Can love come back after separation?

In this article I will give you the answer to this question.

Some time has passed since the end of the relationship with your ex(s). You really want to win him/her back. But now you have the feeling that any hope for a reunion has been dashed. The thought that you might have lost the love of your life forever hurts a lot. Still, you don’t want to give up and wonder if love can come back after a breakup. In this article I will answer this question.

Table of Contents

  1. Can love come back after breakup?
  2. What are the reasons for the lost love??
  1. Intimacy
  2. Trust
  3. The feeling of being loved by the other person
  1. Introduce the no contact rule
  2. Overcome your heartbreak
  3. Work on yourself and your goals
  4. Present the new you to your ex(s).

Can love come back after breakup

Can love come back after a breakup?

The question can be answered relatively simply and quickly: Yes, love can come back. However, for this you need to put a lot of work and change some things in your life and in yourself . Moreover, no one can guarantee you that your ex(s) will fall in love with you again. In your common past he/she has gathered some bad experiences with you and stored them firmly. So you can’t hope that your ex(s) will come back to you on their own someday. You need to take action yourself and erase those negative emotions towards you and replace them with positive ones.

It takes a lot of effort to do this. No one can tell you exactly how likely you are to succeed, because the outcome depends on too many factors. In the article "Ex back chances" I go deeper into this extensive topic. Please read it carefully when you are done with this post.

In the following, I will now explain to you how you can rekindle love with your ex(s). Please read everything carefully, because if you pursue your goal without a clear plan, you will come up against many unnecessary obstacles and reduce your chances of success.

What are the reasons for the lost love?

Before I can tell you what you should do now to make your ex(s) fall in love with you again, we first need to look at the reasons why the relationship failed.

People often blame their partner for the breakup. But I ask you to look inside yourself and think about what has changed during your relationship. Because a breakup is usually not about the partner, but about the relationship itself.

Can love come back after breakup

The US psychologist Joanni L. Sailor has been studying the phenomenon of "Falling out of Romantic Love" and was able to find something very amazing: Almost all of the ex-couples she interviewed as part of her research said that "falling out of love" is a very common occurrence was a long process. In everyday life there were always little moments when they doubted the relationship. But in the end it came to a very specific situation where they finally knew that they wanted to end the partnership. It was as if a switch had been flipped.

The same thing happened to you: During your love relationship, you got used to each other, but you also developed personally. In the process, the elementary things of a relationship are lost. Let me briefly tell you the most important ones:

1. Intimacy

The first and perhaps most obvious is intimacy. It is not only about sex. It also means opening up to the other person and revealing your most vulnerable side. This includes showing your innermost thoughts and feelings. The crazy thing is: if you don’t get intimate as a couple outside of bed, it won’t work out in bed anymore either.

2. Trust

The second important building block of any relationship is trust, without which it cannot work. Mutual trust is a signal that a couple accepts and respects each other. You grow closer together and it also promotes intimacy. You then feel the relationship as something enriching. If, on the other hand, this trust is missing, it is often considered exhausting.

The feeling of being loved by the other person

Can love come back after a breakup?

The third pillar of a functioning relationship is the feeling of being loved by your partner. This may sound a bit banal now, but we need this feeling. Only when we feel that we mean something to the other person, we are really happy and can have a beautiful relationship. In order for your significant other or. If you want your partner to feel loved, you have to prove your affection to him/her again and again with little things. This includes not only a bouquet of flowers, but also accepting your partner for who he/she is, supporting him/her on his/her way and appreciating the achievements you have made.

Now that you have internalized the basics of fulfilling relationships, please do some soul-searching and think carefully about which of these three elemental pillars has/have been lost in the course of your partnership. It’s not easy to figure out what led to your ex(s) breaking up with you, but I assure you that it all comes down to these three pillars. You have to pay attention to a lot of little things that you would never notice under normal circumstances. But you should now expand your understanding of these "trifles" in order to save your past relationship and lay a good foundation for all future ones. If you don’t manage to find out the real reasons for the breakup, there is no point in partnering with your ex again. Nothing would change and in the end you will break up again.

