Cancellation letter template

I hereby terminate my contract in due time to the end of the contract, alternatively to the next possible date. According to my calculation, this is the [termination date] .

Please confirm the termination to me in writing. Please also inform me of the date on which the contract will be terminated in due time.

With best regards

Termination letter employment contract sample template

Max Mustermann – Street number – Postal code City

Company name
First and last name of contact person
Street House Number
Zip code City

Termination of my employment contract

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby terminate the existing employment relationship with you with due notice as of the next possible date. According to my calculation, this is the [termination date] .

I was able to learn a lot in this company and I am very grateful for the always pleasant support. I regret having to take this step for personal reasons.

Furthermore, I would like to ask you to issue me a qualified employer’s reference. I would like to thank you very much for the cooperation so far. Please confirm receipt of this termination letter and the termination date in writing.

Yours sincerely

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Termination letter sample template

Sample cancellation letter

The idea of is to make the process around the termination letter for a contract as simple as possible. Therefore we have a flawless sample letter for your letter of resignation. Use the search function and find the right form for the termination of your provider.

Via the categories you will also find the most popular sample letters and templates of the respective contractual partners. You only have to enter the data for the contract and your address. The termination text can of course be adapted if necessary. Afterwards you can generate the signature or sign the termination by hand. Finally, you only need to choose the method of delivery or download the termination template as a PDF file.

We then take care of the rest. You will receive a confirmation of dispatch of the termination letter immediately by e-mail from us. Cancellation has never been easier?

Our cancellation letters offer you a legally secure form to write and send cancellations. They are lawyer-approved and accepted without complaint. You can create your cancellation easily and comfortably and save time and effort when you want to get rid of contracts and co. would like to release.

You can easily download our cancellation templates and sample letters as PDF documents or process them as Word files. You can print them out if you wish and then sign and send them yourself. Alternatively, you can also send it online directly through us and we will send your notice by registered mail or fax to the provider. The confirmation of your cancellation will of course be sent to you by your respective contractual partner.

General termination letter: Terminate contracts correctly

Nowadays, consumers who want to terminate a contract sometimes have to spend a lot of time answering unanswered questions about the termination letter.

What do I have to consider when I want to write a notice of termination or what is the correct form of notice?? When do I have to cancel and what do I have to consider when cancelling my subscription?? Where to put the date on the termination letter? And most importantly: What must be included in the cancellation letter?

Nowadays you hardly have the time to take care of all these questions. Not to mention taking the cancellation letter to the post office.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone else would do it for you?? How about simply filling out a template or sample for the termination of the contract?

And exactly there comes into the game. With our templates, the termination letter will be a breeze. Quickly and cleverly fill out online, select the shipping method and we take care of the rest. We send your termination letter immediately by fax or registered mail. No matter if you want a template for the cancellation of your cell phone contract or if you want to send the appropriate letter to your employer.

With us you can create your cancellation easily and quickly and then send it directly. Depending on the provider, we provide you with a predefined text and you can then easily add your personal details such as place of residence, address and the date. In addition, you can easily insert the contract or customer number, so that the cancellation can be assigned directly to the provider.

Cancellation letter by online template as easy as never before

Send cancellation letter online and time& Save your nerves when giving notice

But why exactly do I have to write a notice?

A termination letter is an official letter. The recipient is informed that the consumer (in this case, you) wants to terminate the contract concluded. It is necessary because most companies require a written notice of termination. The form of the termination letter also gives you security about the delivery and also serves as proof. So you as a customer can prove that you have cancelled the contract. In the best case, the cancellation letter should always state that the contractual partner should confirm the cancellation. In the end, you have a proof directly in your hand and can refer to it in case of emergency.

What contents belong in a termination letter?

A cancellation letter must adhere to some requirements, so you should also pay attention to relevant data and information (about the contract). With our cancellation checklist you always have all the important aspects directly in view.

