Birthday planning like a pro – 4 tips + checklist

Every year anew, the birthday and the associated Birthday planning is just around the corner! With us you will find the suitable party ideas and the right help in planning your perfect birthday party. After 365 days the year is over and a new year of life knocks on the door. A reason to celebrate!

Plan a birthday like a pro – What to consider?

But there is nothing like a Birthday party, because depending on how old you have become, this is oriented quite differently. A baby shower for the 1. Birthday has a different framework program than a Birthday party to the 18., 30. or 50. Birthday.

You want your birthday plan and celebrate? We want to help you with some tips and tricks so that you can plan your perfect birthday party can put on the legs.

Great birthday cards are of course always something fine! If you should not be the organizer, you can secure yourself so cool maps!

Celebrating a birthday like a pro Tips and tricks

The 4 tips for birthday planning at a glance

The Birthday planning is not the easiest task. If you want Birthday party plan, you have to keep a few things in mind. Here are ours 4 tips for planning your birthday party:

  1. Find the suitable date to celebrate the birthday, it does not always have to be the birthday itself
  2. Book or. find the right location for the birthday
  3. Who will be invited to the birthday party – send the invitations
  4. Decorate appropriately, find the right outfit and determine if necessary. also a motto

Of course, there are a few more things to consider, but we’ve settled on these 4 important tips for birthday planning decided. We will now present them to you in detail. In the following you will find our Schedule for the birthday planning.

1. When to start planning the birthday?

But what is the best way to start? As always the Planning the "nuts and bolts! Basically, you should be clear about when to celebrate? On the day of the birthday or rather "celebrate in"? That is in your hand. Our tip: put the date on a weekend.

At one Friday evening or Saturday is the probability to positive feedback from your guests considerably higher than during the week. And if you already put a lot of effort into planning the birthday, of course you want all guests to come!

Birthday plan like a pro - 4 tips + checklist - To a birthday party belongs neat confetti!

2. The "where" belongs to the birthday party planning of course also to it

Once the "when" is settled, the "where" and "with whom" need to be determined when planning a birthday party. Where exactly should the birthday party take place?

Maybe at home? In a clubhouse? of a bar? A restaurant or club? Choose the location wisely. Does the location fit into the budget? Can I fill the location with my number of guests or is there possibly no mood due to a too large location?

A little tip for the upcoming birthday party

Our tip: tend to choose a smaller location rather than one that is perhaps a little too large. Nothing is worse than a Birthday party With yawning emptiness and bad mood. Then the rest of the Birthday planning for free. And that’s exactly what we want to avoid.

Here is an overview of possible locations that you can rent:

✓ Bar / Lounge / Club
✓ Beach club / open air location
✓ Boat / Yacht
✓ Castle / manor / estate
✓ Cafe / Bistro
✓ Roof terrace / Rooftop location
✓ Ballroom
✓ Hotel
✓ Party room
✓ Restaurant
✓ Barn / farm / alpine pasture
✓ clubhouse

3. You can’t forget the "with whom" when planning your birthday party either

About the "with whom" you need to be clear. Should only the closest family and friends or do you prefer to have a bigger birthday party? have a birthday party?

The creation of a guest list helps you in advance, a overview of the size of your birthday party to get and simplifies the Birthday planning enormous.

For the food& Drinking it is just as important to know how many guests will eventually come. For larger numbers of guests it is recommended, book a caterer, Who takes care of everyone Wishes of your guests cares. As soon as these things are clarified, the invitations can be written!

Whether classic by mail, modern by mail or "Whatsapp group", the timing of the invitation is crucial and is part of the birthday planning simply. Our tip: Do not send invitations too early or too late. As a guideline we advise you 4-5 weeks before the party.

Surprise party always go of course! There you have to be really careful when planning the birthday that the lucky person doesn't notice

4. When planning a birthday party, the outfit, the theme, the decoration and the music round off the party

Tell your friends and family the dress code if you have a theme planned for your party. Suitable event supplies and the Decoration completes the overall picture of the party and is therefore not to be neglected.

