Calorie consumption: going for a walk helps you lose weight

Many people who want to increase their calorie consumption first think of sweaty workouts in the gym, long jogging laps in the freezing cold in the dark, or modern torture chambers with Crossfit and kettlebell training.

Screenshot daily display Fitbit App

Overview of exercise during the day on the Fitbit app

But it’s actually quite simple: even just going for a walk provides amazingly many calories burned in everyday life. This helps to lose weight and is much more comfortable.

At the same time, walking is not limited to Sunday afternoons, but you can, of course, every day walk a few kilometers run. This helps extremely to contribute to the improvement of body weight, fitness and in general health.

How many calories I consume in the process?

In fact, there is an approximate guideline how many calories are burned while walking. During measurements you could find ca. 0.05 kcal per step measure average. What sounds at first not so much adds up of course extremely with the own step number.

Incidentally, this is how the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 10.000 steps to cover. If you extrapolate this, you get approx. 500 kcal. Quite a lot, or? For example, if you currently take between 3000-5000 steps per day, then increasing this to 10.000 steps consume up to 300 kcal more per day.

Simply lose weight by walking

Thereby corresponds 1 kg body fat approx. 7000 kcal. Unfortunately, on many websites it says that 1 kg of body fat ca. 9000 kcal corresponds. This is not true. Even if 1 g of fat has 9 kcal, so you can not extrapolate it that way. Fact is: 7000 saved calories correspond approximately to a weight loss of 1 kg body fat.

Do you make naturally a radical diet, then with each lost kilo on the balance a very high portion of muscle substance will be there. This is exactly what we do not want. Because this inevitably leads to the yo-yo effect when they finish the diet. It is better to achieve a moderate calorie deficit over a longer period of time.

Of course, it is ideal if they can increase the calorie consumption by more steps in everyday life by 300 kcal or more. That’s exactly what they achieve playfully, if they increase their number of steps to 10.Increase 000. Of course, if you belong to the rare species of people who already cover so many steps, congratulations. However, you will probably not have a weight problem.

Use a pedometer

A modern fitness wristband helps you lose weight

A modern fitness wristband helps you lose weight

But how can you increase the number of steps so significantly in everyday life?? Scientists have found in several studies that we automatically walk more when we use a pedometer.

The result of this scientific research was that the participating people walk more subconsciously are, if they knew that their pedometer is in the pocket or on the wristband. This seems to have a motivating effect on behavior.

By the way, similar results can be found in scientific studies in the working environment. Once people knew they were part of a scientific study and under observation, they worked significantly harder.

So why not take advantage of this effect?. Just try it out.

What types of pedometers are available??

A simple pedometer

A simple pedometer for belt or pocket

If you want to buy such a pedometer right now, then we want to show you briefly which different models are available and for which purpose they are suitable. Because now there are different types and kinds and not everyone needs all the functions.

The different ways :

  • Easier, classic pedometer. These are the small mechanical devices that you can carry in your pocket or on your belt. You can get them for 10-30 € and they measure step count quite reliably. The functions are of course limited, but the daily step count is automatically recorded and stored for seven days. Each night at 0:00 o’clock the step counter then sets itself again to 0. You can find good models in our pedometer guide: View the pedometers
  • Fitness bracelet with modern fitness tracker. In recent years, very fashionable is the fitness bracelet, in which a fitness tracker is integrated. These wristbands – also called fitness bands – have many more functions. Especially if you plan to do some sports, then you should consider the purchase of such a model. Because also these are to be gotten already around the 50 € and are carried discreetly at the wrist. In our fitness wristband guide you will find the best models: Our fitness wristband recommendations
  • Free Apps. If you want to try the whole thing first, you can grab a free app. In the Google Play Store and also on iPhones there are some free pedometers that you can install on your smartphone. However, these measure quite inaccurately! But they are a possibility to see how many steps you are currently taking. To the Google Play Store – iPhone App Store
  • Watches with pedometers. Another possibility are watches, which have an integrated pedometer. Relatively rarely used, but definitely another alternative. These clocks do not stand out naturally at all and are to be gotten partly also very favorably.

What opportunities do I have in everyday life to get more exercise?

A question that many people often ask themselves: how do I make it? more movement in everyday life to integrate? In the subordinate clause is then usually already implied that one would have allegedly no time for it. If one looks then at the everyday life of these persons more exactly, then this usually turns out as a fallacy.

In our hectic society many people have the impression that they have no time left. However, just the opposite is true: most of us have more free time than ever before.

Still, many shovel their daily lives full of so many banalities that they gain the impression of being constantly rushed and without time. Just write to yourself in everyday life their daily routine exactly on. By this we also mean all the little things that are usually completely unnecessary. Then take an objective look at your daily routine over the week and ask yourself whether this or that activity would really have been necessary.

Save valuable life time for meaningful on

But we ask you a question now: do you really want to waste your time with these activities?. And the term lifetime is deliberately chosen here. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time outside, with nice people in the fresh air, having a nice walk?. Or on a walk through the city, where you can maybe visit a few stores and a nice cafe?

Or do you prefer to watch TV and watch the 13. Relay of "Junk with junk" and waste their time with it, while they pour popcorn, sweets and beer into themselves and become ever fatter and immobile. Of course, it is a little provocative now, but we just want to open your eyes.

What you can change right now

Fitness band with activity tracker

Put on a fitness band with an activity tracker and off you go

Because immediately is always better than tomorrow. Because tomorrow there is not! Your life is happening right now, and tomorrow doesn’t matter at this moment. Therefore you should implement good resolutions immediately.

How about getting up from your sofa now, putting your smartphone or tablet to the side, and simply taking a small walk in the fresh air. Maybe visit friends again& acquaintances in the proximity and go there on foot.

Maybe you have a nice dog that would be happy about an extra walk. Or an acquaintance of them lends them the dog simply times. By the way, animal shelters are also happy when they find reliable walkers for the dogs.

Or maybe you need something from the supermarket and you want to walk today instead of driving there. Also a hardware store, garden center and a shopping mall is a possibility. What are already 2-3 km? They put that back quickly and afterwards they will feel guaranteed more vital and fitter.

If they have children, then you can visit with their offspring perhaps a playground and have a little fun together. Or how about going to the nearest tennis court to rent a court. Maybe there is someone else who would like to participate.

So many opportunities for exercise

And the Soccer field around the corner would also be a worthwhile goal, if you want to make your children happy again. As you can see, there are endless possibilities and if you think about it, you will surely think of something that you enjoy doing.

It’s not about doing hours of sweaty workouts with heavy weights in the gym. Even if many YouTuber represent it in such a way. It is complete nonsense! Most of us do not train for the 45 upper arm and washboard stomach.

It’s all about being fitter, feeling better and getting a more beautiful figure. That’s all we want most of the time! And if one does get a hold of us, there’s nothing to stop her from continuing to work out.

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