very practical in many cases, for example if your cell phone has fallen out of your pocket in the car.

Of course, you can also lock your phone via this app or simply have messages appear on the display so that a possible honest finder will return your phone to you. And if you think it’s lying in some corner and no one is paying attention to the phone, you can even let it talk!

Another plus is that you can also remotely set up call forwarding with AndroidLost. So you can still receive calls. If you need the IMEI code or SIM card number for your mobile provider, you can also read this through this app, even the battery indicator. Once your SIM card is changed, you will receive an email.

And another super feature: you can use the AndroidLost app to operate the front camera of your phone. If you want to see where the phone is, or who may have stolen or found it for you. This app gives Android users a clear advantage. And the app is free!

Another Android app: Plan B

The Plan B app can also be installed on your cell phone at a later date. The function is not as complete, but just as useful as AndroidLost. As soon as you install Plan B on your Android smartphone via the remote function, you will be sent an email with the location of the phone. Depending on the cell phone GPS or the rather inaccurate cellular data is used.

Conclusion: tracking is possible as long as the phone is not turned off

As you can see, it is possible to locate your phone as long as it is not turned off or the battery is dead. Even though remote location is possible with the AndroidLost or Plan B app, you should still address the issue before losing it and enable security features on your smartphone, such as lock screen by password. What you can do if your cell phone is actually stolen, you can read in our article "Cell phone stolen? Avoid unnecessary costs!" read.

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