Think party supplies and event supplies such as: Balloons, candles, lighting effects, table decorations (to match the theme), tablecloths, streamers. Here you can create a great impression with little effort and cost. At Garden parties offer themselves torches or a barrel fire.

They are not only visually impressive, but can also provide warmth, for example, at a barrel fire. At Birthday planning are you no limits set. Become accordingly with pleasure creatively and let thus the day and/or. Evening unforgettable!

Good mood is a must for birthdays!

The mood of your guests can also be done about the music played rules. This means for you to think in advance about how to reach your guests acoustically.

You can create your own playlist through various channels, assign a guest friend to do it, or hire a professional DJ to set the mood at your birthday party Birthday party sparked!

While eating, the music should be Music only lightly in the background be heard, after the meal and the program, the party can go on!

How would it be z.B. with a beer bike or an event bike. Also times a cool idea to spend the birthday on the bike.

5. The schedule as a checklist for birthday planning

To the birthdays belong beside Birthday gifts also parties. So that your Birthday party unforgettable you can prepare really well. We have here some Tips and tricks compiled for you in the form of a schedule.

To be able to plan a birthday so that it is fast and easy. With the right preparation the Planning a birthday party not difficult.

Six weeks before the birthday party: Start planning your birthday party

  1. Adapt the Date for your birthday party fixed. Because sometimes it is not so easy to find the right date. Above all, pay attention to who is likely to have time.
  2. Create the guest list. Match the Number of guests to the available location.
  3. Find the right place and the right location. Do you want to celebrate at home, in a party room or book in a restaurant??
  4. Think of one if necessary. also a Motto for the birthday party from.
  5. What about the music? Think about what music should be played. And also think about who should play the music.

Four weeks before the birthday party: In the middle of birthday party planning

  1. Make cool Invitation cards ready! Date, place, time and if necessary. the motto belong on the invitation card.
  2. Distribute invitation cards to all your guests. It is always best to deliver the invitations in person.
  3. Create z.B. a event on Facebook. The advantage here is that all guests can be booked directly online. can cancel.
  4. invitations via WhatsApp or e-mail are also possible when planning the birthday. If you are familiar with digital design, you can also send invitations this way.

Birthday planning like a pro - The invitations for your birthday party. Always part of the planning

One week before the birthday party: The last fine-tuning in birthday party planning

  1. How many guests have confirmed? Based on this number you plan the Drinks and the catering or. the catering.
  2. Finger food, barbecue, pizza or buffet? Or organize a catering? Decide this simply on the basis of the means available to you. Everyone can bring something. Then you do not have so much besides the birthday planning effort.
  3. Create a Shopping list for food and drinks.
  4. You are planning a your own playlist? Then just ask your guests beforehand. Then you meet the taste of everyone.
  5. Be sure to tell your neighbors beforehand. A police visit has never helped a party. A tip from us: Just invite them. Of course the neighbors and not the police.
  6. Have guests stay over? You should also think about.

The last errands for the party

  1. Drinks: It is best to provide guests with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to provide. So there is something for everyone.
  2. dishes: According to the planned catering you should buy what is suitable. Our "secret" tip: midnight snacks are usually very popular, especially with party guests!
  3. decoration: party decorations, garlands, lighting, candles, etc.. If you have a certain motto, you have to arrange the decoration according to it, of course.
  4. Tent and seatingDepending on Size and location of the venue must be of course. If there is not enough space, you can also "force" your guests to stand. Small tip: Then you will also dance faster. If that’s what you want..
  5. Glasses, cutlery and crockeryAlways have enough of everything. Better 2-3 glasses too much, than one too little.
  6. CoolingWhether the refrigerator or a second refrigerator is always enough cellar, you should think well beforehand. If not, get one Refrigerated truck.

