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The day of love is just around the corner and we think it’s a good occasion to put an extra effort in styling your hair. Whether it’s for a romantic dinner out, a trip to the movies, or a cozy movie night on the sofa at home by candlelight, our 5 tips for great hair for Valentine’s Day will make your partner fall in love all over again!

1. Tip – Wash hair properly

To prepare the hair for a great styling and romantic hairstyles, they should get a fresh kick with a hair wash. Before washing, you should comb the hair again properly, because this loosens small knots and the remnants of previous styling products are removed. In addition, do not wash your hair too often, because shampoo and co. when used frequently, can upset the scalp’s sebum production, causing hair to become dry and dull more quickly. Every 2-3 days is sufficient! Also be careful not to wash with water that is too hot, as this will further stress your hair and scalp. Depending on what your hair goals are, you should also use the right shampoo and conditioner. Whether volume, shine or moisture – you are sure to find what you are looking for quickly. We are also happy to advise you on this in our salon!

2. Tip – Hair care

After washing, it is a good idea to give your hair even more shine to be radiant in the evening. Why not give your mane a short break with a treatment?. You will find cures for rinsing as well as leave-in products. Gently distribute the care product with a coarse-toothed comb in towel-dried hair. Wrap it in a towel for 5-15 minutes afterwards. The heat allows the active ingredients to develop even better. Depending on the treatment, your hair will become more durable, softer, shinier and less dry.

3. Tip – Drying hair

Image: Kerastase

In addition to proper washing and subsequent care masks, special emphasis must also be placed on drying. You should never rub your wet hair dry with a towel, but rather gently squeeze it. When wet, the hair is particularly sensitive and the structure is more susceptible to damage. If you want to be extra gentle on the hair, let it pre-dry so you have to blow dry as short as possible. When blow-drying, make sure to do it with a distance of about 10 centimeters and low heat. It is also recommended to use a heat protection product. We can recommend you the L’incroyable blowdry lotion from Kerastase, which helps to protect your hair from heat and repair it at the same time. Of course you can find these in our salon!

4. Tip – get inspiration

Whether voluminous curls, braided hairstyles or pinned up hair – romantic evening hairstyles are many. Check out a few hairstyle examples beforehand to know what you like. Catalogs, magazines, Google images, but also Instagram can be great sources of inspiration in this regard. We have picked out four favorite hairstyles for Valentine’s Day:

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