Against discrimination and against violence

Against discrimination and against violence

a group of five students, supervised by ostr stephan reheuser, worked for about a year on the project: school without racism, school with courage. They conducted surveys and worked in teams to deal with various forms of discrimination, mobbing and violence.

Principal pater roland hinzer praised the commitment of the students and their participation in this action. Now the theresianum is also part of this large social network in germany and is committed to taking responsibility for the climate at its school.

For the title, according to the country coordinator H. Lutz-simon, is not an award, but a commitment for the present and the future. This also means that it becomes a central task to develop sustainable and long-term projects, activities and initiatives to overcome discrimination, in whatever form, but especially racism.

in the case of discriminatory statements or actions, one should work to confront this problem and find ways for a good solution and respectful interaction in an open discussion. In addition, a project on the subject of discrimination is to be carried out once a year in order to take long-term action against all forms of discrimination, especially racism.

However, these ideas, measures and actions should not be limited to schools and should not end at the school gate, but should be taken out into society and set an example.
For such a big task, you need not only commitment to the good cause, but also support from the outside. project sponsor is district president and district administrator gunther denzler, a former theresian.

The musical framework for this title award ceremony was provided by julia ullrich and susanne beck, who made their instruments cheer with an irish piece of music at the end of the ceremony and brought the audience to storms of applause.

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