In the termination letter, various details must be stored in any case. This includes, among other things, this information:

  • Check and adhere to the notice period!
    You can find the information in the contract documents and can easily take it from there. This way you can be sure that your cancellation will arrive on time. This is how you can get out of the terminated contract without any problems.Calculate notice period
  • Your address
    Enter your address so that the cancellation letter can be assigned to you directly. This comes right to the top. Usually it is written on the left side, but you can also put it on the right side with the current date. This way, the recipient knows directly who sent the notice of termination.
  • Address of your contract partner
    Make sure to enter the correct address of your contractual partner, so that the cancellation will be delivered safely. You can find the address either directly in the contract documents or online. Many providers also have a separate postal or P.O. Box address for cancellations. You should pay attention to the following when addressing the notice.
  • Specification of your contract data for the termination letter
    Your customer number and contract number can be found in the contract documents. This also serves the purpose of easy assignment. The correct customer number should always be included in the cancellation letter. If there is no customer or contract number, the cancellation is usually assigned to the address.
  • Date
    The current date makes it clear when you have written the notice of termination. This is important due to deadlines and dates. Mostly the place where the letter was written is also mentioned. Always make sure to use the correct date. Do not pre-date a termination letter either. This seems strange, if the notice should arrive nevertheless rather with the contracting party.
  • Dispatch by fax or registered mail
    Send your letter of cancellation as a fax or registered letter (the easiest way is via us) – this way you have proof and can prove in case of dispute that you really sent the cancellation (and in due time). Make sure you have proof of mailing in hand in case of a problem. A postal receipt is just as suitable as a confirmation of dispatch by fax.

Cancellation letter checklist

What is the correct form of a termination letter??

There are many ways to terminate your contract. For example, some consumers want to give a reason for terminating the contract, others do not. Our Templates and sample letters therefore offer you an easy way to cancel a subscription. The text of the termination letter can be individually adapted to your needs.

However, it is important to ensure that the recipient receives the cancellation letter within the specified period Notice period must be received. The most common deadline is one to two months, but each company has its own deadline, which can be found in the relevant contract. Electricity and gas providers, for example, may have different deadlines, mobile phone providers often have deadlines of three months and with other service providers you can cancel a contract even a few days before the end of the contract and a renewal.
The content of the termination letter must in any case include that the contract will be terminated at the next possible date. Alternatively, you can specify a fixed date on which the contract is to be terminated. It is also necessary to enter the customer number (if available) or other existing customer data (in most cases). A specific reason for the cancellation does not have to be mentioned. Insults or defamatory remarks in the termination letter should be avoided in any case, even if the contract is to be terminated due to dissatisfaction.

How to send the termination letter:

With the BGB amendment of 01. October 2016, it is no longer mandatory for a termination letter to be in writing (§ 309 No. 13 BGB). The text form is to be sufficient in the future and the letter of notice thus also by Mail is sufficient.

This means that a cancellation no longer has to contain a handwritten signature, so it should also be accepted via e-mail or, for example, via SMS or Messenger. At least, that is how the law now reads.

But is that really enough in practice? We say quite clearly: No! The disadvantage of sending by e-mail or termination letter by WhatsApp is clearly in the verifiability. What if the email ends up in the spam folder or is deleted? If a read receipt is not agreed to? In this case, you have no proof of appropriate delivery and the notice could be rejected in the event of a dispute. This is also the case if the law declares a termination in text form to be legal. In the best case, however, you secure yourself with a termination in writing, which is signed by hand and sent by fax or mail. A registered letter also provides you with information about when your letter was received by the recipient.

More termination letter templates wanted?

You can find numerous other templates for the termination in our database. Here you can find thousands of ready-made cancellation letters and they can be used easily and with just a few clicks. With the search function you can easily find the appropriate template for the notice and then complete it with your data. This way you have the option to easily customize the notice and then send it to the provider. You can quickly find the most commonly searched termination letters here, and you can also find general templates for contracts, employment contracts, cell phone contracts, memberships and more. Our categories offer you quick access.

Terminate an employment contract – this is how it works

Bye Bye Boss

You can also easily terminate an employment contract with our templates. However, employment contracts require a more stringent written form. You must therefore print out our template yourself and sign it by hand. In addition, it also depends on valid deadlines and in general the deadline for you as an employee is a few months. Depending on the length of employment, the notice period can be between one month and seven months – this is especially relevant for employers. As an employee, you are always subject to the notice period agreed in your contract.

In addition, when terminating an employment relationship, it should be ensured that the recipient’s data is correct and that the notice of termination actually reaches the employer. A registered letter or the cancellation by fax is the best solution for this. Alternatively, you can hand in the notice to the HR department or directly to the boss against written confirmation.

