Are you at all impffable?

According to the manufacturer, all Covid 19 vaccines must not be used if you are allergic to the active ingredient or the other components of the vaccine.

See for yourself all the components of the vaccines of the manufacturers.
If you can’t tell for sure if you are allergic, a doctor will give you a certificate of vaccine eligibility limited to 6 months and an urgent recommendation to have allergies to the Covid-19 vaccines checked by a specialist in that time frame.

You can get this time-limited vaccine certificate z. B. submit to your employer. She takes the pressure off you to get vaccinated prematurely.

For the private expert opinion we charge a one-time fee of 17,49 Euro.

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We are going international and getting a new name:
Detection-Express becomes Liberation-Express.

Soon we will be online in 10 european countries and offer people a possibility,
To have your vaccination checked.

For your health.

The justification for vaccine-eligibility is entirely at the discretion of the assessing physician (§20a IFSG).
There are no legally binding criteria for a vaccination inability (contraindications).

Neither the manufacturer of the respective "vaccine" nor the vaccinating physician can exclude with certainty,
that in case of corona "vaccination" there could be serious vaccination side effects and allergies.
We would like to help to minimize this risk with a pre-screening.

For example, in the case of an allergic reaction, there is a risk that this could lead to a fatal
could have an effect. This risk can be minimized by a previous specialist examination by an allergist.

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What are the benefits of Liberation Express?

Further clarification by an allergist

Further clarification by an allergist

Have a specialist clarify in detail whether you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients of the Covid-19 "vaccines. Only after such a clarification you can safely assess whether you will have special risks with the vaccination. Until this is done, the provisional vaccination certificate is valid for an initial period of 6 months.

Time to reconsider a vaccination decision

Time to reconsider a vaccination decision

Thanks to the provisional certificate of vaccination, you will have time to have your vaccination checked at your leisure. According to §20a it is mandatory that you present a vaccination certificate to your employer in case of inoculation capability, also in case of provisional inoculation capability.

No pressure by a vaccination obligation

No pressure from an obligation to vaccinate

The provisional vaccination certificate is valid for an initial period of 6 months and can then be extended, possibly after a further examination, if it has not been possible to exclude with certainty that you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients of the "Covid-19 vaccination". This takes away the pressure of a job-related vaccination obligation until it is clarified by a specialist in allergology.

In a few steps to the vaccination certificate

Register with Liberation-Express

Register and pay the
private expert opinion

Go to the cashier

Inform yourself about the possible
Dangers of a Corona "vaccination
and the conditions of a
Vaccination eligibility

Get your certificate

Answer the questions of our
doctor about possible allergies
and get your proof
on the inoculation capability

You will receive the following documents

Are you at all impffable?

A preliminary certificate
your inoculation incapacity

Are you at all impffable?

A cover letter
for 2G, 2G+ and 3G

Are you at all impffable?

Frequently asked questions

+ Is the certificate legal?

Yes. It is the law that people may not be vaccinated if they are incapable of being vaccinated. There are very few binding requirements for the determination of an inoculation ability. Any licensed physician may provide a private expert opinion on an individual’s ability to be vaccinated. The doctor may decide at his own discretion and if he finds that there are reasons why a person may not be vaccinated even for the time being, this circumstance may be certified.

+ What are the advantages of this vaccination certificate??

– The most important: you do not take unnecessary risk in case of required vaccination, because the risk will be clarified by a specialist.
– In addition, the pressure is taken off you to get vaccinated now. You gain time to consider this step at your leisure.
– Your employer cannot require you to be vaccinated despite a vaccination requirement. In our estimation, he can exempt you paid, but not terminate you.

+ Why is the vaccination certificate provisional??

The vaccination eligibility is valid until a specialist (allergist) has clarified whether you are allergic to the ingredients of the Corona vaccines. Since it is quite difficult to get an appointment with the respective specialists in a timely manner, and since the compatibility test must provide for several contacts with the possible allergens in a timely manner, we have set the deadline to a maximum of six months. If the allergy testing period extends beyond this time, you can have the treating allergist certify the time period you are expected to require.

+ Does the doctor even exist?

Yes, they exist. She is lively, can laugh wonderfully and has already cured a lot of people. She is a licensed human physician and follows to the best of her ability her promise to help people maintain and/or restore their health. It is therefore of particular concern to her to work for Liberation-Express. The disclosure of your personal data and residence is not relevant for this work. In the stamp you will find a postal address. To protect you and your family from stalkers, these data will not be published here. We thank you for your understanding and respect.

+ Is the electronic PDF document sufficient or do I also receive the certificate by mail??

Whether the document is downloaded or sent by e-mail – in both cases it is an identical electronic document. Therefore it is enough to download.

