Calculator for recovered and vaccinated people: how to check if your immune status is valid

From now on, the basic immunization expires after nine months, as stipulated by the European Union. Germany must also comply with this requirement. But the nine months are valid for the basic immunization. Additional deadlines apply to those who have recovered and been vaccinated. FOCUS Online provides the big picture. What deadlines do vaccinated and recovered people need to know now?

Coronavirus brings not only many new laws and changes, but also deadlines.

Basically: The vaccination and convalescence status can be checked in Germany after three and since 1. February 2022 expires after nine months.When which regulations apply depends on the current status.

What status expires after three months?

German citizens are considered recovered 28 days after a positive PCR test. Your status then expires three months later. The Robert Koch Institute shortened the status in January 2022. This means that those affected are now only considered to have "recovered" for 90 days.

By means of a recovery vaccination, i.e. a vaccination after a recovery, however, affected persons are considered "fully vaccinated" and basic immunized fourteen days after the vaccination date. This recovery vaccination should be given with an interval of at least three months after illness. Vaccination is possible as early as four weeks after covid symptoms have subsided, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

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Check here to see when your recovery expires:

What status expires after nine months?

The basic immunization expires after nine months according to plans of the EU Commission.

Affected individuals, however, then absolutely need a booster vaccination. With this booster, the vaccination status then continues to apply. If the booster vaccination is missing, those affected are considered unvaccinated.

This applies on the one hand to convalescents with a single basic immunization, and on the other hand to vaccinated persons with two vaccinations. Those who have received a vaccination with the Janssen vaccine (Cilag/Johnson and Johnson& Johnson) needs a second vaccination with an mRNA agent four weeks later. People under 30, the Standing Commission on Vaccination recommends Pfizer/Biontech’s Comirnaty vaccine. Only then the basic immunization applies.

Check here when your vaccination expires:

What are the deadlines for booster vaccination?

Between the basic immunization and the booster vaccination, the Standing Vaccination Commissions recommends an interval of at least three months for all adults 18 years and older. For children, there is, according to the current status, no concrete recommendation yet.

German citizens can therefore get the booster vaccination three months after the second vaccination at the family doctor, in the vaccination center or mobile vaccination teams. They are then considered "boosted" from the time of vaccination. This is the case, for example, in Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria or Hamburg.

The booster vaccination does not expire according to the current status. Vaccination status is unrestricted for now.

Does it matter whether I am basic or booster vaccinated??

Basic vaccinated persons must be prepared for restrictions in view of the Omikron virus variant.

Wherever 2G Plus applies, affected persons who are only basic immunized must submit an additional negative rapid test or current PCR test. If they have received a booster vaccination, the following applies: The test obligation is completely omitted.

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