Possible reasons for termination as an employee

As an employee, there are several reasons why you might want to terminate a contract. Sometimes it is because you want to change your career, sometimes you simply don’t feel comfortable in the company (anymore). Often, the following are the reasons why you might want to resort to a letter of termination for your employment contract:

  • New job offer from other companies
    If you have received a better job offer, you may want to accept it. This means that you cannot avoid giving notice to your previous employer.
  • Move to another city
    A move often also changes your working environment. If your employer is not located at the new place of residence, it is possible to terminate the employment relationship due to the move.
  • Professional reorientation desired
    If you want to try something new and get a job in another industry, you need to terminate your employment contract.
  • Change of the professional field
    If you already know that you would be happier in another professional field, a dismissal is unavoidable.
  • Problems in the company
    Problems with the boss or with the position often cause a dismissal. But also problems in the department can be a reason why you want to quit your job.
  • Unpleasant working atmosphere
    Recurring quarrels, trouble in the staff kitchen or other reasons. An unpleasant climate in the job often causes a job change.
  • Boredom at work
    If you feel underchallenged in your job and don’t have any tasks that fill you up, a reorientation can make sense. You can then take up another job.
  • No opportunities for advancement
    If there are no options for further training and co. another job can be the solution. So you can change to another employer and find new opportunities.
  • Too little payment
    Too low salary is a common reason in the letter of resignation. You have the chance to find a better paid job afterwards.

Common reasons in the termination letter

These are the most common reasons given in the letter of resignation when changing jobs. (© Statista 2017, Source: GFK)

Letter of termination by employee – this is how to proceed

Before terminating one’s own employment contract, it is first necessary to familiarize oneself with some guidelines and general conditions. So you should first find out the notice period for the employment relationship. This is usually easy to do in the employment contract. After that, you can look for a new job and sign an employment contract here. If you wish, you can prepare your departure from the company and hand over the notice to the boss personally. But you should also insist on a confirmation of termination in any case. A tip: Document the delivery of the notice or do this also verifiably – for example, by registered mail.

Termination without notice is only possible in exceptional cases. If this is an option for you, a lawyer can help you to assert your claims.

Find out the period of notice

You can easily find your notice period in the employment contract. In most cases, it is only a few months and remains the same for you as an employee even if you are employed for a longer period of time.

You can easily calculate the correct termination date yourself. The easiest way is to use our notice period calculator

Search for a job and sign a new contract

Once you have given notice, you can start looking for a job. Often this happens even before. You can find new career prospects via the employment agency or job portals. You can then sign the new employment contract directly.

Prepare your farewell

After your resignation, you have to prepare your farewell. It doesn’t have to be a celebration, but you should already inform your colleagues. There are also important documents to hand over and you usually have to return keys and access data.

Hand over the letter of resignation& Talk with the old boss

You can send the notice by mail or hand it in directly at the company. Either the boss receives it or the personnel department takes care of it. A final discussion with the boss is useful in most cases.

Our tip: Do not make any mistakes! (Document)

You should document the handing in of the letter of termination. Take a photo, for example, when you drop the letter in the company’s mailbox or use a traceable registered letter. If you hand in your resignation personally, you should get a receipt for it.

Legal aspects of job termination

There are also formal requirements for the termination of an employment contract. So you have to make sure that you take the notice period into account and that you also avoid formal errors. These can contribute to the fact that your notice is even invalid in the end. You should pay attention to these details, for example:

  • Sender and recipient must be correct
  • Give the date to respect the notice period
  • The subject should say "notice of termination
  • State deadlines in the cover letter and adhere to them
  • Thanking is not obligatory – but shows respect and greatness
  • Employment references can be requested
  • Greetings are recommended
  • Signature is mandatory

In the letter of termination for your own employment contract, you should first of all specify the personal data and the correct recipient data. This means that your address and that of the company are required in any case. In addition, the current date should always be on the notice, so that you can prove when the notice was written. When handing in the notice personally, you can also have the receipt of the notice acknowledged, which is often recommended.

After that comes the subject, in which you should put the term notice of termination. This immediately clarifies the situation and also makes the termination legally binding. As a sign of respect and esteem, you should continue to pay attention to the correct form of address and once again mention in the letter the deadlines to which you are adhering. In the best case you also request a confirmation of termination. A signature is required at the end, as text form is not sufficient when terminating an employment contract.