+ How can you verify that the document is legally valid, and how can you assure your employer of this??

You can check this – as well as your employer – in the German laws. We have also done this, because we are interested in offering people a legally sound solution and not legal mumbo-jumbo. Shortly we will have a corresponding lawyer’s opinion ready, which you can then also present to your employer.

+ Minors can also register if they want a vaccination certificate?

Adolescents can be registered from the age of 14. The young people can decide whether they want to be vaccinated at the age of 14. People who are under the age of 18 can also decide whether they want to be checked to see if they are vaccine-eligible at all. Children and adolescents younger than 14 years need the consent of their parents. In this case one parent registers with us for the child under 14 years old. The child needs its own e-mail address, which of course must be set up and operated by the parents. A registration under the e-mail address is not necessary.

+ Does the vaccination certificate exist in other languages as well?

Soon we will be able to offer more language versions.

+ If I have been proven to have an allergy, what happens next??

The vaccination certificate is valid for a maximum of 6 months, after which it can be replaced by a vaccination certificate from an allergist who, after testing, may be able to support it with his diagnosis of your allergy(ies).

+ Why do I have to pay money for it?

The preparation of the individual private expert proof of your vaccination capability is charged by partner doctors for a one-time fee of 17.49 euros according to the German scale of fees for doctors (GOa, number 80) and paid by you. This is the minimum rate that doctors are obliged to charge for such work. This is to prevent dumping of medicine by individual doctors.

+ Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment with the doctors of Nachweis Express. You can use the platform day and night. The goal, however, is that you use it to make an appointment with an allergist. About https://expertensuche.healthy.bund.en/arzt/arztsuche you can also find an appropriate specialist in your area. It’s a good idea to put your request to the specialist in writing, if possible, so you can prove it later on. You can enclose the written appointment or any written refusal(s) you may have received when you present our certificate.

+ Why are allergies checked?

Allergy testing of a human to the conditionally licensed COVID-19 "vaccines" is an important contribution to a major reduction in current vaccine adverse events. The manufacturers of all COVID-19 "vaccines" strongly advise in their product information that they must not be used if the patient is allergic to the active ingredient or any other component of the vaccine.

+ checking whether you are allergic to the vaccines?

After a questioning about whether you are already knowingly allergic to one or more substances (for example with increasing complaints after vaccinations) or whether you do not know about it, it is recommended to consult a specialist (allergist) within the framework of a private expert opinion. You will receive a vaccination certificate from us until you have been fully examined by a specialist.
In addition, you will receive a referral letter to an allergist of your choice, in which it is explained exactly what this specialist may check in matters of allergy. He can then use special allergy diagnostics to specifically examine whether and how your body reacts to the vaccine. .
A simple on-the-skin dripping of a vaccine sample will not be allowed to be done at least with Comirnaty from Biontech: Because mere skin contact is NOT recommended by the manufacturer and even leads to safety warnings. Here the allergist has to proceed differently, by z.B. your blood is taken and subjected to a so-called basophilic degranulation test (BAT) in the laboratory.

+ What happens with your data?

We need your data to personalize your certificate and your bill. Your data will not be shared, sold or investigated for the government or anyone else. This means: Your data is absolutely safe with us. Of course you can request the deletion of your data at any time. If someone questions your vaccination certificate, we can confirm it at your request, but only if the data is still available to us.

+ Do I have to prove in writing. Providing written proof of pre-existing conditions?

No, it is not required because a complete medical history is not taken. The focus will be on possible allergies to individual active ingredients of the "vaccinations".

+ Can I use this certificate outside the EU??

We do not know this at the moment, but it is conceivable.

+ Are the certificates accepted in Austria or Italy??

With high probability yes. There is an agreement within the EU that doctors who are recognized as doctors in one member country are recognized as doctors in the whole EU. Furthermore, prescriptions issued in an EU country must be filled in any EU country. Similarly, the certificate of a German doctor in the matter of vaccination ability has the same effect in any other EU member country. We therefore assume that the certificates are recognized in the entire EU and thus also in Austria and Italy. A translation into Italian is in preparation.

+ Do I have to prove diseases or. previous illnesses in written form?

No, this is not necessary, because no complete medical history is taken, but only whether you are aware of allergies to the ingredients of the injection sera.


What our customers say about Liberation-Express.en

I am sooo happy and thankful that you stand up for us. Thank you that you exist! Sandra W.

Finally a practical and sensible solution and not just talk! Thank you, thank you! Viviane F.

I’m very relieved that I can now have the risk of a vaccination checked in peace and quiet. Thank you! Fritz H.

How ingenious is that? You are the best! Now I don’t have to be afraid of the vaccination for the time being. Daniel S.

I couldn’t wait until you finally got online! Thanks for this great possibility! Rainer F.

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