Advertisement: “clothes make the man” – how a man can achieve the perfect business outfit

The first impression counts – This sentence triggers concerns among many people starting out on their careers. Because of inexperience, some young professionals choose the wrong outfit. This remains in the mind of colleagues and especially the management in the long run. In a fraction of a second, people will analyze you, try to classify you and make a judgment about you. This is a natural mechanism of the brain to distinguish between friend and foe. When our instincts and drives still contributed to the continuation of the human race, this quick categorization was necessary for survival.
Now you are certainly asking yourself the question of how you will succeed on your first day at your new job. And preferably, which faux pas should not be made in the choice of clothing.

Before the first day – consult

If you are not entering a profession such as bank clerk, insurance clerk or lawyer, you may not be aware whether a suit is compulsory in the office. However, this can be easily found out by first looking at how your interview partners dress during your job interview. Do the people opposite wear a suit and tie or is a loose shirt with jeans and fine shoes enough??

If you meet different characters whose dress style cannot be unified, there is always the possibility of consultation. No one will be angry with you if, after you have accepted your first employment, you find out what clothing is desired. This shows that you have put some thought into it and want to represent the company in the best way possible.

The right accessories round off the outfit

Not only the ladies round off your outfit with a few accessories. For men, wristwatches are suitable for this purpose. It is difficult, especially for beginners, to buy an expensive, high-quality watch. But you don’t have to worry, because there are watches under €2000 that will perfect your outfit. Make sure that the watch reflects seriousness and class. The bracelet should match the suit in terms of color and choice of material.

If you combine your watch with a smart suit, it is important to let the watch blend discreetly with the suit. Stylishly chosen watches do not distract too much from the appearance of the suit. A classic three-hand watch is perfect for this purpose. The movement convinces with flatness, so that it disappears inconspicuously under the shirt sleeves if you so desire.
If you want to deviate from the classic three-hand watch, it is necessary to choose the bracelet in a dark shade. Thus, the overall appearance of the watch still looks very elegant, with a slight touch of extravagance.

Image from Pexels on Pixabay

Image from Pexels on Pixabay

Business and business casual looks

Since there are clear terms for clothing style in the professional world, a query regarding clothing style will certainly get you the result "business wear" or "casual business wear". Now it is important to clearly separate these two terms and to know what is behind them. Classic business wear provides you with a very precise guide to choosing what to wear. So you should first of all make sure to wear a very dark or even black suit only if your position is accordingly high. Because the higher your position in the company, the darker the color choice of your suit should be. To the suit you combine a tie, which should be kept in a simple design. The business casual look for men is designed to be a little more casual.

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