Notice period and termination without notice

If you want to terminate your employment contract, you must normally observe valid deadlines. You will always find this in your employment contract. In exceptional cases – for example, in the event of violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act – you may be terminated without notice. You can get advice from a lawyer about the possibilities in this respect.

Residual leave and Christmas bonus in the event of termination

When you terminate your employment contract, you should take any remaining vacation days if possible. This is also the case if the termination is made by the employer. The vacation entitlement remains – pro rata – in effect. By the way, you do not have to pay back your Christmas bonus. In some cases, you can still receive a pro rata Christmas bonus even if you have terminated your employment relationship in the current year. This is how the Federal Labor Court ruled in 2015.

The Employee Termination Letter Template

With our template you can easily and simply terminate your employment contract. You can choose the appropriate template and complete your data accordingly. Insert the date, your address details and those of the recipient. You can also adjust the valid deadlines in the sample for the termination letter and then download it as a PDF or Word file.

You can generate the notice of termination online with our ready-made notice letter and then simply print it out.

After the termination of the employment contract

After you have terminated your employment contract with our termination template, the handover is usually still pending and there remains a period in which you still work in the company. In some cases, you will also be released from your duties.

Normally, however, one still does the last work, cleans up the workplace and says goodbye to the colleague. You should hand over reports and protocols to the successor and also pass on all other important information to your colleagues.

In the best case, you continue to behave in a friendly and collegial manner during the last period after the termination and continue to perform your work reliably and in accordance with the employment contract.

In this way, the departure from the old job is in many cases simple and you can simply and without much excitement turn your back on the previous employer. If possible, you should hide any disputes and ultimately not "wash any dirty laundry". In the end this is usually of no use at all.

Handover of the workplace after termination

Leave your job after the termination properly and lead a serious handover

Handover at the workplace

Once the notice has been confirmed, it is usually handed over at the workplace. You have to provide reports and protocols to your successor and also a final exchange with colleagues is useful. In addition, you should work off the last tasks of your boss, so that you have finally completed all the work assigned to you.

Behavior at work

After termination, you should continue to behave in a friendly manner towards your colleagues and also continue to treat your boss with respect. You should still do the work that is due and not let everything "drag". That would be unfair and does not exactly show respect.

The last days

On the last days you should clean up your workplace and take personal things – like pictures – home with you. In many companies, the remaining vacation is granted on the last days, so you can leave the company some time earlier. That you say goodbye to the boss and colleagues should be clear.

Letter of termination by the employer

If the employer gives notice, the rules are slightly different. This means that an employer cannot terminate you "just like that", but needs a reason for doing so. For example, a theft at work counts. In addition, "operational terminations" are a possibility. This comes into question when the company has economic problems. Pregnant women, however, may not be dismissed under any circumstances – they enjoy special protection against dismissal. The notice period also varies in the case of termination by the employer. It is:

  • One month for employment up to two years
  • Two months for employment up to five years
  • Three months for employment up to eight years
  • Four months for employment up to ten years
  • Five months for employment up to twelve years
  • Six months for employments up to 15 years
  • Seven months for employment up to 20 years

The reason in the termination letter must generally be "socially justified" and the employer must prove it in any case. Only an employment in the probationary period can be terminated without notice and there is a sample termination letter for this as well. Within the probationary period, the employment contract can be terminated by either party without observing any deadlines. Termination without notice is also possible in the event of extreme misconduct on the part of the employee. In advance, however, in most cases at least one warning is sent, which is also stored in the personnel file.

The termination rules for employers and the provisions and specifications for this you can find with us as well. This way, even as an employer, you won’t make any mistakes when terminating employment contracts.

Conclusion: Termination letters do not have to be complicated

It does not always have to be very complicated to terminate a contract. Whether you want to cancel a cell phone contract or a gym membership – you can generate the individual cancellation quickly and easily with our cancellation letter samples. Our database with numerous termination letter templates offers you quick access to numerous terminations for different providers and you can easily and quickly find the right termination template this way. You can then have this sent by us. It can be particularly important to send the notice of termination by fax or registered mail. If desired, we also take care of this for you, so that you do not have a lot of effort with your termination of contracts yourself.

You can also easily terminate an employment contract with our templates and you will be provided with the appropriate samples and templates for this purpose. In any case, however, you should take into account the valid deadlines and also comply with the formal conditions. In the best case, always have your notice confirmed in writing, so that you have something "in hand" at the end and can easily present it if necessary.

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