What you can do to make your ex(s) fall in love with you again?

You now know the reasons for the breakup and why the relationship failed. Your task now is to work on yourself and make sure that the mistakes you made in the past will not happen again. In the following I will give you a step-by-step guide to win back your ex(s).

love comes back after separation

1. Introduce a contact ban

As a first step you have to initiate a contact ban. Immediately stop writing, calling, or contacting your ex in any other way. You must stop communicating in the fastest way possible, otherwise you will only make a fool of yourself. You seem desperate and clingy and your ex-partner(s) are reinforced in their decision that the breakup was the right move. Read more in this article.

You must use the period of non-contact effectively to become the attractive person your ex can fall in love with again.

2. Overcome your heartbreak

You should first of all overcome your heartbreak and find your way back to yourself again. You need to get happy with yourself and your life again, because otherwise you have no chance of seducing anyone, let alone your ex(s).

In order to deal with the pain of your breakup, it is always a good idea to keep a journal of your feelings and emotions. This can help you understand them better. Also, talk to friends or family about what’s going on with you. You may feel that no one understands you and that you are misunderstood by everyone. But I assure you. Talking to people you trust can work wonders. They know you very well and know best what can help you now.

In order to overcome your heartbreak, you must also learn to let go. Separate yourself from all things that remind you of your ex(s). Put them in a box and store them in the basement or attic. You must not see things every day. This will always open old wounds and it will take forever until you get over the breakup. To really let go, you also need to stop thinking about your ex and the past relationship. This requires great inner strength and will cost you a lot of energy. It can be very helpful if you start meditating every day. Regular meditation improves your mental strength and is also good for your health.

3. Work on yourself and your goals

Can love come back after a breakup?

After you have overcome the pain of the breakup, now is the time to work on yourself. You need to turn yourself back into a confident, happy and attractive person who leaves no stone unturned to achieve his/her goals. If you want your ex(s) to fall in love with you again, you need to "train" yourself those attractive qualities, on which every man or woman. every woman stands. This means a lot of work and perseverance.

It is not enough to pretend that you are a new person, because if you only pretend this development, it will be very exhausting for you in the long run. In addition, it does not look very authentic. Your ex(s) will quickly realize that you are only pretending and have not really changed at all.

You should also set new goals that you want to achieve in the short and long term. So you give your life a certain direction and do not live only senselessly into the day.

4. Present the new you to your ex(s)

When you are satisfied with your new personality and have acquired the important qualities, you can get back in touch with your ex.

You now need to show him/her in different ways how much you have changed since your breakup. You can use all the possibilities you can think of. Social networks are a very good way to do this . You may know the saying "pictures are worth a thousand words". And that’s exactly what you can make the most of. If you regularly share updates from your life, your ex(es) won’t be able to avoid noticing that at all. Even if he/she doesn’t see it, his/her friends will and they will call him/her on it.


In the end, it can be summarized: The question "Can love come back after a breakup??" The answer is clearly "yes. However, no one can give you a guarantee that this will also happen with your ex. Besides, it will not happen just like that. You have to invest a lot of work to have any chance of success. You should overcome your heartbreak, work on yourself, develop your personality and thus convince your ex of you. If you have a good and structured plan and follow it consistently, your chances are not so bad.

Last but not least, I would like to share with you the article "Was my ex the one for me??" to the heart. In it you will get a guide to find out if it is worth fighting for your ex(s) at all or if it might not be even better for you to look for new potential partners or mates.

Brand-new method: How to get back together quickly!

This is the most important advice I can give you. Be sure to read this text to the end now! While the above tips are very good and will help you get closer to your former life partner(s). But to get him/her to rediscover feelings of love for you and to take a step back, you need a clear and well-structured strategy.

I would like to put to you now a new book to the heart, which can give you exactly that. The book is by my colleague Adrian Celan. This book tells you:

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