Birthday checklist – step by step for a stress-free preparation

Imagine you are celebrating your birthday, have prepared for it a variety of salads, cakes and platters full of delicacies, or even ordered catering. You’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom or hired a posh venue, had a DJ come, you’re excited and full of anticipation.

And then it all goes wrong.

Less than half of the people show up, the location looks almost empty, the isolated guests don’t really feel comfortable and even the DJ can’t get people dancing. In addition, you are annoyed because, despite the few guests, you are constantly running around because you have not organized any help. Frustrated you would have liked to have at least a big piece of birthday cake, but unfortunately you asked for it too last minute and now you are without it.

This does not have to be! We have here the Birthday checklist, that should give you a wonderful, smooth birthday that your guests and you can enjoy to the fullest.

Our checklist combines the best lists from professional party planners and is specially adapted to a birthday party. At the end of this blog article, you can download it for free as a PDF checklist to tick off. In this blog article, we’ll go into more detail to help you plan a bit more.

5-8 weeks before the party

  • Set a date
    Make sure, of course, that the date is one when your guests are at home. If you invite families with children, for example, you should not celebrate within the school vacations or on long weekends, as many will be on vacation.
    Also, before setting the date, it is useful to ask the friends or family members if they have time, where you are particularly important that they come. Is the party nice even if only these people would come? & If so, then nothing can go wrong.
    And there you go, the first item on your birthday checklist is ticked off.
  • Choose a party location
    Do you want to celebrate in your favorite restaurant, at your home or should it be more unusual, so that you want to rent a special location??
    Consider whether your home is really suitable for your project or ask at your desired location if you want to celebrate outside. Fancy locations are often booked months in advance. So if you want such a location, you should ask even earlier than 5-8 weeks.
  • Individual planning
    Is there anything special that no one else has or does at their birthday party?? Then print out our birthday checklist at the end of the article and complete your planning point.

3 weeks before the party

  • Decide on a theme party, if desired
    Theme parties are all the rage with our neighbors in America. Maybe you also want to try it! It can lighten up the mood at the beginning and is still something special in our latitudes.
    If you have actually decided to have a theme party, organize decorations that match the party’s theme right now. There are companies where you can rent decorations. The foboxy photobox also includes utensils for dressing up.
    If you prefer a less elaborate and cost-saving approach? Then you can also make decorations yourself and involve friends or family in the preparations if necessary.

2 weeks before the party

  • Create a music playlist or coordinate with the DJ
    Music must not be missing in any case! So create a playlist with one of the many music services. Of course, make sure that there are no advertisements between your favorite songs, as is the case with the free version of YouTube, for example. Many streaming services also offer shared playlists. So your guests can add their music wishes to the playlist before or during the party.
    If you have decided to book a DJ, make arrangements with him now. Inform him about the songs, which should not be missing in any case and make out with him, which music style you wish to have.

Birthday cake

3 days before

  • Let the neighbors know
    If you are celebrating at home, it would be a good idea to inform the neighbors. It might get a bit noisy and you want to keep up the good neighborly relationship of course.
    The best thing to do is to invite the neighbors to your party. This way you inform them about the party, they are happy about the invitation and are certainly not angry about noises caused by the party.

1 day before

  • Cook& finish ggfs. Dishes
    If you feed your guests yourself, it goes today in the kitchen for you. Depending on the number of guests, this may take some time. Maybe invite a friend to help you and have fun cooking and baking with you.
  • Pick up the birthday cake or bake a cake
    If you have ordered a birthday cake? Then you can pick it up now! But if you don’t have room in the fridge, it’s better to wait until tomorrow to pick them up.

On the day of the party

  • Cool the drinks
    Finally the time has come! Today is the big day for you to celebrate! It is your birthday! Congratulations!
    There is little left to do, because you have already prepared most of it thanks to your birthday checklist.
    Don’t forget to chill the drinks and defrost the dishes that you might want to serve. had frozen.

The ultimate birthday checklist

So that instead of being stressed, you can enjoy your preparations for your birthday party, you can download our birthday checklist here. If we have forgotten something important, please write it in the comments.

We wish you a wonderful birthday with lots of anticipation in all the preparations.

Very warmly!
Your foboxy team

Here you can download the checklist as PDF. Just click on the picture:

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