Adopt a dog – welcome a new family member

If you want to take in a dog, you bear the responsibility for it. Which questions you should clarify therefore in the apron, you read here.

Here it depends on your place of residence, because in some federal states the legislator prescribes an animal owner liability insurance.

Yes, in the animal placement is usually a nominal fee charged. This is to ensure that the acquisition of the dog is well-considered.

Man’s best friend

When you adopt a dog, you have a great responsibility, but also a lot of joy

When you adopt a dog, a great responsibility comes to you as well as a lot of joy.

The dog is the best friend of the human being – and not without reason. It is very cuddly, docile and needs a lot of exercise, perfect to get regular fresh air.

Something Time and perseverance is to be brought up for this already, why some people decide to get rid of their four-legged friend again. The pelt-nose finds itself then quickly in the shelter, in the foster home of an animal welfare organization or unfortunately sometimes tied to a tree somewhere again.

Some animal lovers find this hard to bear and want to help by deciding to adopt a dog.

Adopting a dog – what you have to pay attention to?

Before you decide to take a dog into your home, make yourself clear: Through the adoption comes a great responsibility on you. Finally the animal has needs, which put your previous daily routine properly on the head. So there are big changes coming your way.

  • Three to four times a day a dog must get exercise, to empty.
  • Consider not only the physical but also the mental workout of the dog. Becomes to him boring, he possibly chews up your furnishings or makes other shenanigans, which will hardly meet with any approval.

Adopt dogs from abroad

Animal welfare organizations from Germany always draw attention to the bad situation of the dogs abroad. Especially in the central and southern European countries un-neutered animals exposed and multiply quickly, which aggravates the situation on the spot.

It is not uncommon to Catch premiums therefore help to catch the wild ones and finally put them to sleep. Some active animal welfare activists are therefore active here and take care of the mediation of dogs from abroad, which first find shelter in a foster home, to save them from this cruel fate. Afterwards, they try to find people who want to adopt a dog.

Especially in view of the precarious situation of street dogs abroad, people in this country decide to adopt dogs

Especially in view of the precarious situation of street dogs abroad, people in this country decide to adopt dogs.

In the animal switching falls as a rule one protection fee at. For example, if you want to adopt dogs from Romania, you need to give a pay so-called protection fee. This amount will benefit the organization that helped rescue the dog and has already had vaccinations as well as other expenses. The Protection fee does not represent thereby a purchase price for it, that you adopt Romanian dogs, but acts as a Hurdle before a rash purchase. Dogs for adoption can also be found in animal shelters. Here is usually also such a placement fee to pay.

But not only from Romania come many animals for dog adoption in Germany, also in Spain the situation of the street dogs is precarious, which is why they are often found in the placement. Greyhounds will be there used for the hare hunt. If they no longer fulfill their purpose, they are simply left to fend for themselves until animal activists come to their aid.

A Suffering that affects many vacationers. Some animal lovers sometimes decide to adopt only Spanish dogs.

Adopt a street dog – these are the considerations to make beforehand

Regardless of whether you are playing with the idea of adopting a puppy or, nevertheless, already taking a full-grown animal to yourself: Think about the following points extensively beforehand if you really want to adopt a dog, because they live long.

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