Block safari pages – use safari parental controls

If your kids are allowed to use your iPhone occasionally, or perhaps already have their own iOS device, you can restrict access to certain websites or. restrict adult content, and even individual Block websites completely. We show you how it works!

Safari set up parental controls

You can block certain Safari pages on your iPhone or on your children’s iPhone. Below, we’ll show you how it works on your own iPhone. If you set it on your children’s iPhone, you will have more parental control settings that you can manage directly from your iPhone. The setup is only slightly different from the one shown here.

So, on your iPhone, open the Settings app, tap on "Screen time" and goes on "Activate screen time". When you enable the feature on your own iPhone, you select "My iPhone". On your child’s iPhone, on the other hand, you go to "My child’s iPhone".

Activate screen time on the iPhone

Now taps "Use screen time code" and give one four figures Code which only you should know, and confirm it again. For easy recovery – in case you should forget the screen time code – additionally enter your Apple ID including password.

Use screen time code on iPhone

Restrict access to adult content

To set up the parental control for Safari, tap now on "Restrictions", enter your code and choose "Content restrictions". Go to after that "Web Content" and check the box "Restricting adult content". This automatically blocks access to many adult websites – unfortunately, you can’t see which websites are covered.

Restrict adult content on iPhone

Block certain Safari pages

At the same level, you’ll find the sections "Always Allow" and "Never allow". Types under "Never allow" on "Add Website", to completely block access to individual websites you can enter yourself. Give the URL of the page you want to block and tap on your keyboard on "Done".

Block certain Safari pages on the iPhone

Repeat this process with all the sites you want to block and note that some sites also have mobile versions. If you wanted to block YouTube, for example, you would have to "" (for the desktop version) and "" (for the mobile version) block.

With these settings you have achieved that basically only adult content is displayed and furthermore the websites you entered are blocked.

Restrict adult content on the iPhone

In another article we show you everything you need to know about iPhone parental controls.

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