One day before the birthday party: It’s getting serious with the birthday planning

  1. Decorate everything and prepare the things which you have provided.
  2. Cool your drinks on time. No one likes z.B. warm beer.
  3. Arrange tables, chairs etc. in time for. So you avoid stress on the day of the party.
  4. If necessary. you can already prepare the food. If you have catering service If you have ordered your birthday party before, this is of course not possible.
  5. Ask the guests who want to bring something with them. Otherwise something important is missing at the end.

On the day of the birthday party: Today is the day – The preparation has come to an end

  1. Search the space for DJ, Speakers or music system. It is to be made neat mood.
  2. Make in any case Sound Check.
  3. Get the food ready. Friends, family and guests are always happy to help out.
  4. Prepare the rest of the decoration and set the tables.
  5. Provide enough and suitable glasses for different drinks ready.
  6. So and last but not least you take care of yourself and your outfit.
  7. Now you can focus on your guests and on the very well planned and prepared Birthday party look forward!

Birthday planning like a pro - 4 tips + checklist - The right outfit for the theme birthday party

6. You look for the appropriate service providers to plan your birthday party? always has the right service providers and suppliers for one successful birthday. You’ve never had such a quick and easy way to celebrate your birthday before! perfect birthday planned and put together.

And so easy is also the birthday planning. Of course, you can also book only one or two service providers through our platform, if you still need a Highlight for your birthday should be missing.

Digital birthday parties are also very popular nowadays

In the current time it needs also times unusual ideas. And above all, a birthday should always be celebrated, no matter what the current legal requirements are. That is why the digital birthday party but a really good idea! Hybrid and digital events are simply extremely popular and have naturally received a huge boost from the pandemic.

Here are of course quite a few providers to celebrate this kind of birthday. The most popular providers are:

You can network with several people and you can celebrate the birthday digitally. There are also other suppliers, just browse the web.

So you prepare a digital birthday party

Basically it requires digital format of a birthday no big preparation. Planning a birthday party is almost the most fun! Everyone could take care of their own catering. And also everyone could run a little music in the background. And then just chat a bit and drink together.

However, you can also really cool ideas in such a way of your birthday with to let flow. Here’s a little checklist to help you prepare for a digital birthday party:

  1. Find a suitable date here as well.
  2. Invite the participants and make sure that the online medium you choose allows for the number of people.
  3. Bring each participant the catering by (can also be sent).
  4. Prepare a playlist or choose a common Spotify playlist or a common Twitch Stream.
  5. Meet digitally and then it’s eat, drink, listen to music and have fun!

Plan and celebrate your birthday in the big cities of Germany

Our portal offers you service providers all over Germany to choose from. Especially in big cities in Germany, there are many service providers, which perfectly match your Birthday party or. Birthday party fit are! Even outside the major German cities you have of course a certain choice. If you can’t find the right service provider, you are of course welcome to contact us at any time!

When to start planning the birthday?

It always depends a lot on the size of the party. Basically, it is better to start too early than too late. Recommended at least six weeks before the celebration. So you have enough time to take care of everything.

How to plan my birthday?

Start planning early enough. Think about the motto, if there is to be one. Of course you also have to think about the location. Especially if you want to rent a location. Then a few weeks are usually not enough for planning. Of course you also have to take care of the catering. And in the end, the music is also important. A good atmosphere is very important!

Where should the birthday take place?

In your own home, of course, a birthday is always possible. But you can also celebrate a birthday in restaurants, event locations or party rooms. So think about whether you can accommodate all the guests at home. The choice of location also depends on this.

What should not be missing on any birthday?

You can only name the classics: – Balloons – streamers – lights& LED effects for the dance floor – table decorations to match the occasion. – Sufficient seating or. Standing possibilities – torches at garden parties always a highlight. In the end, however, everyone has to decide for themselves what should definitely not be missing from a birthday party.

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