Can you locate a cell phone even if it is switched off??

Can you locate a cell phone even if it is turned off?

You probably know that it is possible to locate a person via their cell phone with the help of the respective network operator – in at least every second crime novel, the police use this method to locate emergency calls, suspects or missing persons. A good thing then!

But where there is light, there is also shadow: Because not only the authorities can find you, but also, for example, your partner if he suspects you of having an affair.

Many suppliers provide their services for this control function on dubious Internet sites. However, it is illegal and therefore punishable to privately locate a cell phone without the consent of the owner.

Particularly sensitive in today’s world is the fact that GPS tracking can also be used to create a movement profile of a person at any time – one more step on the way to becoming a "transparent person.

But if you think you can protect yourself from this spying by turning off your phone, you might be wrong.

This is how it is technically possible to locate a cell phone

There are two methods of locating a cell phone and tracing it back to the place where it is located:

  • Via the mobile cells (areas covered by a cell tower)
    Your phone always gets its signal from the cell tower that is closest to you. Since its range is not very large, you have to be very close to the respective radio station.
  • GPS tracking is even more accurate, but it only works if you have a GPS-enabled smartphone. In this case a satellite locates you "from above. More specifically, your cell phone locates you via a timing signal it receives from three or more GPS satellites.

Of course, if you have apps installed on your smartphone and use services like Google Maps, don’t be surprised that your location is known.

This service and similar services constantly transmit the coordinates of your cell phone and collect your data to send you suitable advertising later on.

Locating the cell phone when it is switched off

There is a lot of vague information about this topic – for a long time I didn’t know that it is possible to locate a cell phone that has been turned off. In any case, it never works in a detective story.

network operators, police and Big Brother services respectively. Data collectors like Facebook and Google of course don’t make a big fuss about the fact that it works.

  1. Officially a switched off cell phone can not be tracked!
  2. Unofficially it is still possible if SIM card and battery are in the phone. Because with data memory and power the phone is "active", it just can’t be used to make phone calls, take pictures, etc. become.

But most important for you is probably the following information: There are several malware programs, one of which you may have already installed unknowingly – many apps have them in tow.

The software makes you believe that your phone is turned off, but GPS function and network connection are still active.

If you want to be sure that nobody is following your every move, you have to leave your phone at home. Or you remove the battery from the device. Then the phone is powerless and no app can run in the background. However, most modern smartphones have built-in batteries.

If you don’t have a problem with this, you will at least be found quickly if you get lost.

How can I locate my phone myself?

If you have lost your phone or it has been stolen, you can have it located by the network operator at any time.

At least they can tell you where it was when it was last turned on. Because as already written: Officially, it can’t be located when turned off.

How can I locate my phone by myself?

How can I locate my cell phone myself??

Or you can search your cell phone yourself. For example, Apple offers a service called "Find my iPhone" via the iCloud. But of course you have to install the app now, not when it’s too late and you miss your iPhone or iPad. So there are legal sites on the web that allow you to locate your phone for free.

You can only track other people’s cell phones illegally, for example with the spy tool FlexiSpy, which you must first install on the phone in question.

However, I would like to point out that the use of such programs is not allowed and can lead to criminal charges.

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2 thoughts on" Is it possible to locate a cell phone even if it is switched off?? “

My new cell phone Samsung S6 edge is lost switched can i locate it? Can anyone give me some advice?

Have you tried to call the honest finder?? Or have you activated a password and PIN query?
Above all, I would report the SIM card to your provider as lost.

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