Botenlaube: the premiere of otto and beatrix

at the 27. Botenlauben festival, which opened on saturday afternoon at the botenlauben castle ruins above reiterswiesen, the two new protagonists received much applause from the audience.
the responsible persons of the heimatverein reitersweisen were lucky with the weather, which played along to some extent and did not leave the castle actors, the travelling people, the whole medieval schar in the lurch. It stayed dry throughout the afternoon.
A premiere in the program was the minne, which otto performed in the rusthof for his "hehre frouwe", but of course also for the crowd of visitors, recited. For Knud Seckel, who is also the artistic director of the festival and who has made medievalism and minne his main profession with great passion, it was "a mental journey through time". He arranged it with his ensemble for medieval music, and the four musicians managed to really "groove" together to come.
Later, otto and beatrix shone at the open-air theater on the nature stage in the historical play about the nasty bailiff of Botenlauben, who exploits the farmers and is only stopped when otto and beatrix show up. The other actors in the castle, amateurs, are also delicious, and you can see how much they enjoy playing, because it spills over into the enthusiastic audience.

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